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SwaSan OS

Hello guys hope you like this small OS from my side 🙂 sorry for not posting my SS will post channa Mereya soon ?

This is after 6 months leap and Nikhil enters into Swaragini’s life and so on

Man – hello the car should be blasted and make sure it’s a big blast where sanskar Maheshwari is dead

The man smirks and keeps the phone down and says – finally finally Nikhil he’ll go Away from your life

Yes he’s Nikhil??

Voice from back – NIKHILLLLLL????

He turns and finds Swara

Swara – how dare you hurt my sanskar haan what do you want and stop this RN please ???? my sanskar

Nikhil – oh shut up sanskar sanskar sanskar I’m pissed with that name now I went to Canada so that I can be capable of job and can have a good life with you but you managed getting a boy you love and married him??

Swara – just shut up I hate you I hate you remember I love sanskar I will love him and will always love him?????

Nikhil – if you don’t agree then get ready to see your Love’s dead body???

Swara – no no please don’t do anything I’ll do what you say????

Nikhil – ok if you’re not mine you’ll not be his now take a bag and pack your stuff and leave this city now

Swara – What???????

Nikhil – Sanskar’s life or your arrogance

Swara – fine???

Swara packs her and Nikhil drops her to a plane to Singapore

Nikhil – bye swara???

Swara looks at him and murmurs – my sanskar will find me?Hey Durga Ma please help sanskar find me??

As Swara leaves Nikhil goes to MM and gives them a fake letter written by him but he tells them it’s Swara who wrote it for sanskar

Sanskar takes that and reads

Dear Sanskar,
I’m leaving this city and going away from all your lives don’t ask me why just find Laksh and live happily

Sanskar is broken and leaves from There ? Nikhil smirks and makes a call

Nikhil – did you get her

Man – Sir Swara mam didn’t arrive yet I guess there’s a problem

Nikhil – What?? SWARAAAAAA


5 Years Leap

Sanskar isn’t the old Sanskar he’s an arrogant man who just focuses on his work that’s it ?

About Swara she’s having a small world in Bangkok she’s a owner of an NGO

It’s Morning like wise a small child is cuddling as sunlight fall on him ☀️☀️

Woman – Sayyam Baby get up see you have to go to school

She shaked and he woke up

Sayyam – good morning Mom (He pecked her cheeks?and went to brush his teeth)

As soon as he goes the lady bursts out in tears – I’m sorry Sanskar because of me you have to stay away from your own son??????

Soon Sayyam comes out and they both go off to their destination?


Employe 1 – Hey SM is coming get back to work otherwise say Bye to your Job

Employe 2 – Yaar he’s here?

Sanskar – good morning everyone as you all know it’s Diwali so collect your bonus and you have 2 weeks off

Everyone – Yay

and all go from there leaving Sanskar all alone

Sanskar – (holding SwaSan frame) Swara Why did you leave me all alone I’m missing come back please ?????

He leaves to MM as Sujata called him and he placed there photo frame there


Swara – What???????? No sorry I can’t

Monica – why not Swara

Swara – I mean Sayyam is still studying I don’t want him to quit it

Monica – Please transfer him there Kolkata is your home town any way

Swara – but I don’t want to go there

Sayyam (from back) – mom please

Swara had no option to melt so she said yes to the trip Sayyam and Monica jumped in happiness

That Night Swara and Sayyam left for Kolkata unknown what destiny has written for them????


Swara – behave nicely in the school and if someone troubles you tell the teacher OK☝️

Sayyam- Ok Mom✌?? Love you bye??

Swara – Bye ?

Soon Sayyam left and Swara too left for her NGO work



Sayyam is sitting alone when a boy comes to him

Boy – hey buddy ??

Sayyam – Hi

Boy – New ahahaaa your name??

Sayyam – Yes I’m Sayyam and you??

Boy – Rahul? well friends????

Sayyam – Friends❤️ But I gave a rule

Rahul – and that’s

Sayyam – In friendship NO SORRY and NO THANK YOU

Rahul – okay you sound like my chachu but never mind

It’s the end of school and Rahul runs to his chachu who came to pick him up

Rahul – Chachu meet my new friend Sayyam

Sayyam – Hi

Sanskar – Hi I’m Rahul Chachu nice to meet you

You all may have guessed it Rahul is RagLak’s Son????

Suddenly a man pulls Sayyam hands and says aaye you (pointing at Sanskar) give all your money or else he’ll die ???

