Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Chapter 5 & 6


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Part 5!!!

/////episode starts\\\\\

SwaSan were in forest…and suddenly swara heard some noises like howling of wolf / fox that made her freak out and she started sweating in fear…Sanskar noticed this but wanted to tease her more….and on the other hand RagLak were freaking out and thought that even they should go and search for them…

—- forest —-


swara: (in mind) what the hell?! seriously?!!!!? I mean should it really howl now?! am I gonna be its prey??!!! shona……relax!!! breathe in breathe out!…breathe in….breathe out…chill you can’t show Sanskar you’re scared! be brave!! ?
(when she was busy breathing in and out sanskaar noticed it…he wanted to help her…but…)

Sanskar (in mind) : such a big scared-y cat?…and has a BIG EGO if she is getting scared she can ask na?! but no….wait miss. swara I’ll make you even more scared! (evil smile)?

swara: (in mind) what’s wrong with this sanky?!? why is he smiling! MAD! not even helping huh! such a big EGOISTIC JACKASS! ?

on the other hand!

ragini :- Laksh we must go in and search for them…shona is very scared of all these noises and haunty things ??

Laksh:- haan yeah…let’s go…..(in mind) shona is scared?! oh my! Bhai is gonna take full advantage of it! I must go in otherwise…(he’s in horror)?

so RagLak left in…and ragini broke her bangles in pieces and threw it on the way so that they won’t get lost…

Laksh:- (in mind) ragini is so concerned about her sister and she is risking her life for hers…(saw her throwing bangles) she is clever! and so…gorgeous…and beautiful! wait…what?? why am I complementing her?!! Laksh…..chill!!

ragini (mind):- why is this Laksh starring at me?! he has never seen girls? or these ideas in movies? idiot! but he’s a cute idiot! ragini what’s going on?! why are you telling him cute!! eh!!! guys are so complicated they will make you mad one day! and you’ll be in psychiatric treatment only in the future…

they were going in the forest with Laksh starring and ragini killing him inside her mind!

– inside the forest
sanky was making sounds near her ears! too freak swara out
sanskar: oooohhhhhhh

swara:- (in mind)oh god! swara deep breathes!! (in reality she was sweating like a pig due to haunt)

Sanskar:- (in mind) oh my! she’s really scared yaar….scaredy cat! can’t ask help huh?!
(reality) owwwwwwwwwww hooooooooooooo

swara:- ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and hugged Sanskar as tight as possible!

Sanskar:- (mind) oh my…she’s so innocent and pretty…though she’s scared she looks beyond beautiful!

and unknowingly Sanskar also hugged her back. swara felt to peaceful and protective in his arms but it didn’t last as long as they wanted!

— RagLak
heard the scream of swara!
ragini (panicked): Laksh! Laksh! th-this i-is sw-swara’s voice! she is totally scared! they noises will make her scared even more than usual! oh God i need to find her as soon as possible!! I can’t key anything or anyone harm my shona!

Laksh: relax ragini nothing will happen to her. now come let’s follow the shriek! (in mind) she doesn’t even bother about Sanskar but so worried for swara…wow sister love so much?)

RagLak reach there and saw the SwaSan hug Ragini didn’t bother but Laksh was fuming!

Ragini: swara???? (she was crying that she found her sister)

swara:- ragz??? (crying as she was terrified)
ragini ran towards swara and hugged her tightly

ragini (cups her face):- swara you alright?! what was the need to come in the forest? gone crazy?! you know na! without swara how can swaragini be completed? (pats her cheek lightly) am so angry on you!! (pretends to be angry but was just sad)

swara (very sad):- wo-wo…am really sorry ragini…i-i am r-really sorry…please? d-do-don’t be a-angry…please? i-i will d…

ragini keeps her hand on her mouth!

ragini :- dare you swara! am not angry but if you pull “death” and start blackmailing that’s it! get that?!

swara :- ragini….when did I say “death”?? I wanted to say….I’ll DO anything you say…but you were the one who thought DEATH….???

