love is forever | season 2 | episode 8

hi guys!!

the episode starts with showing a leap of 1 week.

Everyone is at the airport.

Ishita: where is he?

they see a man coming with a luggage.

Mrs bhalla: that man looks like adi..
Raman: IT IS ADI!!

everyone smiled.adi waves at them and they wave back.

Adi: ishi maa, papa.

everyone gets emotional and hugs him.

Driver: sir, can we go’s getting late.

everyone nods.

They leave.

The scene shift to mani’s house.

mani: today adi is coming..he will come soon..i got some gifts for him..

he puts it and get ready to go to the bhalla house.


simmi: sarika, get the preparations ready..
sarika: everything done!!!

they smile.

sarika: I hope he has got what we want.

simmi laughs.

simmi: me too.
neelu: Do you think Mr Adi has got what I want?

sarimmi laughs.


simmi: oh my sarika they came, get the pooja plate ready..

sarika gets it.

they open the door.

simmi: wow! adi you have become more handsome.

adi blushes. everyone smiles.

simmi does aarti.

Adi comes in.

Ruhi: woah so much luggages!!
adi: what are you trying to tell me??
ruhi: hm…he..
adi: gifts.

All the ladies’ face brightens.

adi: wait wait..let me change and come..i’m so tired.
ruhi: haa, relax and come.

adi and aliya goes into the room.

aliya gives him a towel.

aliya: have a wash, quick.

adi stares at her.

aliya: what?
adi: wait..i didn’t get a chance to look at this beautiful face for ages.

aliya blushes.

aliya: go go, have a wash quick!!
adi: are you going to join me?

aliya startles.

aliya: what did you say..?
adi: no..nothing..

aliya smiles.

adi comes after a wash and sees aliya sleeping.
he jumps on to the bed .

aliya (sleepily): are you gonna sleep?
adi: hmm..

adi hugs aliya, and they both sleep.

The scene shift to the bhalla kitchen.

mihir enters.

mihir: where is adi?
ishita: he is relaxing.
mihir: oh okay, I’ll wait for him.

mihir sits down, and ishita sits beside him.

mihir: huh?
ishita: mihir…relax..chill!
mihir: Everyone is saying the same thing! I try to, but I can’t

ishita laughs.

ishita: you need someone in your life.
mihir: what?
ishita: someone!
mihir: i can’t. first mihika…then rinky..

mihika hears this. she sits beside them.

mihika: mihir..
mihir: um..mihika?
mihika: you really need, someone..
mihir: OKAY OKAY!

they smile.

the scene shift to adi and aliya’s room.
they have woken up.

adi: here, aliya come carry these presents.

AdiYa carries the presents and go to the living room. everyone come there.

adi: here pihu and ananya, your dolls.

pihu and ananya smile, and take it.

pihu and ananya: THANK YOU!

adi: ruhi here’s your phone.

ruhi smiles and take it, she also thank him.

Like that he gives the gifts to all ladies.

adi: men, here is yours.

adi hands over their ‘bottles’

they smile.

raman: party tonight!

everyone smile.

at night.

adi and aliya’s room..

adi: don’t you want anything?
aliya: what?

adi gets her necklace.

he gives it. aliya gets shocked.

aliya: I said i don’t want anything!
adi: hmmm

aliya hugs adi. they smile.

aliya: thanks anyway.
adi: I love you!

aliya breaks the hug, and kiss him.



hi guys!

i can’t thank you guys enough, you have supported me always..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow…adi is back after a long wait.all adya scenes were very romantic.loved them.mihir is still not ready for a relationship bcz of d past experience.i’m rly looking 4ward to see how riya will be able to enter his heart

    1. Tvfan1

      He he..Thx for reading!

  2. Kumud

    Awesome really like it

    1. Tvfan1

      Thank you!

  3. Really very interesting dear

    1. Tvfan1

      Thank you dear!!

  4. Madhuchhanda

    Oh my god it was so romantic just loved todays episode hope vinni will not create any problem and in the real serial no one is giving importance to adiya and they are always fighting ????

    1. Tvfan1

      Yep hate yhm now!!!

      They really don’t give time for adiya!

      Glad u liked it!

  5. Nice story.

    Mani will make Vinni entry Bhalla house to break the relationship between Adi and Aylia. Adi see Vinni then ignore her and spend time with Aylia. Ishita and Raman see Vinni want to come between Adi and Aylia. Adi warn Vinni to stay away from him and he loves Aylia only and is going to marry her. Vinni get hurt by Adi words that make whole family happy. Vinni leaves hurt.

    1. Tvfan1

      Dear loved your suggestion!! Thank you!!

      People don’t like vinni being negative.. But I will surely use your suggestion!!

      Do keep suggesting

  6. Hi tvfan1 . Wow realy..?? Very nice and creative episode. I’m very happy to read about adi and aliya’s relationship. Keep going. Great job. Good luck dear.??

    1. Tvfan1

      Glad u liked it!

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