Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Chapter 10

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swara was lost in her thoughts and ragini got her to reality!
swara:- (in mind) how can Sanskar be so genuine whereas lucky…so conservative and reserved how can he be from 21st century?! and wait why am I thinking about Sanskar so much….what’s happening to I….

ragini sat on the bed! and made swara to come to reality!
ragini :- shona what are you thinking?!

swara:- me?! oh…no-

ragini:- acha chal leave it (ok fine) listen! a good news wanna know??????

swara:- haan tell….someone broke your instrument?! or did someone propose you? bolo bolo (tell tell)….(teasing tone)

ragini :- kya shona tu bhi na! kuch bhi bolti ho…aur hamesha ulta seeda…(what shona! anything you say! and nonsense only!) okay anyways what I wanted to say was that we have offered a job in the worlds best fashion designing company! YES! MANISH MALHOTRA’S FASHION HUB! please dont deny! haan kehdo! (say yes) (puppy eyes)

swara:- nayi…yaar….(no)…how can I? after all that’s going on in my life…(tears welled up in her eyes)

ragini hugged her tightly!

ragini:- common this is a new weird person! I don’t know this girl! speaking so weak! my shona is a strong rowdi! (gangster) who can fight with anyone! she’s a feisty tigress! and the person who is crying right now is a sheep (baaaaaa)

swara smiled a bit with her sister’s encouragement!

ragini:- and shona past is past dear…it happens but you only tell me na everything happens for a reason! and you’re supposed to learn from every lessons in your life! so you learn from your past that…before trusting anyone think wisely! okay?! now no more senti talks! you’re coming tomorrow for the job with me and you’re gonna be my bold tigress! and show all, that you’re not weak! okay?!

swara(proud):- okay baba I’ll come…anyways who can win with you in talk!

ragini:- behen kiski hai! (who’s sister afterall) acha chal (okay fine)we must have our booty (beauty) sleep!

both sister giggles! and pretended like they slept! shona was thinking
about recent happenings and Sanskar’s support! and she slept with a smile on her face! and ragini was thinking on why she felt bad for Laksh though what he did with her sister’s life was unforgivable! but she tried to doze off with a weird smile and confused look on her face !

@night swara started to murmur
Sanskar’s name in her sleep! and ragini heard it!!

ragini :- yeh swara ko kya hogaya? swara?? swara??…….. ye….. Sanskar ka naam q le rahi hai?! (whats happening with swara? why is she calling Sanskar’s name?)
is something going on between these two? NO no…shona doesn’t hide anything with me…but what if something is happening that I dont know about? I have to do something to know what’s going on!

later ragini dozed totally with a determined face!

next day

**Gadodia’s mansion*
both swara and ragini get ready for there brand new life with new goals and determination!
both went to have breakfast!
shemi:- good morning princesses!
shomi:- yeh lo Aarthi lo! (here take the blessing) {guys pardon me if any mistakes in all these aarthi and rituals I suck at them as am a christian!}
swaragini took aarthi! and sat for breakfast. they had there favourite aloo paratha with extra butter! (my favourite!) and orange juice for swara and apple for ragini! both had a delicious breakfast and moved off to the HUB!

ragini was super excited though she knew that she was supposed to be in “sober” mood but she was like a 5 year old kid who got her favourite candy without any pleading! swara was like a live doll who didn’t really give a damn! SwaRagini went inside and waited as the receptionist asked! later the receptionist asked both of them to go at the same time!


swaragini knocked the door and they got a reply and they went in. the voice asked them to sit! they didn’t see the girl from whom they got the voice from! as she sat with her chair facing the other side! and swaragini where technically facing the back of the chair! but they felt they’ve heard this voice! but weren’t able to figure out who’s was it! the chair turned and they were shocked! mainly swara!

swara:- TUM! ?

woman:- haan mein…koi problem!??? (yes me…any problem?)

swara:- no nothing… liar! cheater! so mean! you came to India and didn’t meet up with me!! so rude! I’m not talking with you!

antara (Maya’s daughter, closed friend of swara):- arrey yaar sorry! I came few months back only and I took over this hub you know na we all studied together only…phir kya? acha what happened with your love story?? shaadi vaadi ki?
(antara stopped seeing swara’s teary eyes she got up and went to swara’s side) hey….babez…dont cry…kya hua?? kisne meri sherni ki yeh halat ki? (what happened? who did this to my lioness?)…common don’t cry…I know you’re strong now drink water…(antara gives the water to swara from her desk..(swara drinks it…and tells all that happened in her life)…LAKSH! how dare he?! he…he..he was like swara ka deewana!…supporting her..and all but he acted it out! and wanted to be like that ba***rd DURGAPRASAD! who doesn’t know to respect woman!! ergh! but you must appreciate SANSKAR babe! I mean he supported though you weren’t related to each other! and he went against his own blood for you! you must be very grateful to him! (swara got an unknown smile on her face…on hearing about Sanskar and antara also felt the same…as he helped swara without knowing her) vehse swara…he must be a gentleman? na….as he helped you right?…(antara was curious)

swara:- (huge smile)…haan…ofcourse a gentleman he is…our first meet was so weird…but still after getting to know him…I felt so nice…a gem of a human! very humble…sweet….honesty is his priority! and-

ragini spoke in between as she felt bored and something was cooking up in her mind while swara was explaining Sanskar and her smile all was noticed by ragini…ragini felt something more then friendship in SwaSan! so she thought about something!

ragini:- hello? madams yahan humare zindagi ka show nayi chalrahi hai so please….JOB ki baat karo na…kya humme job milli? (here there is no serial going on our life so please talk about job and did we get the job?)

SwaNtara (swara+antara) smiled at her eagerness and antara spoke up

antara:- haan ragz tumme job milgayi and also swara too so both of you join tomorrow and swaragini am coming for dinner to your house today okay?! and yeah do my favourite food try calling Sanskar too na…I mean I must thank him for his support towards shona! so call him up and if aunty and uncle don’t (SheMi) allow him then….tell that I wanna meet for my business needs okay?! and by this way am pretty sure aunty uncle will not deny please??? (puppy face)

swaragini:- okay dramebaaz we will somehow convince mom and dad and haan dont be late!

swara:- if you’re late that bhukkad (foodie) will finish full table and you’ll get nothing! okay?!

antara:- okay lecture ki mataji I’ll come at the evening and help you out! okay!

swaragini leave to home! with happy faces and after reaching home they explain to SheMi all that happened and antara request to meet Sanskar at today’s dinner and all SheMi first denied later even they accepted as sanskar did so much for there daughter so they accepted! ragini noticed swara’s eagerness and thought to ask about it at night

ragini (mind):- yeh swara ko kya hogaya?! woh itni khush q hai?! ek kaam karti hoon mein usse abhi poochti hoon….nayi nayi abhi filhal Sahi nayi yoga..haan raat mein poochti hoon…haan yeh sahi hoga (what happened to swara? why is she so happy? I’ll do one thing I’ll ask her now… no no maybe now is not the right time…yeah I’ll ask her at night…haan that’ll be right)

screen freezes with ragini’s determined face swara happy face and antaras smiley face

precap:- ragini in market swara asking Sanskar to come and antara meet with swaragini’s family will Sanskar come?! stay tuned to our ff! loadz of love for tvishlilz! ??????

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