Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 7


Hi guyzz….Sonai here..with next part !! So I’ll reveal the surprise which I mentioned in precap in today’s episode……

Shravan was totally disheartened and was walking towards the exit of the café. He pushed the glass door, moved out and was going to walk down the few stairs when he collided with someone. It was a girl. Shravan closed his eyes in sudden wonder and so did the girl in fear. Shravan’s strong muscular arms held her by her waist in his tight grip, saving her from falling. But just as they opened their eyes and saw each other, they felt the heavenly grip in them. Yes, it was Sumo. Be it after two hours, but she came. And why not, after all Shravan gave such a dreadful threat of going back to London. They looked at each other with an eternal gaze. Shravan’s eyes were so damn expressive. His light brown eyes reflected enigmatic love for her, but now he could see something else, which was an intense desire, desire for her. He craved for her. Sumo couldn’t stop herself from giving in and poured all the love and affection she has for him into his gaze. They were so much engrossed in themselves that they forgot about the entire world and could only see the love they have for each other through their crystal clear eyes. Their eye-lock ignored all the curious onlookers. But they broke their eye-gaze as they needed to give space to others who were entering the café. Both of them smiled at each other. For Shravan it was a smile of relief and a feeling that now he could confess his love.
“I thought u’ll not come so I headed to go back. “
“I’m late I know, and I thought that u’ll leave in anger. Thank God that I reached in time !”
“In time ??”
“I mean ..before you left. Now, shall we move inside ? You wanted to tell something important right ?”
“No, it’s not important but very important, come fast !!”
He pulled her by hand and led inside. They sat in a table, in opposite chairs, facing each other. For some moments none of them spoke, they just looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.
“Have you called me here to just look and smile at me or you have some other work ?”
“Yes…I mean no..actually there’s…very..very important…”
“From the morning you are saying very important ! Now proceed !!”
“Ok I’m telling…but I need time …..”
“Ok take your time”
“Sumo, since childhood we are with each other. We liked each other’s company. We are very good friends, right ?”
“Yes Shravan , we are. After so many years of separation from each other, we are still maintaining the bond in which we are connected. And I think we are more than just friends…..”
Sumo realized what she spoke, the last line she told almost revealed their love. So she stopped without continuing further. On the other hand Shravan was really jubilant hearing it as he felt that Sumo also thought that they were not friends but lovers.
“That was what I was going to tell Sumo. Our friendship has exceeded its way and we are not just friends”
“Yes Shravan”, replied Sumo,“ We are not just friends, but best friends. And it’s not a new thing right ? We consider each other as best friends from childhood. Our bond will never die as best friends forever !”
This left Shravan silent. He expected much more than best friendship. He expected her to reveal their love relation. But she didn’t. No, there’s no more time to mumble but to confess directly.
“Sumo I think that there’s something more than friendship between us, but it’s not that we are just best friends.”
“What do you mean ?”, replied Sumo in a nervous tone. Maybe she understood what Shravan meant.
“Sumo …..I want to say …..that…I….I ..Sumo……I…”
“Hey Suman, what are u doing here ?”, called out a male voice, interrupting Shravan’s words. Shravan never felt such irritating interruption ever in life !! He looked at the direction from which the voice came. So looked Sumo, who was staring at Shravan before the interruption.
A tall man, fairly handsome and a wide smile on face approached their table. He was totally a stranger to Shravan, who was utterly confused seeing him smiling at Sumo.
But to Sumo……he was not at all a stranger. Sumo felt like, what the hell he’s doing here ? Has he got to follow me only, wherever I go !!
“What are you doing here Aditya ?”, asked Sumo with an extreme disturbed and tensed face.
“That’s the question which I asked. First u answer, then will I.”, saying so he sat on a chair in front of their table.
Sumo felt extremely annoyed. In an indignant voice she replied,“ Whatever I’m doing, who are u to know. “
“Excuse me miss ! I’m the one who should know. After all u have to share everything with me, right ? Who else is there ? By the way, who’s this man ?”
“Aditya please leave now, I’ll talk to you later on.”
Shravan was the most confused. He could understand what was happening. Heap of questions just flooded his mind.
Who is this man ? How does he know Sumo ? How does Sumo know him ?
“This is Shravan Malhotra, a London returned lawyer. He is a very good friend of mine.” said Sumo.
“Oh I see, in a café with friend ! So, hi Mr. Shravan ! Nice to meet you. I’m Aditya Ahuja. You must know me right, Suman must have told you about me.”Saying so he raised his hand towards Shravan. Both of them shook hands.
“Hi Aditya. But sorry I can’t recognize u. I don’t think Sumo ever told me about u. You don’t look anyone of our school”
“Oh u two are school friends ! Strange, Suman I thought u have introduced me to your friends also. But you haven’t. So let me introduce myself right !”
“Actually Shravan I didn’t get time and u just returned from London. I’ll tell u about him some other day.”
“Why other day Suman ? Don’t worry, I’ll tell myself. So Shravan, I’m Suman’s fiancé . We are getting married soon .”
Shravan was left in shock hearing this. He felt the pain of a thousand thorns been penetrated his heart. His eyes were wide open and he didn’t spoke a word. His heart was shattered. How could Sumo conceal such a matter from me ?,he thought. He felt the weight of the whole broken sky on him.
Sumo stood up. She was teary-eyed. She saw staring at the gaping face of Shravan and felt the same pain to every bit as he was feeling. She found it hard to breathe.
With difficulty she spoke,” Aditya, thanks for telling, but please I really have some important work now. Please leave ! I’ll talk to you later on. Shravan….”
Without finishing her say, she eyed Shravan, who was sitting still like a man of stone. But suddenly breaking his silence, Shravan looked at Sumo and spoke in an unsteady voice,” Sumo, I’m leaving. I have some work to do. You two enjoy. Bye Aditya, and thanks for telling !”
Saying so he left the café without uttering a single word. Sumo didn’t stop him, understanding what sensation he was going through.
Both Aditya and Suman stared at Shravan going out of the café, entering his car and leaving the road in dust !

