Love you forever… An ShivIka OS (ISHQBAAZ)

A girl is walking all alone along the busy streets of Mumbai. She then stops near the seafront and stands along the pavement all lost in her thoughts. Cold winds were flowing throughout which was playing with her hair. The girl was even though was fit had lost all charm on her face. The girl was none other than anika. in her thoughts….

Anika was talking with one of her customer all angrily on the phone and was walking down the pavement of the temple where her current tender was ordered. She was saying all angrily.
A: arre how can you say like this. One time you tell that you need the tender urgently and now you are telling that you don’t need it. What do you think haan? a game which small kids play. acha now you only tell me what should I do with the order. (She was about to continue further but the customer cut the line. Anika on realizing it looked at her phone and said in an angry tone while she was continuing her walk. Murmuring) he cut the call… how dare he cut my call? Stupid, idiot…
She couldn’t complete as she bumped into a strong guy. Anika who was already angry got irritated with this that she without looking at him said in an irritated tone.
A: do you have eyes or button. Where do you look and walk? Can’t you see a big person like me walking? Haan. (she finally faced him)
Person: excuse me first you came and bumped into me and ruined all my documents and now you are blaming me.
A: (almost raising hand in anger and then taking back her hand) you mr… look I am already angry now don’t make me more angry… (bending down and picking up the fallen down papers and rashly giving it to him) and you are talking about this right, hold it and leave. (rubbing her forehead) arre why should you leave your ego will get hurt na and by that your already less height will again become less right so I will leave. (irritated) BYE.
She left from there making the person almost angry. He almost murmured to himself and the person was none other than shivay. he looking at the place where she was going murmured angrily.
S: is she a girl or a hurricane! (looking at the papers) damnit she ruined my documents.
In the mean-time omru came there and saw shivay and anika’s fight and were amused seeing anika’s behaviour. They came to him and said.
R: o looks like someone is angry after facing defeat for the first time.
O: yes, rudy you are right someone is really angry.

S: stop it you both I am not feeling anything like you are saying.
Omru: but shivay/bhaiya who told you that we are talking about you.
S: rudy stop it. And om when did your IQ become so low that you are also behaving like this cry baby.
R: (irritated) bhaiya I am not a cry baby. (almost on the urge of crying) look na o bhaiya is making fun of me. (Saying so he hugs om and mimics of crying. Om smiles and pats his back while shivay smiles and looks at om and then he too patting rudy’s back said mocking him.)
S: arre rudy I was not making fun of you I was just telling om to notice the way you laugh just like way you are doing now.
And this went on like this. Some months passed and fate had managed to bring anika and shivay back face to face again. But this time anika had come there to organise an event in mansion. Anika was busy running helter skelter arranging things. While all this she had not noticed, someone coming in her direction and she straightly went and hit him. The papers which anika was holding fell down and she getting irritated said without looking at me.
A: hey you look and walk. (looking at him and finding him to be shivay. smiling and making a mocking tone) oh, ho… ho… it’s you. so, tell me mr. kanji ankho wala bagad billa don’t you have any other work rather than bumping into me. (angrily) haan…
S: look first of all this is my house and I have all the right to walk wherever I want and however I want. And secondly you were walking blindly and bumped into me.
A: (folding her hands to her chest and smiling) really, I agree that this is your house but mr. absent minded oberoy you must also have a thought that there is a function happening in your house so you must be careful while walking.
S: look you don’t have any other work other than fighting with me or to be precise eating my head. You know what it is just a waste of time talking to you, now you get off from my way.
A: (looking at him in a crooked way) haan so go na… who is stopping you? am I standing on your head. (shivay was about to answer back but anika cut him in between by raising her hand and continued) you really are impossible. Anyways I don’t want to talk to you.
Shivay gave an irritated look and started to move from there but stopped the mid-way as he felt a jerk on his hand. He turned back to look at what it was and found anika’s bracelet stuck on his shirts button. Anika too looked at him surprised. Shivay said in an irritated tone.

