Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 4


Hi guyzz..this is Sonai…with next part !!

Sumo looked all around with wonder. She recognized the place. She can’t believe that she came here, after so many years, she came here. Shravan looked at her as she was staring at the place.
It’s a playground. But it’s not a playground for ShraMan, it’s the place where they met everyday of their life, it’s the place where they first met.
But that was a different time. Many children used to play in this playground then but now….but now it is isolated …totally…..there’s not a soul around there…only ShraMan. The ground has grown weeds all over and it seemed like no one came there for years.

Flashback How ShraMan met—
Sumo came to the park with her friends and was playing badminton. Their shuttle-cock flew and got stuck in a tree. Shravan came to their rescue and helped them out by taking it out from the tree and returned to them. Then ShraMan didn’t know that they read in same school and same class. Then one day Sumo saw Shravan in the School library studying. She went and they talked with each other …made each other friends. They also came to know that their families know each other (the Ramnath – Nanu story as shown in the serial…I’m not mentioning)

Their bond grew stronger and they used to spend time together. But one thing was in schedule, that everyday they met in the playground and chat. Be it whatever reason, none of them forget it that they’ll meet in the ground. Shravan promised Sumo that they’ll always be together.
But the day Shravan went to London, he told Sumo to come in the playground earlier than before. She came and they chatted as usual, but Shravan didn’t tell her about his going to London. Then Shravan told Sumo that it is getting late and he has to go. Sumo told him to meet tomorrow. Shravan told that he can’t as he has some work, telling he went away without uttering a single word. Sumo called back but he didn’t listen. Then the next day Sumo got to know that Shravan had gone to London. She was heart broken, in fact confused. She couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell her anything about it. Sumo called in his phone, but he didn’t pick it up ! Sumo felt really sad. She felt very lonely without him. She didn’t talk to anybody, and never went to that playground ever again. So was the condition with Shravan.
He went to London as father pestered him to become a lawyer, he didn’t want to go but he insisted him to the fullest and he went. He knew Sumo will cry if he told it so he didn’t tell her.
This 10 yrs distance of hearts made them realize how much they need each other and that they have fallen for each other.

Current seen—–
Sumo went inside the playground without uttering a word and was teary-eyed. Shravan followed her.
“This is the place we last met each other before 10 yrs, I hope u remember Sumo”
“How will I forget”
“Sumo I’m really sorry”
“For what ?”
“For not telling u before going”

“Who am I to know, I’m no one right ! Why should u tell me, so many people u have in your life, so no need of me” Sumo told this as large drops of tears rolled down her cheeks. She turned to go but Shravan hold her hand.
“Who said that, u mean so much to me Sumo. U r telling it bcuz u don’t know why I didn’t tell. I didn’t want to tell u bcuz I l knew u’ll be sad”
“So by not telling me u made me happy ,u mean”
Shravan hold both of her hands and pulled her closer
“No Sumo, I was myself so disappointed by knowing that Papa had already made arrangements for me to go to London. I didn’t have any heart to cancel that. But I knew that if u felt sad or cried before me it would be impossible for me to leave India.”
“So what was the problem in picking up the phone ??? “

“Sumo I told u na ! I can’t see u cry, nor can I hear u crying…I just can’t”
Shravan became teary-eyed . Sumo was in tears and hearing these words started crying profusely.
“U know how lonely I felt, how much lonely I became. I was so miserable, I was……” Sumo stopped and cried and kneeled down on her knees crying .
Shravan felt bad. He held back his tears and kneeled in front of her and held her arms.
“Sumo do u fell that I was good. I was the same in London. U don’t know what I felt when I had to ignore ur calls . I felt the lack of u in every breath and every moment. Just closing my eyes made me remember u and opening my eyes made me miss u “
Sumo didn’t reply to any of these and intensified her tears hearing them.
“Sumo plz stop crying…Sumo plz !! See I didn’t want to make u cry so I didn’t tell and see hearing it u r crying. Just think how I have gone to London if I had seen u crying in this condition on that day. That’s why I didn’t tell . Sumo r u listening ?
“I’m not getting with ur excuses !! I just can’t…”

She hugged her crying. Her head on his chest feeling his loud heart beats . Shravan rested his head on shoulder and petted his hand on her head to console. None of them spoke. Sumo felt much comforted, as if his arms were the most comfortable place in the world.
Shravan felt that he have to make Sumo stop crying or else he may start crying and realized that he has to change the topic.
“Sumo plz stop crying !! See u drenched my shirt with ur tears, now how I will go home ?”
Sumo gave him a push and stood up.
“Ya, ur shirt has so much value right.

Go get out with ur shirt !! I’m going !!”
She turned to go.
“Sumo I was joking just to revive ur mood. Now reply me, have u forgiven me ?”
Sumo didn’t reply and moved out of the playground. Shravan ran after her and pulled her back.
“First reply , then go where ever u want to “
“Ok then I take ur silence as no ! “
“No I’ve forgiven…I mean…its ok ! “
“Seriously ?? Have u ?? “

“Ya ….but …as I’m still somewhat angry on u…u have to do what ever I tell !!! “
“Sumo thank u so much..I knew u will understand !!! And yes I’ll do but not now. “
“Then when”
“After some days, now I have some work “
“So why u came to meet me !! U only have time for others not for me !!”
“No Sumo…I have some work …but the most imp work was to apologize to u …then the rest…plz understand “
“Ok then ….but first drop me to PCT….or u really have forgotten the road which I told u “
“No I remember…I deliberately took u here…come I’ll drop “
Shravan dropped her to PCT.

Precap : I haven’t thought yet !!

So here it ends for today. My hands r utterly paining !!! I’ll post next part coming Saturday !
Forgive my typo errors and plz feedback my mistakes , flaws and anything good or bad u liked about this episode.


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  1. Sami

    I was silent reader
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    post asap

    1. Diya

      Aww how sweet !! Thank u so much !! Keep reading !

  2. _pari_alisha

    Superb epi sonai,,,,,
    hayeeeee sharman so adorableeee love them… Finally sumo forgive him….

    Post soon loads of love

    1. Diya

      Thank u so much di !! Love !

  3. too good yeah…
    loved it
    loads of love

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  4. Beas

    Sooo sorry for being late. Just was busy in some stupid job. Anyways fantabulous as always. Speed like bullet train ?? Post soon.

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  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved it a lot Sonai
    Keep it up dear
    Shraman scenes ???

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  6. _pari_alisha

    Hey sonai i commented before but it didnt got published this tu!!! Na

    anyway coming to really adorable sharman childhood memories awwww <3

    and at last she forgave himm loved this part dear post soon…….

    1. Diya

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  7. Hey sonu, it was fabulous.
    Pls post ASAP..

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  8. Nikita

    Woww Diya!
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    Btw, your real name’s diya or sonai?
    Amazing episode, finally back to track!
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    Wowwwe my sonu today it was big wow just superbbb I just loved it.
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    Love u

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  10. just amezing…. you wrote so well yaar. I just fall in with your ff’s. its too good.
    waiting for next one post soon..
    lots of love…

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      Aww..such a cute compliment !! Thank u so much !! Love ya

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