Love you forever (SwaSan) (epi 1-5)


Love You Forever??

Chapter 1
A calm early morning. A beautiful girl is sleeping on her bed.
The room has a hue of golden orange in the early sunrise.
Her eyes slowly flutter open and she she smiles to herself as her alarm rings to wake her up! She take out her glasses and wears them as her sight becomes clear.
She opens her room curtains and let’s the sun rays in.

She hums in a melodious voice and immediately four pigeons come and sit on her window grill. She puts some grains and keeps water in a cup.
She says: hello birdies have ur food! I will be back okay.

She runs into the washroom and shouts maa mein uthgayi!!
From downstairs her mom shouts back I know shona! Tum kabhi latenai uthogi!
Yes its our Shona aka swara!
Later she comes down dressed cutely in a pink full sleeved kurti and patiyala. She wore a white chunni and matching pearl studs.

sumi: Shona why don’t you wear casuals beta. See your going to college not mandir(laughs)
Swara: maa! I’m comfy in these dresses you know na. I can’t help if people think I’m too traditional or something.
Tradition comes from the mind and not dressing.
Sumi: OK meri ma! Now go ragini and kavitha are waiting.
Swara: OK ma! Bye.

Outside their house two girls dressed in jeans and top were waiting. As swara came running towards them they saw her and smiled. They too studied their in Mes college. So they went together to college.

Rag: Hey swara kaise ho?? Padhayihogayi??(Sarcastically)
Kav: Air haan tumhare dostonko khana khiladiya kya??
Swara makes a pout and says guys stop it na……??.
Ragini and kavitha say OK fine come let’s go!!
They board a bus and reach college.

Outside college a guy comes on dukati and stops the bike in front of the girls. First they get shocked later they see the guy and become normal.
Kavitha: lo ragini aagya tumhara romeo!

Ragini blushes and then glares at kavitha. Swara does not understand anything.
Kavitha pushes ragini towards him. Ragini says laksh…….before she completed laksh pulls her off and goes while ragini blushed and kavita giggled.
Swara gets confused and says did u see kavita do was blushing so much.

Kavitha says ya bacchu if ur bf pulls u, u will blush na!
Swara says boyfriend?? Kavitha laughs and says swara ur too innocent for this and says its getting late you go to class now!bye

Swara confusedly walks to class. In the middle she meets kavya her only friend and best friend in college. Kavya says hi swara you forgot me huh??No text all weekend!

Swara says no yaar I was studying physics yesterday. Kavya says offo yaar your such a nerd dude! Thoda sabse mingle ho jaa nah! Swara says ok yaar I will try but no one likes me!
Kavya sighs and murmurs that’s true!! She don’t want to hurt Swara so she becomes quiet.
She then says OK Swara let’s go to class come!

As she enters class everyone starts giggling and laughing under their breath look nerdo came!! And all murmurs among themselves. Kavya glares at all and everyone shut up. Swara simply smiles to herself and sits in her place.

Love you forever.
Chapter 2

In swara’s classroom
Teacher enters.
Teacher: Good morning students!

Students: Good morning mam!

The class goes on……swara listens attentively. The class ends. Teacher leaves! Its a break now!

Swara and Kavya go to canteen!

Kavya: ☺☺Swara today I will buy you what you want on?? Its my treat!!

Swara: ?Anything special Kavya?? Did you finally pass physics??

Kavya: ??uffo swara! Even if I pass I won’t give you treat! The thing is my boyfriend took me out yesterday!! So I am very happy!? I am giving you treat!

Swara: ?? oho what is that?? Even kavitha do was telling about Ragini di’s boyfriend! What bf bf! I don’t understand pa! We need to study now not do all this!!

Kavya: Accha swara?? You study ma! I will learn from you! Now give your phone na I want to call Rahul! My battery dead!

Swara gives phone. She is still confused!??

Kavya: Are this Rahul also does not receive my phone at all ! Wait I will call sanky his best friend! He may receive.

Swara: Okay call! I don’t mind!
Sanky lifts the call!

Kavya: Sanky give phone to Rahul!

Sanky: o….oh…. He is not here!
Kavya: Are duffer i know he is with you only! Gibe him the phone or else tell him badrakali will come in an hour!

Sanky: okk wait o will gibe him the phone…..are duffer Rahul come and take the phone because of you I should get scoldings that too from your girlfriend!

Rahul: What to do sanky??? Yesterday she was so happy after cutting my pant pocket! I can’t get my pocket cut everyday yaar understand!