S: god anika you are a very big hurricane for me and now your things. If you can’t handle a single thing then why do you wear it. (Saying so shivay roughly broke the bracelet and went away.)
A: (getting angry on his rough behaviour) this man has completely disrupted my living. (looking at her bracelet) my poor moon bracelet. He broke it off.
Anika after that came to mansion on some events either to organise or else on dadi’s instance. During this period anika and shivay though argued with each other but had developed a nice bond with each other. They had even started missing each other which was had not gone unnoticed by the family member close to both of them. Here sahil was the witness to find anika lost in her own thoughts and at times smiling, while shivay’s absent minded behaviour was very well noticed by omru and dadi. One day like usual shivay was preparing something in kitchen and was at times lost too. He instead of putting olive oil was using coconut oil. This didn’t go unnoticed by omru. Rudy tapping om said.
R: o don’t you think bhaiya is behaving weird these days.
O: haan rudy because instead of putting olive oil he is using coconut oil. I think he has forgotten his fitness rules.
D: (coming there and beating omru’s head) my billu is behaving weird these days because my billu has become an ishqbaaz.
R: but dadi how can anyone get lost like this when he is in love.
O: idiot because love can change anyone and anything. And your superman is not a super human that he will not get affected by this bug of ishqbaazi. After all, all will fall in love… but… (he stopped in the mid-way)
R: but what… o has your tape’s grease got finished that you tape has got stuck on the word but.
O: (caringly patting rudy’s shoulder) but rudy your case is different no one can guarantee that you will fall in love or not because these things are a game for you.
R: you long hair creature how dare you make fun of me… (holding om’s neck) I will kill you o. I will kill you.
D: (making them both aside) arre here I am talking about my billu being an ishqbaaz but now you both are fighting with each other. You 1st standard kids stop your brother else he will make a mess by preparing food using coconut oil.
They both nodded in like a little kid and dadi smiled and left from there. Omru saw that shivay was about to pour another spoon of coconut oil in another pan that they held his hand and this brought shivay out of his trance. He looked at them holding hand and asked confused.

S: what? Why have you held my hand?
O: that’s because shivay you were going to put coconut oil instead of olive oil.
R: haan bhaiya how can you do this. You know na that this will affect my fitness.
Shivay just looked at them amused and then at the mess that he had created. He just smiled sheepishly and scratched his hair. While anika also used to do some or the other crazy stuff which would irritate sahil a lot. Finally, after a lots of effort omru helped shivay and anika in realizing what were they missing and why were they doing weird behaviour in these days.
Om had convinced anika to at least talk to shivay but anika remembered shivay’s ideology that she just lost the smile which she had on face which was noticed by om. He asked concerned.
O: what happened anika are you okay?
A: look om I have already accepted that I love shivay earlier itself. But om what about shivay he still believes in name, blood and lineage(NKK). And as far as I know his mentality will never change so I am sorry to say if he rejects me just for that sake then I am happy to hide my feeling rather than facing rejection. So, sorry om I am helpless. (saying so anika left from there leaving om clueless)
He returned back to mansion and came to shivay’s room and saw him doing some work. He looked at him and asked.
S: hey what’s up?
O: nothing was just passing by and thought to come and meet you. (sitting down on the bed) so shivay what have you thought?
S: (raising an eyebrow he asked questioning) thought about what specifically.
O: about anika, and you want me to be specific right fine then shivay we all know that you do love anika but shivay she is not from a high standard so will you still accept her.
S: om I do feel for her but still the…
O: (cutting him off) still the NKK is very important for you. (shivay nodded in a positive. Om giving a frustrated look continued) you know what shivay all the things in world is not based on this NKK concept.

