Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 8


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At night—

It’s easy to break a heart …yes… very easy…but to bind it again…it’s very difficult.

This is the case with Shravan, whose heart is totally ruined !!

In his room ,on the floor, leaning back on the couch , with a dead soul, he was sitting. Tears were running down his cheeks. He was crying profusely with hundreds of unanswered questions in mind . How can his love be someone else’s ? How can she decide to be someone else’s ? How can she leave him ? Why is all this happening ?
His mind flooding with waves of questions.
Shravan is destroyed by heart, mind and soul. He was going through a sort of agony which was now becoming very difficult to tolerate. His heart was not able to accept the fact that his love…is going to separate from his life.
But what is Sumo doing at this time ? Enjoying herself in the current world? Or is devoured by the same pain which Shravan is feeling ?

Sumo’s condition is not any way better than him. She’s sitting on her bed , thinking, crying and worrying about Shravan.

Suman’s POV—

God knows how Shravan is. From the time he has left the café he’s not answering a single phone call ! Hope that he’s fine. I’m sure he’ll misunderstand me in everyway. Why it happens to us only ? Why can’t we ever get on with our relationship..why we are parted each and every time we try to unite ? Aditya….how much ? How much more devastation will u do to my life !!! Can’t u just leave me alone !! Shravan… I just wish I could have told u the reason…the reason behind this unacceptable marriage..I just wish I could have !!

Next day…at morning—

Shravan slept on the floor itself at night. His dream was haunted by the echoing words of Aditya. Sunlight entered his room through the window and fell on his face , disturbing his sleep. He hid face in his arms and kept sleeping. But suddenly he felt the touch of a soft hand on his forehead, which moved upward to his head and stroked his messy hair. He opened his eyes and was surprised to find that it was Sumo. She broke his nightmare and gave rise to a daydream….she lit up the dark night which Shravan was facing from inside. Shravan gave a brittle smile seeing her, but Sumo’s face was gloomy. She was noticing his swollen eyes and dried tears on his face and her hand still stroking his hair. Shravan tried to stand up, but was feeling too weak. He leaned on the couch to stand, but Sumo helped her. She held his hand and he stood up with difficulty. She made him sit on his bed. She sat beside him.
“What r u doing here so early in the morning ?”, he said in a low tone.

“I came to meet u. You were not answering to my call..I thought – “
“You have other’s to meet , why me ? And now u have ur life partner…so just go and meet him. He must have been missing u .”, he sarcastically said in between her words.
“A friend’s worth is more than any other person. And plz ..I don’t want to talk on Aditya’s topic.”
“Yes why will u want. I think a friend should know everything about u right..but u didn’t even bother to tell me about ur boyfriend – “
“He’s not my boyfriend !! “, Sumo replied loudly.
“Oh ur future husband then.”

“Shravan plz, enough of it !! I came to meet u and to talk with u and about u. I don’t want any third person’s topic in between us. Plz..I request. I’ve not told u because I didn’t get time. I could have told u later on. He just came unwanted , and inserted this topic in between our discussion. Plz I don’t want to talk anything more about it. But if you really want to continue…plz go and chat with him. I’ve no interest in this topic. I’m leaving then.”
Saying so, she stood up and was going to walk towards the door. But he caught hold of her hand and pulled her behind.
“OK stay..I’ll not talk about it. But first say why did u come here ?”
“Do I’ve to give any reason ? Can’t I just come to meet u ? Is any purpose always necessary for us to meet ?”, she said softly. He nodded his head.

“You sit I’m coming “, saying so he headed towards the washroom.
After sometime he came out . But he couldn’t find Sumo . He walked towards his bed and spotted her in front of his shelf going through a book….but a very painful demeanor. He walked towards her and bent forward to look at the book. It was an album, Shravan kept this album from his childhood. It had pictures from his school memory. Sumo was going through her pictures with Shravan.
“Sumo”, he said keeping his hand on her shoulder.
She was jerked up . She kept the album in its place and looked towards him.
“Shravan there is no one in this room to disturb us. You can complete yesterday’s conversation . U were left in half way right ? Maybe you’ll not get any time further to complete tell now only”
Shravan smiled and said, ”The time has already passed away Sumo. I thought there’s enough time so I didn’t tell it earlier. But yesterday I realized that the time had gone away far behind. There’s no point of telling it now. Leave it. “
“OK, as u wish .””

“Anyways, my head is aching badly. Will u mind making two cups of coffee ? “
“Why I’ll mind ? I’ll surely make. But why two ? “
“One for me and another for you. I’m waiting in the balcony ok ?”
“I’ll go and make, u wait there.”
Sumo made two cups of hot coffee and brought it to Shravan. Both of them had it , sitting together .
“Sumo, may I ask u another question related to Aditya ? The last question on him, plz ! “
Sumo didn’t reply. She was not even willing to hear Aditya’s name, forget question.
He continued anyways, “ When u two r getting married ? Plz answer Sumo .”
Sumo stood up. “I don’t know the exact date. But our engagement date will be fixed very soon. Hope u r happy now. “, she said and was teary eyed.
“I just wanted to know Sumo. No reason of happiness. Plz don’t be angry.”
“Ok now u r satisfied right. It’s late, I shall go now, I’ve some work.”
“OK I’ll drop u home”
“No I’ll go alone”
“Not again Sumo !! I didn’t intend to hurt u. Come on, I’ll drop u. “
He held her hand and led her outside. He dropped her home in his car.

Precap : No Idea ✍?????

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