love is forever | season 2 | episode 9

the episode starts with aliya putting on her make up. adi comes and hugs her from behind.

adi: you don’t need make up to be pretty.

aliya laughs. adi stares at her saree

adi: saree?
aliya: why not? do I look ugly? it’s my first time.
adi: don’t change it! you look amazing!

they smile.


Adi’s office clients, relatives and many people enter.

adi: aliya look that’s Mr. Goenka..he helps me with work. come let’s meet him.

aliya nods and adi takes her to Mr. Goenka.

Adi: hello Mr. Goenka, this is Aliya.
Mr. Goenka: nice to meet you.

they smile and shake hands.

Mr. Goenka: and…I bought a new guest with Brothers’ daughter you know her.
adi: me? who is it?


Mr.Goenka: do you remember a girl called..Vinni?

adi gets shocked and vinni enters. aliya is startled.

vinni is wearing a black, short dress. she is pretty and has a beautiful smile!!..

Vinni: Hi adi!!! it’s been so long!!

adi smiles.

Adi: Oh my Vinni!! Where have you been?? and looking so pretty..

they laugh and hug. aliya looks away and leaves. adi doesn’t notice.

Adi: Mama..papa..ruhi..dadi..everyone!!

everyone comes.

Adi: can you guess who this is?? Vinni!!

everyone smiles and greets her.

The scene shift in to the kitchen.

Aliya: this Vinni!! who is this? getting so much attention..and even adi look how he flirts with her.

Someone from the back: what’s that roasting smell?!!?!!

aliya turns back and see Adi.

Aliya: yeah someTHING is’s the cashews..
Adi: someONE is’s coming right here.

he sniffs the air around aliya.

Aliya: Oh please Adi who is she?
Adi: vinni?

aliya nods.

Adi: she is one of my best friends when I was little…a special one.

aliya rolls her eyes.

Adi: but not as special as you!!

Adi hugs her. Aliya smiles.

Suddenly Vinni enters.

Vinni: so who is this.

AdiYa breaks the hug. Aliya looks away.

Adi: my to-be -wife..aliya this is Vinni.

Aliya gives her hand to shake but Vinni hugs her.

Vinni: Nice to meet you..what a lucky girl to get this handsome boy. and what a lucky boy your are adi, to get this gourgous girl!

They smile.

Then Ruhi taps a spoon on to a glass.

Ruhi: Attention!! So we are having this party as our precious adi bhaiya returned. And another special girl also’s Vinni! So celebrate this let’s dance.

Everyone claps.

Ruhi: Here I have a bowl with all of ur ‘couples’ names. So first I’m going to pick…

ruhi picks up a paper and opens it.

Ruhi: None Other than Ishita and raman.

Ishita and Raman are shocked.

Ruhi: come on!!

music plays and they dance beautifully..

everyone claps as they finish.

Ruhi: what an amazing dance!! next up is Adi and aliya.

AdiYa are shocked.

adi and aliya dance on mananwalage.

Ishita and raman remember their dance.

Ruhi: Now for the grand finale!!! Bhalla family and Iyer family with out special guest Vinni.

Everyone dances happily.

after dancing everyone enjoys food and leaves.

Vinni: it was an amazing party adi and we can meet now..i will be staying in india for a couple of months before I leave to England.
Adi: sure give me your number.

Vinni gives her number.

Vinni: bye aliya..great to know you.

they hug and waves good bye.


before adi comes aliya is sleeping. he feels her head and it’s hot.

adi: oh my she has got fever!! where’s the medicine?

precap: Adi taking care of aliya.




I’m sorry I had some reasons

1) broken computer
2) homework!! exams!!

so how was this episode?

I’m sorry for not posting I hope you understand!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    you duno how happy I am.I missed your ffs very badly.adi loved aliya in vinni is back.loved adi vinni aliya scene.aliya became jealous. adi telling her that aliya is more special to him and hug was romantic. adya manwa dance and ishra remembering their past manwa dance was romantic

    1. Tvfan1

      you dunno how much i have missed your guys’ comments!!
      thx for your nice comment dear!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    please show abishek mihika bala vandita scenes too as they are not there in yhm now.I’m upset about vandita’s death.please show mihir riya love story too.

    about suggestions are madirakshi..eisha Singh…
    Tanya Sharma…helly Shah…
    avika gor. ..nikki sharma….ada khan

    1. Tvfan1

      will surely show those scene dear!
      i cried seeing vandu’s death..
      she will remain in this story tho

      yes will surely show ‘MiYa’ scenes in the upcoming chapters..

      nikki sharma is good i think..

      anyway thx for your suggestions!

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks a lot. please let vinni remain for more episodes

  3. very nice. please show other couples in yhm

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you!!
      i will the next couple of episodes!

  4. Superb dear you are back its good

    1. Tvfan1

      Thx dear
      Good to see ur comments as well

  5. Hi tvfan, I am a huge fan of adiya and ishra. …. your ffs are superb and fantastic…wish it could be published on the serial…. I will definitely read your ff and surely pass comments….

    1. Tvfan1

      You!! I’m a huge fan of Adiya as well!!
      Thank you so much for those kind words!!!

      Yhm is so boring these days
      Thx again for ur support!!

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