S: but still om…
O: shivay I am fed up by making you understand that NKK is not important at all. Fine then let me give you a live example shivay just imagine if you remove the extension name singh oberoy from your real name shivay then your status is also the same like anika’s. You will also become a normal human being nothing else.
S: but om why should I imagine that I am still having the name with me then there is no point in imagining it. And remaining truth is I am trying to find out about anika’s past.
O: (shocked) what? Shivay do you even realize what you are doing? If by any chance anika comes to know of this then shivay she will get hurt.
S: but om why don’t you understand I am not doing this just because of the NKK concept it is because of her good future.
A: (she had come there as she was called by dadi for some work that she heard this thing told by shivay and entered the room all angrily making Shivom shocked) my good future… really shivay. but you know what I am the biggest fool to expect something from you.
S: anika listen to me once then you…
A: shivay I had never thought that you will try to dig open my past and that too like this. And you have broken me today.
O: (trying to settle the situation) anika at least give shivay another chance.
A: om you better don’t interfere in it. This was what I had told you today. Anyways shivay all that is left for me to tell to you is if possible never come in front of me from now on. Forget me and I will forget you. Bye. (she had a fresh layer of tear formed in her eyes)
Saying so she left from room followed by om. While shivay was just trying to grasp the situation. Om tried to talk to her and make her understand the situation but was of no use. Anika left from there crying and om came to shivay’s room all angrily. He came and shook shivay vigorously and said making shivay come out of his trance of thoughts.
O: shivay at least try realizing it now. Before it becomes too late. I am fed up of making you understand and I know that it’s useless to talk to you. And the thing which you have done has made the situation more worse. So, handle this situation by your own now. I am telling again shivay anika is your life and she means everything to you. so, better get her back before she leaves forever.
Saying so om left from there while shivay still sat there thinking something. While a month passed and there was no contact between shivika. Om talked very rarely to shivay as he knew that shivay had not stopped the task of digging anika’s past. While anika had started working as an event organiser. Shivay at times used to meet some persons who came as clue while searching for anika’s past. But always ended up getting disappointed. Finally, after lots of search shivay finally got to know about anika’s family and learns that she had a very good and reputed family and she also had a sister. Due to some enmity in business anika’s parents got killed and the only person left was her sister. He also got to know the struggles and hardships anika faced which developed a soft corner inside him. At last one day with the help of rudy he managed to make up om’s mood and told them the truth and they helped in bringing anika to the place where shivay wanted. And anika coming there asked.

A: what’s going on rudy? Why did you both call me here in this garden?
R: it’s nothing didi… it has been a very long time since we met. So, thought to meet you.
A: really rudra was it my ghost whom you met two days earlier.
S: (coming from behind) they did this because I had asked them to do so. Because if I would have called you, you might had not come. (anika tried leaving from there but shivay held her back and said) you had requested me to never ever meet you and I did that. At least listen to what I want to say then you can leave.
A: I am sorry shivay but I don’t want to listen anything. I am leaving.
S: (But before she could go shivay somehow stopped her but when she was struggling to get free shivay slapped her which almost shocked anika and omru. Shivay finally getting angry said.) anika don’t create more mess and don’t force me to do what I don’t want to. Stay where you are and you have to listen what I want to tell. Then leave. Do you get it. (angrily) YES OR NO.
Anika nodded in agreement all scared and stood still. Shivay looked at omru and found them too standing shocked and then began his story of anika’s past. Each and every word which was told was making anika shocked even more. Finally, shivay said holding her.
S: you were always mad on me that I was digging into your past just for my NKK. But the truth is I was trying to give you back your own family. I am sorry to say that I can’t bring your parents back but I can return your sister. But it will take time to find her as she was adopted by some other person. And the most important thing is I always felt good when you were around but then I realised that I loved you and before I could confess it you asked me to forget you. Well it might be easy for you forget me but it is not that easy for me. (leaving anika and moving back a bit from his place and putting his hand in pocket) anyways all that I wanted to say is done. You can leave or stay or do whatever you want.
A: (Saying so shivay went from there and all anika could do was sit down crying while omru comforted her. she was continuous murmuring) he was trying to do something good for me and I was blaming him. Yaar I am the biggest fool in the world.

