Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Chapter 2

till now:-
Laksh :- sorry swara…girls can’t be given freedom after marriage.. I’ll make you mine!

—– today ——

/////// MM\\\\\\\

Ap gets a call. and is very happy! so calls SwaLakRag to her

ap:- (in the phone) acha?! teekay hum tumme lene kehliye unhe bolte…hum rakte.. (really?! okay then I’ll tell them to pick you up…I’m keeping the phone )

ap (SwaLakRag) :- suno…sanskaar agaya airport mein…so please all of you go and meet…(ragini blushing)…as its the first time SwaRagini meeting

swara:- mom..ap chinta mat kijiye…mera behn toh tamatar jehsa bangaya…naam se hi…jab dekha toh?! uska kya haal hoga….hai na ragz?! (winks at ragini)

(mom dont worry…my sister is already turning in tomato when you said his name…when we go to meet then..what will happen to her…am I right ragz?)

Ragini :-. haan….(without knowing what she said)…I mean…Swara!!!

all burst into laughter!! ? ? ? and ragini feels super embarrassed ?

so now swara..ragini and Laksh leave to pick up sanskaar in the airport…only Laksh knows how he looks…swara and ragini has never seen him…

At Airport

Laksh had to park his he swara and ragini to go in and welcome sanskaar!

Laksh:- Swara and Ragini you both go and welcome bhai I’ll come soon.

swaragini:- we haven’t even seen him then how will we know that whomever we are welcoming is him?

Laksh:- he’s my bhai…you’ll understand when he’s near…now go!

Laksh left without even hearing from swaragini…now swaragini has no choice other than to go and welcome a person they’ve never seen….(crazy right)

—— at the airport —

swara :- ragz I’ve no idea…everyone looks similar…and most funny part is….neither you’ve seen nor me…and we are her to welcome! how amazing! ?

ragini :- swara shut up yaar….I know its crazy but we somehow have to….(blush) search.. na…

swara:- (keeps her elbow on her shoulder) oh..ho….not yet seen…but…blushing ha? not bad…?

ragini:- swara!!! stop teasing yaar! (blushing hard)? ? ?

swara :- okay okay I’ll stop it…if not you’ll turn like a ? ? ? ? tomato!

ragini :- swara! ? ?

swara:- okay okay chill ragz!

they see many people going and coming…. but none made them feel like sanskaar was there…so swara was getting bored…so started to roam leaving ragini all alone….

swara:- ragz you itself search your fiancé I can’t….we’re just standing here…and its super boring…. so am just going to…go and see where Laksh is and will come back…if you didn’t find…if not ha! you guys somehow come alone! ?

saying this swara ran like mayhem as she knew that ragini will kill her for saying all those…she ran…and clashed with someone and all the files that the guy had flew off and the coffee split on his dress and on certain files…..and swara turned and helped the boy… and the guy was fuming!

swara :- sorry..sorry sorry sorry and so sorry….I’m really really really sorry..

and picked up certain files and gave him and was about to go but the guy pulled her towards him and said…

guy:- will your sorry make to the mess you’ve made?! do you know who I am?

swara:- listen Mr. whomever you are…..I don’t care..all i know is you’re a human! and yeah I accept I did mistake so I said am sorry and now over!

guy :- (in his mind) oh my! this girl is full of attitude I feel bad for everyone who is with her and gonna be….

swara turned to leave but Laksh came and shouted looking at the guy!

laksh:- BHAI! (happiness)
(looking at swara) you found him?! not bad how’d you know?! he is ragz fiancé ?? have seen his picture?!

swara was in total shock and doesn’t know what to say! she is totally blank and looking and “the guy” and “Laksh” without any idea on what to say she was just blinking!

screen freezes!

Precap :- swara getting to know slight things about Laksh
SwaSan friendship
RagSan chats

—— end —-
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  1. It’s Awsome plzz make longer

  2. So yo gng to swap t pairs…but its k I like raglak nd swasan tooo….but plz show sme bonding btwn ragsan

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