love is forever | season 2 | episode 3


hello guys, thx for the comments. also i willbe starting a new thing wait untill the end.

the episode starts with mihika folding her saree.

mihika: I need to go and visit ishu akka. i didn’t visit them for a long time.

mihika keeps the saree and gets ready to leave. while she is getting ready, abhishek enters.

abishek: are mihika! where are you going?
mihika: i’m going to visit ishu akka.
abishek: oh, i will come too.
mihika: get ready then.

abhishek turns to leave.

mihika: don’t take ages.

abhishek laughs.

the scenes shift to raman’s office.

mihir: raman bhaiya, may i take your leave?
raman: ofcourse mihir. the work is done perfectly! well done.

mihir smiles. he gets on his car and drives.

mihir: wow! so many sales as it’s the festive season.


pihu: mihir uncle..please bring me a beautiful doll. a christmas one please..?
ananya: mihir uncle..bring me yummy sweets and treats please?
mihir: woah! i’ll try..

pihu and ananya smile.


mihir: let me get something for them.

he parks the car and gets off. he enters the shop and is choosing some gifts for pihu and ananya.

mihir: ayyo mihir! i don’t have a clue which one i should buy.

he selects a doll.

he keeps staring at the dolls and walk on. a girl too is choosing a doll. they bump into each other.

mihir: look where you are going.
girl: excuse me… you are telling me, you were the one who was staring at the dolls.
mihir: okay i’m sorry, but you should be more careful too.
girl: well me too. is it wrong to ask.. but is that the doll you are going to buy?
mihir: yes..actually its a little girl..she’s about 7 years old..

the girl laughs.

mihir: why? what happened?
girl: actually, i don’t think she would like it. that’s for babies…
mihir: i don’t..have a clue.. on these..stuff.
girl: ahh, i can help you on that. here take this.

she hands over a doll to mihir.

girl: i think that she will like this..
mihir: well i hope too..

mihir buys some sweet treats for ananya and gets out of the shop. all this way he keeps talking to the girl.

mihir: so..i’m leaving. how are you going to go?
girl: actually i live close by, i can walk.
mihir: i can drop you, as you have many things to carry..
girl: actually thanks.

mihir and that girl get on the car.

girl: here..please stop here.

mihir stops the car.

girl: thank you so much.
mihir: no problem.

girl gets out of the car.

mihir: i forgot to ask, what is your nam.
girl: Ria..

she leaves. mihir smiles.

the scene shift to adi’s house. ( i guess it’s aliya’s house

ishita: aliya..
aliya: yes amma?
ishita: one of our clients call me today. she will be coming to us today. can you go and check?
aliya: sure amma, but what if something goes wrong?
ishita: i trust you aliya. you can do it.
aliya: i wil go amma, but if i have a problem i wil call you.
ishita: sure, after i finish the work here, i will come.

aliya smiles and leaves.

the scene shift to iyer’s house.

vandu: oh really are coming..oh you are on the way..good good.
amma: really vandu? mihiku is coming?
vandu: yes amma!!
amma: my little girl..

they smile.

precap: mihir gives the gift to pihu and ananya. adi goes to buy gifts for everyone.


guys sorry if the epi is too short.
anyway you can IF you want to ask me any questions (ex: fav colour, fav movie etc)
you can comment down below. (type #ask tvfan1)
i’ll try to answer them in my next episode of love is forever! keep reading.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice to see abhika.mihir pihu ananya scene was short,but i rly enjoyed their bonding.mihir riya scene was a treat to read.finally atleast in this ff mihir got someone.aliya going to attend ishita’s she going to be riya?

    hey..u did’nt write which actress plays the role of Riya.

    Which r ur fav movies?Actually I luv movie based ffs.hopefully in future u will also come up with movie based ffs with ur own twists

    1. Tvfan1

      actually u can imagine whoever you want , for the role of riya..
      hmm, i will answer your question in my next episode..
      also i went through YOUR ffs, and can you start an ff based on ONLY yhm. because i don’t about swaragini etc. i would love to read your ffs

      is there any star plus serials that you watch?

      1. Jasminerahul

        Soon i’ll be starting a FF on Ishra.Just waiting 4 d current ffs 2 get over to start it.
        i watch yhm,sns n pardes.
        as a writer u plz choose an actress 4 riya.readers’ imagination will be better if d writer herself cast actors 4 their characters.thats what all writers do

  2. Lisa

    Nice.. Liked it..update soon

  3. It superb episode finally at least in ff mihir got someone n who is playing the role of riya plz tell n post soon

    1. Tvfan1

      Can you please suggest an actress, who will match mihir too..?

  4. Aastha from ipkknd 2
    Is it OK with u??

    1. Jasminerahul

      Aastha is a good choice

  5. Kumud

    Nice hope u update a really long one soon

    1. Tvfan1

      Can u suggest an actress too,.for mihir. Currently thinking about aastha. Do u hv any ideas?

      1. Kumud

        Y don’t u use rachi from saathiya

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