But in the mean time they heard a crashing sound of car and the three of them rushed to the place to find shivay lying in a pool of blood and a car standing crashed near the tree. Anika lost her balance seeing this and just sat there crying. Shivay was taken to hospital while om was consoling rudy and dadi was sitting near a lifeless anika. the dr came out and told that his condition was very serious and was taking anika’s name continuously. All made anika stable and asked her to go and meet shivay. Anika gathered courage and went in to find all kind of equipment’s attached to shivay’s body while he was looking all pale and bandaged. She somehow came close to him and called him softly while shivay with great difficulty looked at her and said with great difficulty.
S: anika will you do a promise… (anika nodded in a yes while she had almost started crying) I know that I don’t have much time left, I know that you will break down if I leave forever but make a promise that you will not leave to live your life like you used to live till now. Don’t cry after I leave and keep smiling always.
A: (crying) no shivay nothing will happen to you. dr told that you will get fine very soon. and I know that you will get fine for sure.
S: (smiling weakly) whom are you trying to fool anika, I have met with accident. Anyways promise me.
A: (wiping her tears) I… I… promise shivay. (but again crying) please don’t leave me shivay. I love you shivay…. please don’t leave me. (saying so she hugged him and cried.)
S: (Shivay patted her hair kissed her and smiled and said) I love you too anika… and will love you forever.
Saying so he closed his eyes and then slept forever. Anika on feeling that his heart was not beating looked at him and found his heart rate nil and called out his name loudly and cried. Omru and pinky were inconsolable. All anika could do was walk away from there lifeless and she remembered her promise of not to cry anymore. At that time, she realized the fact that in a person’s life true love never stays forever. But the lovely memories from them stays there forever. From then on anika daily walks along the road and used to stay at the same place for a long time looking at the water playing.
Flashback ends.

That’s it for now. I hope you likes this os and if you like then do comment. This is priya signing off.

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Wow….di!! Very emotional….. I JUST LOVED IT!!! Starting is funny n cute. But the end is…..I didn’t expect Shivaay’s accident n death!
    Hi di…. How r u?? Howz baby?? Don’t take stress….keep smiling! Take care urself n baby di……

    1. Priyadas

      i know that i am replying to you all after a very long time. i just got this idea and thought to type it down…. thats it so it is here…. well i am fine and my baby it is still growing… and you always ask me how am i? so today the question goes to you how are you? and like you said i will always keep smiling and thanks a lot for wishing me

  2. Ahsana98

    priya chechi its was an awesome emotional super duper os. ee story eniku valare yadikam ishttapettu pakshe shivay kum anikay kum onnikan pattiyilla enna dukham matrame ullu. idoru sad ending ayi poyi chechi. ee os vahichappol eniku karachil vannu. snehicha ellavarkum jeevidattil eppozhum onnikan pattillallo. ee os vayichappol Doni yude yum Priyanga jha yude yum love story yanu eniku orma vannadu. you are an amazing writer chechi your os made me emotional.

    1. Shanitics

      Priya chechi?? Is she frm Malayale???

      1. Ahsana98

        Hai shanitics njan oru malayalee ya from Trivandram. njan ini degree 3rd year leka tan Kerala til evideya ?ippol endu cheyyunnu?

      2. Shanitics

        Hlo.. Njan nt malayale.. I’m a konkani!! ? Bt lives in Kerala.. I was brn here.. Njan Ekm nin aa… North paravur aa nte stalam.. Njan 12th padikunu.. Nw in 12th?

    2. Priyadas

      thankyou ahsana… i know that i have made you emotional am relly sorry for that…. pakshe njan veruthe oru idae kittiyepol ezhuthiyatha…. and thanks for reading and have a very good day

  3. very emotional story
    And nice thought

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou shivi…. i am glad that you liked it

  4. It’s awesome very emotional ?? hi di .. how r u and how is baby take care di……………..

    1. Priyadas

      well hello shivika and how r you? i am fine and baby is also good…. sorry for mking you emotional but i am glad that you liked my ff

      1. I am fine di it’s OK di and 5ake much rest

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou dear….

  5. It was sooo emotional as well as a heart wrenching OS.kep writting.dear,

    1. Priyadas

      thanks arpita… sorry for making you emotional

  6. Shanitics

    I don’t know whthr to call you priya di or just priya.. So take anything..

    Cmng to ff.. It was really sad.. I thought he will give alive bt… My idea became a life less one..the way you described was nce!!?

    Lastly r u frm Kerala?? Because I saw in cmnts Near yr name chechi.. Thats y!!?

