love is forever | season 2 | episode 4


Hello guys! sorry for late goes the episode..
the episode starts with riya thinking about mihir.

riya: he was a nice boy..

she sees her mother.

riya: mama.

riya’s mother is suffering from cancer. her name is swarna

swarna: riya..come in.whats that you are carrying.
riya: just stuff needed. anyway mama, did you take your medicine?

riya loves swarna alot.

swarna: yes yes..come sit here riya..
riya: mama, doctor will be here soon.
swarna: riya look at me, you should be sensible in this..beta, you are my loving child. you know i forgot your di, a long time back.
riya: ma what are you trying to say?
swarna: beta, your sister loved someone secretly and left us..but I want your life to be happy..
riya: mama i think you should rest for sometime..
swarna: riya, you have loved i’m nearing my death.

riya starts to cry.

riya: nahi maa, don’t talk about death..doctors will make you better..
swarna: they are trying their best riya, anyway i want to see your marriage before my-
riya: you are talking about death again maa.
swarna: you have someone in your life.
riya: no mama…i don’t want to think about marriage yet maa.
swarna: it’s my last wish beta.

they both cry.

the scene shift to the bhalla house.

mrs bhalla: mihir puttar..come on in..

mihir comes inside..

pihu and ananya: mihir uncle..

they see the bags and run to him.

pihu (whispers): did you bring it?
mihir: hmm, here you go.

they take their gifts and open them.

pihu: wow! such a nice doll.
ananya: my favourite sweets.
pihu and ananya: how did you know..did you choose?
mihir: yes, it was just a lucky guess.

they smile.

the scene shift to ishita’s house.

amma: mihika, come on in..
vandu: mihika, you’ve become more prettier.
mihika: stop lying akka.
vandu: no it’s the truth. abishek must have taken good care of you.
amma: where is he?
mihika: he is parking his car.
vandu: oh, anyway come in. here see i made this food.

mihika smiles seeing the food.

mihika: wow! so much food. but god know how it’ll taste..
vandu: ahh..really?

they smile.

the scene shift to adi’s office in america.

adi: i better go shopping before i forgets..

he leaves in his car. he stops his car at a grand shop.
he goes shopping.

adi: hm..what shall i choose. ah the list they emailed me. let me see.

ishita- make up set. you don’t have to trouble your self too much.
raman- adi you know what i want (wink)
romi- same as bhaiya, adi
simmi- dress.
sarika- jewellery set.
mrs bhalla- puttar, hair styling set (don’t laugh. it’s a secret)
mr bhalla- ahh, same as raman and romi..
ruhi- new phone.

adi: wow! such a long list! god! but where’s aliya’s choice?

he checks the list again.

adi: she won’t spare me if i didn’t get anything for her, but she hasn’t send anything. let me call her.

adi calls aliya. aliya sees this.

aliya: hello adi.
adi: aliya, why haven’t you written anything in the gift list.
aliya: actually adi…
adi: haa , say i’m in a shop right now..
aliya: i don’t want anything.
adi: god, 8th world wonder! you don’t want anything?
aliya: yes, i don’t want anything. stop joking on me.

they laugh.

aliya: i don’t want anything adi, don’t bring me anything..but please com back quickly, i want only you..
adi: hm..
aliya: please come quickly adi, i miss you..please.
adi: hello..i booked my tickets wait for 8 days..
aliya: hmm okay.
adi: bye bye, i need to shop..
aliya: okay..bye..

they ends call and smiles recaling each other.

precap: mihir collides with riya.
mani enters the bhalla house


hello guys how was the episode, do comment down below!
guys please keep suggesting actresses for the role of riya. i would definitely let you know in my next episode

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  1. Ankitha

    Superb marvellous anf fantastic episode, and i would like to suggest (dont laugh at me) tejaswi prakash wayangankar for the role of riya. Plz post the next episode soon

    1. Tvfan1

      No she’s a good actress. And I’ll post next epi tommorow!

  2. Jasminerahul

    Swarms riya scene was emotional. I expected you to choose an actress and inform us today.waiting to know who riya is.plz choose an actress for swarna’s role too as she is an important character. What is riya’s age?mihir ananya pihu scene was good. Adya scene was nice.waiting for their direct meeting

    1. Tvfan1

      Thx for commenting. Your comments mean so much. Actually what’s the age of mihir? Also I think aliyas dadi will be good for Swarna.

    2. Jasminerahul

      Your ff is the continuation of yhm. Right?then how can aliya’s Dadi be swarna? Mihir is middle I wanted to know if riya is young or middle aged like mihir?

      1. Tvfan1 my ff aliyas dadi is not present.but okay then if u watch yrkkh Karthik s dadi will be Swarna

      2. Jasminerahul

        thanks.but plz say the name of d actress as i dont watch d shiw

  3. It’s awesome

    1. Tvfan1

      Thank you so much. Any suggestions for the role of riya?

  4. Kumud

    Nice but pls change mani don’t like him negative

    1. Tvfan1

      Okay. He’ll be better in 2 or 3 episodes! Thx for commenting bu the way

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