Sanskar overpowers and pretends to take money out and moves towards them and BAAMMMMM he beats them black and blue

Sayyam spots Swara and hugs her and she too hugs him protectively

Sayyam – thank god mom you came??

Swara – don’t cry my baby?? Sorry I was late

Sanskar comes there he can only see Swara back and says – Excuse Me

Swara Froze for a second and then turned around and was shocked?SwaSan were in deep shock and had a long lasting EYELOCK Swara broke it and says

Swara – thanks for saving my son (To Sayyam) let’s go

Sanskar (in mind) – Son?? It’s means Ki (To Swara) Swara wait come to MM after 5 mins

Swara had no other but said and glanced at Sayyam she hugged him again and followed Sanskar’s Car


Sanskar enters and gathers everyone and calls Swara in everyone is shocked seeing her

Ragini – Swara

Swara saw everyone and was teary soon Sayyam came out

Sayyam – Mom who are they??

Sujata – Mom?? He’s your son Swara

She simply nods knowing their condition

Sanskar – Swara I need to talk to you come up (to Suju) mom you take Sayyam and make him eat something

Sanskar goes and swara follows him behind soon they go in the room and lock the door to not let sounds go out

Swara – I..

Sanskar- answer my question why did you leave me?Why did you keep my son away from me

Swara – nothing it’s was just as you could find Laksh

Sanskar – hahahaha yeah heartless Swara you know what you are ……

Swara – just shut up you know why I did this ok listen (She tells him everything he’s shocked) understood now let me go and please don’t come near me or Sayyam we’ll leave soon

She moves out of the room leaving Sanskar numb and shocked

As soon as Swara comes down she sees everyone pampering Sayyam she feels happy but soon reality hits her and she says – Sayyam let’s go come

Sayyam – Ok Bye everyone

Sujata – Swara please stay here

Uttara – yes bhabhi please

Swara – no please guys I can’t

RagLak – but Swara Sayyam has a right to know the truth

Swara – no please

Ragini pays no heed and grabs Sayyam and tells – I’m your Maasi and he is your Chachu(Laksh) they are your Bade Dadi dada (AP and DP) and they are your Dada Dadi (Suju and Ram) and she’s your Bua (Uttara) and he’s your dad (Sanskar)

Sayyam – Really???

Ragini – Yeah

He runs and hugs Sanskar and says – Daddy why did you not come to me and mom till now

Sanskar felt blessed hearing daddy and he says – I was busy beta I had problems please sorry

Sayyam – mom can we stay here please? I want to stay with my family with you and Papa

Everyone were convincing Swara finally she gave up and says OK FINE

Dinning Table at night

Swara – Sayyam stop having chocolates come baby Have dinner

She feeds him

Sayyam – momma enough please

Swara – No finish it?

Sayyam – Dad please tell her na

Sanskar – Swara let him be na if he’s full let him go come on champ let’s go

Sanskar leaves with Sayyam and swara sighs and finishes her dinner and cleans up and goes to her Room
As soon as she enters she adores the father and son duo as they were sleeping cutely hugging each other

Next Morning

Sun rays fall on Sanskar he opens his eyes and sees SwaYam hugging each other he admires them and wakes them up
Sayyam goes to the washroom to get ready and swara Sanskar stay there

Sanskar hugs Swara from back and says – Ummmm Swara tonight at farmhouse there’s a surprise

Swara – Sanskar but

Sanskar – no par war you have to come that’s final now bye bye (he gives a sudden kiss on her cheek and runs away leaving Swara in shock)

Night Time In The Farmhouse

Swara – Sanskar Sanskar

Sanskar – Swara you are finally here ok now come to the bedroom

Swara follows his instruction and Enters the room.. she’s mesmerized seeing the room and calls out for Sanskar

Sanskar appears and sits on his knees and says
You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. All my dreams came true the day that I met you. I Love You! You are the sunshine of my life! Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your Love… You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart… I want to be your arms, I want to feel your touch, I want your lips on mine, I need you very much.

Swara was overwhelmed and she hugged Sanskar and he hugs her back??

Sanskar Carries Swara to the bed and once again they consummated their marriage heavenly❤️❤️


After some years swasan have another kid who’s a girl and name her Saanvi
Now Swara Sanskar Saanvi and Sayyam are a happy and cute family ?


Sorry for this bad OS
And happy belated birthday Kaynat?? sorry couldn’t wish you ❤️
Please comment below how is it?
ONE MORE OS ON THE WAY But that’s not all about love its also about life 🙂

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