    1. Priyadas

      okay relax dear you can call me whatever you wish…

      sorry for letting down your expectation dear and thankyou for reading…

      and to answer your quetion…. yes i am from kerala and a pakka malayalee… are you also from kerala????? you can answer if you are comfortable…

    2. Shanitics

      Yeah.. Ne too frm Kerala.. Paka malayale alla..? Janichatha evide.. Njan konkani ya..

      Chechi evidenna…?? Njan ekm!!?

      Athepole no need to b srry.. ?

      1. Priyadas

        njan allepy nin ana….

      2. Shanitics

        Ahah? ente cousins avide und.. Ankane ariyam!?

  7. Thedreamsoul

    This is Awesome one Priya dI , It was so emotional at the ending and I didn’t expect that at all and loved the first entire part . Keep writing more when you are free only dear ??

    1. Priyadas

      ya i know and will always write ff when i am free and will post one chapter os my ff once in every week… and sorry for letting down your expecttion by giving an emotional ending…. and making you emotional also…

      anyways thanks for reading and have a great day ahead.

      1. Thedreamsoul

        You are taking another way , you are a amazing writer and that is why it touched my heart and more I loved it and chechi keralayil ninn analle nanum avide ninnan from kannur 🙂

      2. Ahsana98

        chechi Kerala til evidaya.njan Trivantram tu ninna. njan chechi yude oru fan anu. chechiyude “Till you come back ” ende ella partsum njan vayichuttund. All parts are awesome. njan chechi yude previous shivika ff um vahichittund. adum eniku valare yadikam ishttapettu. aa ff 17 parts ayirunnille.njan TU pagel oru silent reader ayirunnu. eppozhanu TU yil account tudankiyadu. chechi engineer ane nnariyamayirunnu pakshe married anu ennu ariyillayirunnu. baby ude name enda .

    2. Shanitics

      You too from Kerala?

  8. Akshaya

    Too senti and awesome

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou akshaya…. i am srry for making you senti…. but thanks for reading

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dii…. And thanks for this sweet…. Beautiful and emotional update… Take care and lots of love you dii and your baby….
    From yours regular reader nikitajai….

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou nikita…. you dont need to introduce yourself dear as i know you are my regular reader… and no one here needs to introduce them as yu all are my friend… love you too and thanks for reading i am glad you liked it.

  10. Awesome dear….very beautifully written each and every emotion…loved it…

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou zaveesha…. i am glad ou liked this ff

  11. Priyaa chechi!!!!! njan mindulla.. Enne chechi kaarepichu..???… Njan entho pazhayaana chechi… Eporathe polle chechi polichu… Chechi pazhanjilla ethere masam ayyinnu… Enniku treat vennum… Nd most imp thing… Chechi koduthal stress edukalle… Plzz…

    1. Priyadas

      so sorry bhavana njan sherikum karayapikkum ena vicharicha all…. and sorry for making you emotional… but thanks for reading dear… pinne etra masam ayan alle chodiche enika 5 masam ayi… aah njan sterss edakolla ende amme…

      1. Wow chechi!!! congratulations again!!
        Ente treato?? 😛 😉

      2. Priyadas

        enengilum nerita kanda tharam… pore…

      3. Enni ethel valya santhosham enniku ella…echiri filmy aayo?.. 😉
        Chechi pinne SPA voting thudangi..ib ku vendi vote cheyane…

    2. Shanitics

      U also frm kerala??

      1. Yeah..u too??

      2. Shanitics


  12. It was awesome priya di ?. Though a sad and heart -touching ending, it was really beautiful.
    And priya di hope you are fit and fine… Take care and lots and lots of love for your little one too!??.
    Come soon with another OS?….

    1. Priyadas

      thanks for readin dear and i am fine and what will happen to me wishes from you all are with me i will reamain fine for sure… i hope you are also fine….

  13. Emotional

    1. Priyadas

      so srry for making you emotional dear… but thanks for reading

  14. ooh priya chechi , karayipich kalajallo ??sahikunila ….. chechi malayali aanu ennarijappo bhayankara santosham …….. njan love stories inte especially tragic love stories inte velya fan aanu….. ath pole sad melodies intem fan aanu…. njan sadist aayakondonnum alla keeto…. just oru ishtam…..ith vayich karanju poyiii …. pinne chechide kunjavede perentha …… daivam ineem nalla stories ezhuthan chechine sahayikate…..

