Love you forever – Swaragini (Episode 2)


Hello friends thank u so much for your support thank u for your comments and all my silent readers. I have selected Tanya Sharma for role of Roshni and Parth Samanthan for role of Abhimanyu. If you don’t like the character plz let me know. Sorry for late update

(in intro I forget to write sanskar loves bike racing and photography)
Scene: Highway
Many bikes were racing they were competing against each other from the crowd all crowd were shouting SANKY! SANKY! A boy wearing jacket and drove fast and left all bikers behind He removed his helmet . Yes He is our handsome and dashing Sanskar.
A girl comes and hugged sanskar : oh sanky I knew you are the best no one can beat you in bike racing.
Sanskar: thank u btw u r looking hot u have come my winning chances were increased because of your presence.
A boy: Tanya u may leave I want to spend some time with my best friend
Tanya: ya sure see you soon
Sanskar: bye! I will miss u
Tanya: miss u too
Boy(Rohan played by pearl v puri best friend of sanskar serious and mature guy always stops sanky from flirting)
Rohan : tu kabhi nhi sudhrega firt karna kab bandh karega (you will not change when will you stop flirting)
Sanskar: till I don’t find my dream girl my love my life
Rohan : so what qualities should be there in your dream girl?
sanskar : hmm nothing special qualities but her face should be full of innocence , her eyes should be so beautiful and deep that when I see them I drown in them. her expressions should be so expressive that she doesn’t need words to speak .she should be bold and independent. She should have qualities of both modern and traditional girl. That will be my dream girl.
Rohan : wow sanky you have prepared full menu card for your dream girl but from where will you find her?
Sanskar: I will find her I am sure one day I will meet her and that day will be the best day of my life.
Rohan: oh Mr. Romeo you have not find your love and you are acting like mad when you will meet her what will happen?
Sanskar: Don’t know
Rohan: come out of the dreamland lets go otherwise you will you be scolded
Sanskar : ya bro let’s go

Scene shifts to a big mansion named Maheshwari Mansion
As we go upstairs there is a room full of books a boy is sitting and reading book just then a lady call him
Ap: laksh roshni come down
Yes the boy is Laksh
Laksh : coming maa
Just then sanskar enters
Sanskar : good morning maa good morning papa
Dp and ap: good morning
Dp: sanskar what about malhotra’s meeting
Sanskar : yes dad its ready I will handle it.
As he was going upstairs he collide with laksh
Laksh: bhai good morning
Sanskar : good morning lucky today is your first day in college
Laksh: yup
sanskar : wait for me ill drop u both I go and get ready
Laksh: k bhai

A room is shown it is disordered clothes are fallen in whole room
A girl gets up from bed and comes down in nightdress
Dp: come my princess
Roshni : yes dad good morning everyone
Sanlak: come on princess get ready you need to go college
Roshni(in mind) ya I need to rag newcomers also lets who will save them from me
After some time
Sanlakrosh leave for office and clg resp.


Hows the episode I hope its not boring
The main couple are ragsan but I will try to give importance to all. Any suggestion is welcomed this is my first ff plz help me.

Credit to: shweta

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