Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Intro


guys I am doing a fan fiction with +Swag! Lily Forever 😛 and yes +Swag! Lily Forever 😛 thank for helping and ideas…

SwaSan RagLak Love Forever Introduction

Swara Kapoor – fiancé of laksh maheshwari and wants to be independent with life

Sanskar maheshwari- elder brother of laksh fiancé of ragini lives in London and has never seen swara

Ragini kapoor – loves her sis swara and fiancé of Sanskar and is happy

Laksh maheshwari – loves his bro believes that girls shouldn’t get independence after marriage (swara is unaware)

Setting : Kolkata

Plot :
Swara and ragini are engaged and swasan never seen each other’s but destiny plays and they meet and become friends
See how love blooms between them having their bro and sis as obstacles…..

at first laksh will be a villian but then he will fall for ragini!!!! and laksh is a villian according to situation not because he is

Credit to: Tvisha and lily

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