    1. Priyadas

      njan athyam sherikum vicharichu that aksa oru saddist anena… just maikng fun… sorry njan emotional aki engi… ithe santhosham kure per pragadipechhu when they came to know that i am a keralite. pinne aksaye pole thanne enthe husdandum action stories and tragedy story bookse vakyullu… anyways thanks for reading karanam njan ini samsaricha chellapo bore cheyum

  15. Tanz

    I didn’t expect that type of ending….
    Maybe you won’t be knowing me ,so let me tell you I’m a silent reader of your ff.
    This OS was really a different one.I don’t know what to say further….you made me speechless today….
    Take care of yourself and your baby❤

    1. Priyadas

      even when i started writing i had not expected that i will end this story like this… i am glad that i have made someone speechless by my os… joking yaar.. well thanks for reading … and i will surely take care of mysel and my baby….

  16. Dhar

    Fantastic episode ??, have no words​ to express the awesomeness of ur os , loved it yaar , amazing twist .

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou dhar… i am glad you liked and it and above all read it…

  17. Pooja26

    o god!!!!!!!!!! unexpectable end!!!!!!!!
    but a beautiful os !!!!!
    loved it /!!!!!!!

    1. Priyadas

      thank you pooja….
      well i am glad that you commented and it has been a very long time since i saw you commenting…. thanks for reading dear….

  18. Alekhika20


    1. Priyadas

      thankyou alekhika….

  19. Jerry_36

    Amazing di. Loved it very much. I wanted it to be a happy ending but still its really awesome. Come with more☺

    1. Priyadas

      yes i will try to come again… thanyou for reading the os dear…

  20. Ahsana98

    Hai priya chechi …….
    chechi pregnant anennu eniku ariyillayirunnu. ellarum baby iku enkane und ennu annekshikunnadu kandappol njan vicharichu chechik kunju vava unde nnu ada Peru chodichadu. sorry for that. actually idu ende tetta njan chechiyude valiya fan anenu neratte paranjille njan” Till you come back “nde ella partsum vayichuttundennum paranju. actually njan chechiyude ff nde 24 am parts vayikan marannu poyi. njan chechiyude ff IB pagel kanda odane tanne save cheydu vechitundayirunnu pakshe vayikan marannupoyi. njan chechi ayacha message kandayirunnu. pakshe reply cheyditt Post avunnilla ada ivide reply cheyunnadu. chechi yude message vayichappol eniku tonni chilappol chechi yude ff l chechi pregnant ananna karayam ariyichittundayirikum. adu kondu Penne njan saved pagesil poyi njan chechi yude 24 th episode vayichu adinde last partil idine Patti mention cheydittundennum manazilayi. actually ee part vayikattadu konda eniku manazilakade poyadu. ende manazu parayunnu chechi ku penkunjayirikummennu. penkunjanenkil babyik “kavya” ennu Peru idane. priya chechi yude makal kavya. penne idu chechi yude 5am massam alle stress edukalle chechi nalla care kodu Kane. penne chechi ff ezhudan stress edukalle chechiku samayam kittumbol ff mayi vannal madi. adu vare njankal kattirunnolam. so take care of yourself.

    1. Priyadas

      well thanks again dear…. well baby de karayathil ahsanayum ende husbandum valare samilar ana… take care of yourself too.

  21. Didi u made me cry and it was superb as always and to be honest I don’t believe in love and I was sure that true love never exists but still I wanted to believe in true love and somewhere today I felt it after reading this and it was superb…….

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou dear… well your message i have written seperately… do have a look at it too

  22. JanviSingh

    First of all…. I missed u sooooooooooooooooooo much di…..
    Do u remember me…..????
    N how are u di??? It’s been soooo long….
    N the OS was awsm…. I really luvd….
    Bt yeah…. It was really emotional…..
    Superb di…
    Keep writing… Keep smiling….
    Luv u di??????

  23. Amsome i like this show very much but i wish i meet shivika

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