Sanky: uff duffer speak slow! She is on call

Rahul and Kavya talk
Kavya: Rahul you idiot where did you get lost????
Rahul: Baby I am sorry I was having imp work!!??
Kavya: What important work you have other than me ha??? I want to see you in 20 mins!! Got it???
Rahul: okay baby!
Cuts the call??

Sanky: arre can’t you handle ur gf man??? She always calls me asking about you!!
When you can’t manage why you get committed???

Rahul: (In his dreamy world) Sanky love may seem like an attraction for you man but its really very pure and true! We may fight like this but we have a lot of love in that too! I love her man!

Sanky: want love I don’t know re!! You and your love! I like to flirt and have fun!

Rahul: Don’t do this man! You are hurting girls feelings! That girl Sheena she really likes you but u played with her! She did not take it seriously but what if some girl takes it seriously and does something to herself??? What if someone did like this to uttara yaar?? Just think!

Sanky: Yaar don’t tell like that I am feeling sacred!! I won’t play from now. What shall i do??
At that time he gets a call from the number Kavya called! He picks!

A girl: Hello ma!! Today we have let off! Don’t send driver! I am going out to lake with kavya ragu Diane kavitha di! Bye.
She cut the call!

Rahul: Who man??

Sanky: Arre some girl man! She talked thinking she is talking to her ma! Informed something. She thought its her ma and cut tswara??)))

Rahul: Accha call her back and say it’s wrong number!

Sanky: You say so OK?! But she is a girl man

Rahul: its OK yaar! Who knows she may be a nice girl and you may like her too! Try talking to her! She is kavya’s friend!

Sanky: What man?? You mean to say I may find love with her???(exited as he just now discovered what’s love)

Rahul: ya ya try!

Sanky calls her!!

Sanky: hello!!!
(Guys you all must be knowing who the girl is on the other end right!! Its our swara??)

Swara(nervously as she never talked much to guys)
Yes!! Who is it?? She bites her nails!
Sanky: Hmm!!! Woh….you called me just now saying you your going somewhere! I think you called wrong number and spoke to me thinking that I’m your ma!! I am sanskar!!

Swara( gets bit nervous): I am really sorry! I dialled wrong number!! I will call my ma now bye! Sorry for the inconvenience ok??

Sanky: hmm!!!OK its OK!!
Swara: bye!
Sanky: One minute!!!
Swara: what?
Sanky: Won’t you tell your name!??
Swara: ha……I don’t talk to strangers bye!!!( She gets lil bit scared) and cuts call!!

Chapter 3

At swara’s home…..

Swara: Ma! I came. I will be in my room. If you want anything call me OK! And ya I had my lunch outside only.

Sumi: OK beta. You carry on. Study well but come out and play with Ani he misses his sister so much!

Swara: Ma better drop the topic I have to study.

She goes to her room. Her room is a very tidy room. She keeps everything organised. Her book rack on one side which is filled with neatly arranged books. Her bed with its folded bedsheets.

All in all she was perfect to the world and assumed that she was perfect to herself too which she was not.
She needed a change from the monotonous life she had.
All she did was go to college come home eat study sleep and back to the same routine the very next day.
Occasionally on much pressure she went to the lake with ragini and kavitha.

Guess even god got bored with her life. He decided to change it.
So only he sent a special person to change her! Guess who it was!!! Our Sanskar.
God probably decided that Swara should see what actually life was.
She needs to feel life. She needed a BREAK!!!! A freaking long break from the disastrous life.

Her phone beeped. She cursed the person calling her while she was studying and lifted the phone. She the called ID as the same number who previously called her the morning. She became bit nervous. She received the phone call.

Swara: Hello……who is this???

Sanskar: Huh???…..thinks she does not remember me??? And says….Heyy I am sanskar! The person who called in the morning! Remember???

Swara: ya ya I do! What do you want?

Sanskar: Hmmm……you know people meet for a reason always. Probably I also met for some reason. So……

Swara: So…??

Sanskar: So….let’s be friends???

Swara: Suddenly shocked as she has never had friends and now its a male asking her friendship. She cuts the call but thinks he may have said right so she says OK and cuts the call!

Sanskar gets happy that shat she accepted friendship but he thinks I did not even ask her name. He thinks calling new always may disturb and so texts her!


Sanskar: Hello!

Swara: umm…hii!

Sanskar: We became friends but you did not share your name at all!

Swara– I am swara!! And I am studying 12th standard!!

Sanskar– Hello swara wyd?? I am Sanskar! Ukr!?

Swara– Hmmm….but not much!

Sanskar– From now on you will get to know!!??

Swara– OK bye!! Ttyl I have to study now!! Have my organic chemistry exams!!

Sanskar– uffo!! You study a lot I guess madam!!

