Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 6

Hi guyzz …this Sonai..with next part !!

It’s the next day and Shravan is desperate to meet tell her his feelings. After so many years of realizing his love for her he’s finally determined to confess his love for her..his only ladylove – Sumo .
Shravan takes his phone and opens the contact list . As he was going to dial her, suddenly some thought disturbed him. He thought if Sumo didn’t love her, if she misunderstands her…then..then what will happen. Their friendship will shatter. No he’ll not say anything to Sumo..but..but it’s impossible for him to live without her..he’s totally enamoured in her..he can’t. No ..whatever happens..he’ll confess…at least it will reveal the feelings of Sumo to her. Yes he will.

Shravan dialled Sumo’s number . The phone went ringing but no one picked up. The call cut. Shravan again tried and this time it said busy. Shravan was determined and so he tried again and again but every time it said busy.
After almost half an hour Sumo picked up the call.
“Hello Shravan…sorry sorry ..I’m very sorry..actually I was talking with one of my friend and didn’t saw ur call..I hope u didn’t think u minded..right.! Shravan..I’m really very very sorry. Plz forgive me ! Shravan..why r u not speaking..r u there ?”

“How I will speak..? U r talking from the starting of the call..and didn’t gave me a chance to even say a word. Let it be..and’s ok. But I have to tell u something very important.”
“Oh sorry for speaking non-stop. Yes plz say..what u were saying..very important “
“Not on phone Sumo..I wanna meet. At Dafer’s Cafe we’ll meet ok ? At …1 pm..ok ! I’ll be there..and yes..I don’t want to hear that u have work at that time”
Hearing the time made Sumo a little tense. With a sombre voice she spoke,
“Today..?? No Shravan I can’t meet least not at 1 pm..I..I really have work at that time..I’ll be very busy—“
Shravan cut her in half-way, “What busy Sumo ? Plz no excuses. U told to meet me at ice-cream parlour I went. Now I’m saying u to meet and u r giving mere excuses. “

“Shravan u r not understanding ! I’m really busy today..or I would have come. Ok let me see I’ll try to come”
“No u’ll not try ..u will have to come..or else…or else I’ll go back to London. Yes if don’t come to meet me today..I swear I’ll go back to London..and this time the reason will be u “ Saying so he cut the call with tear in his eyes. Shravan was not sure whether Sumo will come or not. But he’ll still go and wait for her.
Shravan reached the venue at 1 pm sharp. Not even a second late. He sat at a chair in the table for two. He looked outside with a gloomy countenance..really confused whether Sumo will come or not.
An hour passed and then another ..Sumo didn’t came..and by that time Shravan had already finished 5 cups of coffee. Still Sumo didn’t come. He didn’t even tried to call her over he realized that the fact of his going to London should have been enough for Sumo to come. But it will be only when Sumo shared the same feelings as that of Shravan.
Now Shravan was 100% sure that she’ll not come. More than 2 hrs he’s waiting for her. No he can’t wait anymore. With a heart broken mind Shravan stood up. He walked towards the exit to go out of the cafe.

Precap: SURPRISE……. (Don’t think that it will be a pleasant one…it may be pleasant one or may not may turn into an unpleasant one..stay tuned )

Here it ends today. Sorry guys for such a small episode. I’m not at home and I’m writing from someone else’s laptop. I’ll write the rest when I’ll get back home. Plz forgive !! Plz leave ur reviews. All the readers and also silent readers’ thanks for reading till this much. I’ll try and post soon !!


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  1. Beas

    Wonderful!!! Mind-blowing.
    Sonai rocked Beas shocked ?
    Post sooooon. See I haven’t posted mine yet, I was thinking ? to post it in the afternoon but now forget it ?

    1. Diya

      Thanks girl !!! ????

  2. Awesome! Mind blowing! Too good. And waiting for the surprise!! Please post ASAP!

    1. Diya

      Thank u so much Christie !!! Will post soon !! Love ❤

  3. sonuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i m just too happy reading it pprs mei man halka kr dia wonderful diya i just loved it come fast and post soon..
    i m waiting..
    love u

    1. Diya

      THAAAAAAAAAAAAANK U !!! I’ll post soon !!

  4. Awesome! Mind blowing! Too good!
    Curious to know what is the surprise!!!!
    So please post next part ASAP!
    Waiting eagerly.
    Love you…..

    1. Diya

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  5. wow sonai episode was just superb… too good yaar
    & ya very interesting also…
    waiting for your next one please post soon.
    I am waiting..
    take care..

    1. Diya

      Thanks Reema !!! Loved that u thought it to be interesting !! Will post ASAP !

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Just loved it .. too good ..

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      Thank u !! ❤

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    It was awesome! I loved it very much!

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      Thank u Maria di !! Love ya

  8. Nikita

    I’m crying for Shravan! Bichaara!! AwwWw
    Sumo, busy thi! But humaraa Shravan! Bichaara despo h naa.. I really love him though! I really loved it.. He waited so much..!! Pleaseeee postt sooooon
    Love you loads,
    And as you know [Nishita]

    1. Diya

      Don’t cry Nishita !! Hold ur tears for the surprise ! Will post very soon !!

  9. Oh so awesome !!! Just loved it !!

    1. Diya

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