Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 10

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Same day—

Everyone starts discussing about the preparations.

Shravan didn’t have any interest in the topic as his mind was flooding with thoughts. He was sitting solemnly reminiscing his childhood memories with Sumo. But Nanu’s words kept echoing in his head as if there was no way of rescue from this, he is maddened by these thoughts. He wants to get out of it…..but no way seemed in front of him. Nevertheless he stood up to go. As he was heading towards the door he heard Sumo’s voice. He turned and went inside her room.

“Aditya just get out now. If don’t want me to sin create in front of all family members, plz go.”
“Oh, so u r threatening me yeah ? What do u think of urself miss Suman Tiwari ? I can reveal all about ur sanctity in front of the world u know. You will be the one who will be humiliated by all ur loved ones. Because in such acts only a woman gets accused and embarrassment. So better not to raise ur voice and marry me quietly. I think u got it, right ?”
Suman replies in an unsteady voice, “Yes I know. That is the reason I have to marry a man like u Aditya. Or else…or else I will have rather preferred dying than marrying you. In fact I can still tell the truth to everyone now.“
Aditya moves towards Sumo and cups her face.

“OMG Suman !! U’ll die….no how’s that possible ?”, he chuckles maliciously , “how can I let my love die just like that ? You know.…no one will believe u even if u try to tell the truth to everyone. So it’s better if u don’t try.”

Sumo pushes him and gets out of his hold and starts crying. Aditya looks at her spitefully as she broke down.

“Anyways Suman I shall leave’s late. So let’s meet tomorrow ok ? Bye darling !!”
Shravan who is utterly confused hearing the conversation quickly hides behind the door to let Aditya pass.

Shravan’s POV —

What is the matter ? Why both of them quarreled like hell ? And about this marriage….Sumo doesn’t want to marry Aditya ? But why….Nanu just told that they love each other. And what about the reason of forceful marriage that Sumo was talking about ? Can’t understand anything. This guy Aditya is so heartless. How can he leave Sumo sobbing and not console her ? I think there is some deep mystery which needs to be known before the engagement or else Sumo’s life will be ruined. But Aditya warned Sumo not tell anything. Will she tell me ? Let me ask her.

Shravan entered her room and sat beside her. Sumo didn’t notice him as she was crying profusely hiding her face behind her palms. Shravan was feeling very bad for her. He placed his hand on her head so as to show affection. Sumo uplifted her face and was surprised to find Shravan . She quickly wiped her tears and gave a mirthless smile .

“Shravan..u r still here ?”
“Sumo u can share ur problems about Aditya if u want to “, he directly jumped into his say.
Sumo was startled by his reply.
“What ? I asked u another question I guess….”
“But at first reply to my words”, he interrupted.
“Prob…problems. Why…I’ll have problems ? Everything is fine Shravan. I can’t understand what u r telling .”
“Oh u don’t have any problems. So u r crying out of happiness about ur marriage, right ? I don’t think so.”
Sumo bent her head without replying.
“Sumo answer me. Why both of u were quarreling ?”
“You heard our conversation ?”, asked Sumo nervously.
“No I didn’t. I just heard loud voices which assured me that u two were quarreling . And I heard some of it u know. So it’s better if u tell what worries u. “
“It’s nothing Shravan we were talking not fighting.”
Shravan went nearer to her and held both of her hands.
“Sumo u r a strong woman. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. You can tell me openly..I can help u in every way. Don’t u have this much faith in me ?”
“I have every faith in u Shravan”, she tightened the grip of their hands,” But there’s nothing what I can tell u. I think u misunderstood something.”

Shravan stood up leaving her hand and said, ”OK then. I thought I’m ur friend. But now I think our friendship had ended. Bye Sumo. Sorry I interfered in ur relationship matters.”

Sumo started crying again and in an unsteady voice she replied, ”You r the only one whom I can rely upon Shravan. If u leave I’ll be left with none. I’m already desolated and now u r also leaving. I really don’t know what to do. If I tell u my problem or if I don’t tell…in both ways the only thing will happen is my life will be ruined. Plz Shravan don’t ask…plz don’t !!”

She knelt down on the floor crying. Shravan sat in front of her and cupping her face, placed her forehead against his. Both of them had a heavenly feeling. As if Shravan was conducting all of Sumo’s pain from her mind… much blissful she was feeling resting her face on his.

“Sumo how can u think that ur best friend will leave u. I’m always there beside you, come what may. We have promised each other, right ? I’ll never let anyone cause harm to u. I pray, please tell me what worries u . “
“I’m under compulsion Shravan…I can’t. Plz forgive me….I can’t tell…I just can’t.”
“OK but plz stop crying now. I know something had happened but we’ll talk about it later on. Now take rest. I’ve to go…I’ve some work.”
Shravan wiped away her tears.
Sumo held his hand and said, “Bye”, and smiled lightly.

OK don’t tell. But I’ll find out. ANYHOW , said Shravan to himself.

Precap : I won’t tell !!! Umm….ok then…..Suman-Aditya engagement.

Plz leave ur reviews guyzz.I gave some ShraMan moments…some frail ones. I’ll solve this marriage mystery soon. I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY CHAPPALS AND EGGS I WILL BE GETTING TODAY (especially after the precap).
The next episode is going to be a blast……if I get time I’ll post soon….If possible.
My exams r just round the corner so I may post within this month or else…next episode will be in March.
Don’t forget me guyzz within this time span.


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