love is forever | season 2 | episode 5

the episode starts with raman checking his documents in his laptop at morning, ishita enters and smile seeing him.

ishita (thinks): this raman bhalla, working in his laptop for pihu’s project. how sweet!

raman sees her.

raman: hello? what happened with you.
raman: crazy woman.

he goes back to work. ishita packs her sarees.

raman: ishita, those sarees are too old. get a new saree.
ishita: buy me one then!
raman: excuse me dr.ishita, buy it yourself..
ishita: you’re my cute hubby..

saying this she came more closer to raman.

raman: let me complete the work, move..move.
ishita: please buy me a new saree?
raman: as if i would!

ishita leaves, raman smiles.

the scene shift to mihir’s house.

mihir: all my work is done! oh please god let us have this contract ..

he leaves for work. he gets a call from raman.

raman: mihir please get me the medicine, i have a really bad headache..
mihir: okay . are you okay now?
raman: yes, but i dont want this to interrupt our presentation, and i will be a bit you start the work.

he gets off and goes into the pharmacy and buy the medicine

mihir: i hope raman bhaiya is okay..

he checks the medicine to see if he’s got the right ones.

suddenly he bumps into riya.

mihir: you?
riya: you?
mihir: i’m sorry are you hurt?
riya: no, i’m about you.
mihir: me too. but why are you here?
riya: actually it’s a long story..
mihir: okay, i need to go
riya: hm, and can you give me your name and details.
mihir: um..may i know why?
riya: actually i have seen you work at raman sir’s office, you have a presentation today right?

mihir nods.

mihir: how did you get to know?
riya: actually, that contract is Mr. Suraj’s and i work at his he asked me for the details.
mihir: sure..are you coming for the presentation?
riya: yeah..after i take the medicines..
mihir: we can go together we are going to the same place?
riya: actually, that will be a great help..give me a sec i’ll buy the medicines and come.

riya buys the medicines and goes in the car with mihir.

mihir: here you go i text you the details.
riya: thank you. and now you have my number, you can too contact me.

they smile.

mihir:anyway tell me, who are the medicines for?
riya (thinks): it feels weird talking to a strange but somehow, safe..
riya: actually my mum is suffering from cancer.

riya tells mihir the story..

the scene shift to the bhalla house.

ruhi and aliya are seen reading a magazine.
suddenly the door opens and mani enters.

aliya: appa?
ruhi: mani uncle?
mani: hello aliya..

aliya looks away and leaves with ruhi.

mani: wait aliya, are you not going to meet your appa?
aliya: who told you are my appa? you’re nothing to me, i remember your cruel tricks and that slap 4 years back..

(hope you guys rememeber the slap too)

ishita comes there.

ishita: mani? you?
mani: excuse me ishita bhalla, i didn’t come to meet you, i came to meet my daughter.
aliya: which daughter are you talking about?

she leaves. she goes into her room and cries.
suddenly the door opens and mani enters.

aliya: please leave from here okay! please please.
mani: aliya listen, please, listen to me.

mani holds her tight.

mani: aliya it’s been hard living without you for 4 years aliya, it’s really hard.
aliya: leave me alone.

she starts to cry.

mani: and please come to me, the bhallas stole you, you have been living without adi for 4 years has he come back? no..he won’t he will never come back.
aliya: stop badmouthing adi! he will come back, and who send him abroad? it was you..

aliya let her self free.

aliya: well now listen to my story carefull mr abhimanyu raghav, my adi went to america becuase of you! do you think i dont know? and anyway he calls me everyday and ask about me he loves me and he will return. HE WILL RETURN!
mani: do you know how a father suffers without his daughter?
aliya: well that ‘father’ woudn’t suffer if he hadn’t let her daughter please leave..
mani: if that’s what you want aliya, i will..
aliya: thank you please now go..

mani leaves.

ishita sees him.

ishita: are you leaving mani?
mani: mind your own buisness you..
ishita: can we talk for a moment?
mani: what have we got to talk about? nothing just nothing..
ishita: sit down..please just for me?

mani sits down.