Swara– yaa….. I do!! OK I now bye!!

They text each ! But Sanskar thinks this girl is so reserved! She does not talk much at all! Why do I do if she is not my type?? He forgets Rahul’s advice and thinks we just met! I will talk and text with her but if she is not my type then I will stop talking. That’s all!

He thinks all this and sleeps.

On the other hand Swara studies hard. She studies the entire night and sleeps at 1 am! She thinks about Sanskar! His words……did we actually meet for a reason??? Oh no no Swara what are you thinking?? All these distractions ufff!!! Stop it! She smiles to herself and sleeps!

Love you forever
Chapter 4

Next day morning.
Swara gets up as asusul she humm’s for the birds to come. They come and enjoy their meal. Swara prepares for the day. She is ready for college and leaves.

While she was leaving sumi comes and says Shona you forgot your phone! You should carry it na if you need any help you can call.

Swara: No ma! What will happen to me?? And moreover all these phone and all only distractions.

At same time her beeped. She is surprised as no one calls her or messages her. She remembers Sanskar and him and her texting yesterday. She unknowingly smiles thinking about it.

Swara: Aa…..aa won ma its okay may be you are right give me the phone I will carry it. She takes the phone and goes.

In the car while going to college
She opens her mobile but gets disheartened as its just a service message.
Then again her phone beeps and her face lights up seeing the caller ID.
It was the same number she spoke to yesterday.
Yes our Sanskar.
She immediately saved his number as Sanskar and opened the message box.

Sanskar: Good morning!
Swara: Gm!!
Sanskar: Sup??
Swara: huh??what does it mean??

(Guys remember she is chatting for first time! She knows that NLM stands for newtons laws of motion but she does not know that sup means what’s up!!)

Sanskar: Huh! Don’t you know sup?? It means what’s up??

Swara: ohhh nothing much! I am going to college.

Sanskar: BTW which college do you study in??
( He knew she studies in kavya’s clg but still he asks)
Swara: mes college! Okay bye now my class begins I should not be late.

She hurries into the class. She forgets to put her phone on silent.
Inside the class

Teacher: So students as I was telling alcohols have an acidic hydrogen due to which grignard reagents react with them.
Beep beep beep!!!
.Shoot!!!! Its Swara’s phone!
Swara is sitting silently thinking its someone else’s phone. But again
Beep beep beep!!!
Now all look at Swara and slowly she looks at her bag and it buzzes. She hits her forehead!

Teacher: Miss swara rule is a rule! Outttt!!!!!
Swara thinks oh no!!! First time that too because of this idiot!!!

She leaves the class with teary eyes!
She think Kavya is anyways out she will be in the canteen. Let me also go there and study!

She goes to the canteen and sits there but she does not meet Kavya. She starts studying!
Again! Beep beep beep! That’s it her temper burst! First of all she had to get out because of him now again he is sending messages!

She took her phone and saw!
Sanskar: oh swara?? Very studious ha??
Where you went?? Offline? Okay bye!!

Oh shit he had just replied! But swara had to go out.
Swara thinks arre buddhu usne jaan buchkar kuch nai kiya! It was your mistake you put your phone on silent.

She starts studying. She sees the phone for several minutes.
She gets restless and is unable to study. She thinks to chat!!

Love you forever!
Chapter 5

In maheshwari mansion.
A sweet Bajan is going on.
Ainginandini nandita medini
Vishwa vinodini nandanute….
Its seven in the morning. And its sung by none other than Annapoorna Maheshwari. A man of around 45 years comes out and smiles. He is dp!
He thinks aakhir is that mein much toh badla.
But he did not know what had happened completely!

He also goes near the mandir and prays. After praying Annaporrna turns the other side and suddenly gets surprised and nervous. She immediately turn back and the bhajan stops.

She gives aarti and hurriedly goes to kitchen. On the way suddenly……..

Main khiladi tu anadi! Main anadi tu khiladi!!!!taana……. Starts playing in the mandir!????

Dp gets shocked. Ap runs to the mandir and tries stopping the song. Mean while her bajan plays

Ainginandini nandita medini
Vishwa vinodini nandanute….

Dp gets even more shocked and says isn’t this the same song you were singing! No you did not sing! The song was just playing. Or wait so only you were nervous!! Thinking I will catch you, you finished aarti soon and went away but I caught your lie!!!

Ap: oh hello Jim! Bas bas! I would not have done this of you did not compare me with others.
What you did yesterday?? Ha!