ragini :- swara ki bacchi!!! am so scared and you’re teasing me!! so mean! ???
(swara keeps her hands on her ears in sorry position and ragini melts off…)
okay okay fine…(goes near her ears) swara these two guys are brothers only?! I mean they are starring at both of us…not even bothered about themselves… are they nuts??

swara:- haan ragz even I was wondering the same…. they haven’t seen sister-love? even Laksh’s brother was lost but he doesn’t look concerned…and is looking at us…like as though a serial is going on…idiots!

sanskaar was busy starring at swara’s innocence..her teasing nature and everything and Laksh was like totally lost in ragini’s concern over swara…her possessiveness…and everything both SanLak came to reality by swaragini

swaragini :- hello??? ??? yahan kya serial chalraha ha kya? yehsa q goor rahi ho? tum dono bhi bhai hai na? (hello? is a serial going on here? why are you starring at us? you both are also brothers right?

SanLak snapped into reality!
SanLak :- well…well…we were…nothing um….shall we leave?

swaragini :- haan…sure! let’s leave!

All left to the car…by tracing the bangles they planned to stay but swara was totally afraid kinda so….they left to MM on the way SwaRagSan were busy talking….and Laksh was driving not bothered about anything but…was fuming in jealously and anger about the HUG! ? so he was driving without any interactions with anyone and was busy thinking!!

Laksh (in mind) :- shona…how can you be so free with everyone?! just because am being cool doesn’t mean I’ll be like this forever….I think I should show you your limits now itself…so that you don’t start flying to high! (evil smirk) now…you’ll know shona…what is it to be on earth and not flying….

soon all reach MM
SwaRagSan were still busy chatting and entered MM and took blessing from AP…while Laksh ran to his room in anger! all were wondering what’s wrong with him…so ragini went to help ap swara excused herself to know what’s going with Laksh…and Sanskar went to get fresh! while going he heard noises and turned to see the source and was shocked!
— over —

precap:- Laksh true colors exposed to SwaSan…!
—– thanks —
thanks a lot guys for your support!! love y’all a lot!! lots and loadzzz of love from liltvish (lily and tvisha)




Recap – Sanskar shocked by……


While going to his room he peeped in laksh room and was shocked ??


Laksh – swara come in ?

Swara –….laksh

Laksh – (smirks and unbuttons his shirt) come in swara before hugging my brother you didn’t think now you’re getting scared of me your love

Swara – laksh please stop this isn’t good before marriage??

Laksh – hugging your big bro is also not good it’s called “AFFAIR” ??

Swara – laksh no please

Laksh – I’ll show you what’s mardaani ??

Laksh leaned to swara lips and swara was scared when some one punched laksh on cheeks laksh was shocked and roared

Laksh – Sanskar ?

Sanskar – wth how dare you touch her

Laksh – why do u want to touch her

Sanskar – laksh beats him black and blue ??????????????

Laksh is beaten badly Sanskar drags him down and AP is shocked seeing this side of Sanskar she questions and he tells her about all these thinks he saw AP AND SHOMI are shocked and slap laksh

After the drama in maheshwari mansion??
The Gadodia’s left maheshwari family and broke all relationships as they thought that ragini wouldn’t be safe and were not ready to forgive laksh swara is broken??



Swara is still in shock ? and SHOMI goes behind her telling ragini to stay in hall for 5 minutes?


Swara Room

SHOMI comes there

SHOMI – swara beta

Swara sees her and hugs her and starts crying??

SHOMI -I understand that you are broken but you need to control yourself I understand

Swara – Mom I trusted him so much and he broke me mom anyways good night and don’t stress yourself I am OK??

SHOMI – take care beta good night ??

After mom daughter scene SHOMI left and ragini entered and swaragini had sisters time and slept???????

Precap – MMS problem?? and SwaSanRag join hands and laksh in jail⛓⛓⛓ leap of some months and laksh realizes love for ragini

RagLak SwaSan fans your waiting is over you get to see laksh good avatar in like 2 chapters after and yes sorry Laksh aka Namish fans for make my laksh evil but it was for story sorry and leave your precious comments and bashing too… Suggestions always taken ??. Sorry for no swasan raglak scenes?‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?

Credit to: Tvisha and lily

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