ishita: neelu, bring some cool water please.mani..don’t be stressfull..don’t worry i take good care of aliya..
mani: i see that, she doesn’t even know how to talk to her father!
ishita: well aliya loves you..and i know you do too..please give her sometime, she’s probably a bit irritated..
mani: ishu..
ishita: you called me i-s-hu?
mani: it was hard not talking to you all for a long time..

they smile and hug..

mani: i’m so sorry for all i’ve done ishu, i blamed myself a lot in the past few was hard..
ishita: oh mani, it’s okay we understand, aliya will too, just trust me..give her sometime.
mani: yeah i’ll try.
ishita: have this water and chill! take rest..
mani: thanks ishu..

they smile.
aliya listen to this, she gets confused and leaves.

mani: i better leave.
ishita: remember take rest and chill..

mani smiles and leaves.

the scene shift to raman’s office.

riya: thanks for the ride..
mihir: that’s no problem.
riya: good luck for the presentation.
mihr: thanks.

they smile.

the scene shift to aliya’s room.

aliya: should i be happy? or sad? oh god!

she gets a message.

“see, i got you this”

aliya: i told adi not to get anything..let me see the picture anyway..

she sees the picture..

aliya: wow! beautiful necklace and earings!

she smiles.

precap: no precap.


hello guys. i didn’t put a precap, so you will have to wait..
also for the role of riya i chose aastha from ipkknd AKA shrenu parikh, i chose her accroding to your wish!
and for the role of swarna i chose karthik’s dadi from the show yrkkh..

keep watching yhm..and my ff too!

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  1. Kumud

    Nice and tanks for mani positive side

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you! glad that you liked it!

  2. It’s superb episode

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you so much!

  3. Jasminerahul

    After a long time an ishra scene. Want a continuation of this scene. Want to know if raman buys Saree or not.mani is so rude.still talking ill of adi. Hope he will accept adi soon.but atleast he regrets fighting with ishita and apologized. Will mani raman patch up?will mani understand that its shagun the real culprit and not raman? Mihir riya scene was nice.while reading shrenu came into my mind as riya.then I thought I shouldn’t imagine shrenu as riya because then it will be difficult to imagine someone else chosen by you as riya.then I read the note that riya is shrenu. I was surprised and happy.hope aliya will wear the jewellery bought by adi n he gets impressed

    1. Tvfan1

      yeah, mani will turn good…probably, just keep reading, i thought shrenu was the perfect role for many people liked her too..also riya is not too young i gues..because if she is then it won’t match with the age of mihir..but she’s not that old too..

      also i saw your ff finished, now are you going to start an ff on yhm? if so what will it be about?

      1. Jasminerahul

        I write lots of ffs on india forums. I am waiting for completing 2 ongoing ffs to start the ishra one.It’s a suspense story.on tellyupdates I have ff on naagin too

    2. Tvfan1

      so can u let me know the ffs u write on india forums?

      1. Jasminerahul

        r u there on India forums?
        I just finished parud ff Suraj hua n Rajni ss Kabhi khushi a few days Maaneet SS Romance in summer,Rosid Raya Ronit Pallavi FF Kuch to hua hai,Rivanya Simar Neira FF Jeene laga

  4. Jasminerahul

    Is riya middle aged like mihir or young?

    1. Tvfan1

      sorry just saw ur reply, so you’ll stat next week, what will it be about?
      also i sent you a message please chech it out if you haven’t seen!

  5. Ankitha

    Awesome and thanks for making Mani positive , but in a previous episode you told that he went to ashok and got help from him? Well any ways your ff is the best and I have posted the next part of my ff

    1. Tvfan1

      yay and thx so much. it was 4 years back, i guess hes changes 🙂 im waiting for ur ff!

  6. Lisa

    Loved the update….but a bit confusion… In the 1st episode u showed raman left the house then how come…anyways it was nice..waiting for next one

    1. Tvfan1

      OMG SOOO SORRY LISA! i forgot, i’ll show make that up in the next soooo stupid! i forgot..urgh!
      thx for reminding..

      1. Lisa

        Heee heee….u r so cute

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