In mitral house Satyanarayan pooja function!
Mrs mitral:
Maurya rebappa mauryare!
Ganapati bappa Maurya!!
She sings a bajan very beautifully.
Ap and Dp were also present.
Ap: She sang so well!
Dp: Yes yes unlike you.
Ap: stop it ji! I can also sing.
Dp: Ya not less than a donkey. I have seen no! You and your duffer son.
Ap: See you don’t talk about us! First change yourself. Look at Mr Mitral so handsome he is and you!! A bald monkey!
Dp: Accha! You become like Mrs mitral then even I will become Mr Mitral!

Ap: Ji! You know I can’t sing right! So to please you I did this okay? Now get lost! I won’t be like Mrs mitral!
If you want you go to her only!!
All this singing chi! Simply wasted my money downloading bajans to please you!

She scolds Dp and goes.
Dp gets shocked.
Uttara comes out laughing loudly.
She says rozz ka drama and goes.

Ap shouts Sanskar wake up its nine!!
Uttara says ma aapka beta ka song to chalk karo warns uthne keliye uska mood nai hoga!

Ap smiles and says ya ya!

Koi naa jaane kittho aaye hain tu
Sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukakuku

Inna sona inna cool
Munda inna wonderful
Ennu vekhe he kudiya toh kehndi
Oh my god! Oh my god…

A boy with messy hair wakes up and says oh my god!
He starts swaying to the beats.

He goes out of his room and slides down the steps railings and goes down!

Haan munda sab me sab ton best
Munda better than the rest
Ennu vekhe ke munde toh kehnde
Oh my god

Oh munda kukkad kamaal da
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da!!!
He starts dancing and comes to the kitchen!
He is our hero our sanskar!! ???????

Ap: nai mera baccha! Tu uthgaya! Kal toh there papa me tumhe kitna much kaha!

Sanskar: are chod na ma! Waise tumne song bajaakar Mera mood thik krdiya!

Ap: okk go get ready for college. You will be late.

Sanskar: OK ma! BTW did that baldeo leave??

Ap: Sanskar!! He is your dad! And I like his bald style OK?

Sanskar: ooohhhhooo!!! Toh someone was telling she wants a handsome husband with hair yesterday?? Right! Now bald style??

Ap gets embarrassed
She says now this is too much go get ready!
She pushes Sanskar out and says How much ever we fight we love each other a lot!
Sanskar hears this and goes.

He gets ready in white T-shirt and faded brown chinos! He wears contrasting shoes! Totally he looks like a stud. Awwww!!!!????

He comes out.
Ap: Sanskar take your lunch. Bye !!
Sanskar: kisses his moms cheek and says bye ma! Love you.

He goes to college. He goes in his R15!
At college entrance

When he enters……all the girls mouths were wide open. He just shows attitude and goes to his friends.
Rahul is also there.
Rahul: Are sanskar! How are you man and how is that girl???
Sanskar: All good man! But that girl. I don’t think she will suit me! She is a geek! Not my type.
Rahul: Abbé yaar! Try toh kar. Don’t judge a book by its cover OK??
Sanskar: okay okay. I will text her.

Same time he texted her and Swara was in canteen already angry with him! She debates with herself as to whether she should receive the phone or not??? She finally sees the message.

Sanskar: Hey swara! How are you?? You want to class??
Swara:?? I went to class and also got out. All thanks to you.
Sanskar: huh???
Swara: You texted me nah! Teacher heard beep sound and sent me out.
Sanskar: oh!!! I am always out of class. BTW its not so easy to get out of class. Since its first time you have gone enjoy it. Live the time instead of wasting it.
Swara: its shameful to go out of class! Don’t you think?? And you are talking as if you get out of class everyday!
Sanskar: yaa that is true!! Enjoy life man.
Swara: okk! But I should study now.
Sanskar: uff again study??? Go enjoy!!
Swara thinks huh??? What does this guy mean. I should enjoy but what do I do to enjoy. I am getting bored too. Let me ask him!

Swara: actually…..I don’t know what to do. How should I enjoy???
Sanskar: Don’t you know??? Okk I will teach you how to enjoy.
Swara: OK tell fast.
Sanskar: Why don’t you out with your friends!
Swara: ha? I don’t have any friends except Kavya!
Sanskar: okay then take her only.
He thinks oh god! This girl ! No friends! Lol I would die without them.

Swara: But she is not in class!
Sanskar: Then bring her out of class.
Swara: what!?? But how?
Sanskar: I will teach you.

Precap: Sanskar teaches swara how to bring her friend out of class! And much more.

Okay guys since you all requested I have given longer update. Fingers aching like hell. Hope you like it and find it long. and pls comment and also like.
I’m out of ideas. Give me soome ideas!!!
And did you like ap character????


Credit to: Katie

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