Precap: Needed to be thought !!

That’s all for today !! Plz feel free to express ur views !! Ur feed back means so much to me ! Thanks for all the active readers and the silent readers for reading my ff !! I’ll try and post soon !


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  1. Angel20

    It was amazing! Loved it very much! But at the same time felt bad for Shravan!! Hope everything goes well now. Post it soon please!

    With Love?

    1. Diya

      Thank u so much di !!

  2. Prettypreeti

    Sonuuu it was awwww just awesome…ohhh shravioo ahhh.
    Too good writing.
    Loved IG.
    Think fast and post soon

    1. Diya

      Thank u so much !!! Will try to post soon

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome one dear m. I just loovvved it m. Oh damn !!!! This aditiya is always a KABAB ME HADDI … just hate him .. Oh poor shravan .. waiting for nxt part desperately ..

    Take care

    1. Diya

      Thank u !!! Will try to post soon !

  4. Plz clr every thing plzzzzz

    1. Diya

      Don’t worry…everything will get cleared !!

  5. hay sonai.
    its emotional one yaar.
    I just loved it. its such a grate one.
    too good, & superb one.
    waiting for next one eagerly.
    post next one asap.
    lots of love.

    1. Diya

      Thank u Reema !!! Will post soon !

  6. Beas

    OMG!!!!! You wrote sooooo well and left me speechless. You always pen down each and every curve in such an organised manner that it turns out into a masterpiece. I read many ffs but urs is the best. It gives such a soothing relief. Sooooo carry on my Shakespeare ?

    1. Diya

      Thank u !!!

  7. Nikita

    Yee kyaa tha Diya?
    You left me with utter shock! Beautifully penned! One request, pls don’t pile up the misunderstandings,like in the show.. Open then slowly and nicely, not like ek solve hui nai aur dusri aa gyi.. Won’t you?
    Anywayss I loveedd this as hell, and can’t wait for the next episode! Post soon

    1. Diya

      Ye tha dhamaka !!! The surprise !!! Don’t worry I’ll never mess up !!

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awesome yaar loved it hope everything becomes fine between Shraman and uff that Aditya Ahuja -_-

    1. Diya

      Thanks Jo !!!

  9. Hey diya ,
    I loved this epi like hell ?
    Uff! This Aditya spoils everything
    Poor Shravan is heartbroken ?
    Hope everything turns nice
    Waiting for the next epi

    1. Diya

      Thank u !!

  10. Superb

    1. Diya

      Thanks !

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