love is forever | season 2 | episode 2


the episode starts with ruhi calling sohail.

ruhi: hello sohail?
sohail: hi ruhi..
ruhi: what are you doing now?
sohail: listening to your beautiful voice.

they laugh.

ruhi: oh really?
sohail: why would i lie to you ruhi?
ruhi: hmm, actually sohail who is priya?
sohail: p..riya?
ruhi: yes, priya..i saw her at your work today and also this evening…
sohail: well actually ruhi..she is my working assitant
ruhi: ah okay. promise me sohail you’ll never lie to me.
sohail: i promise.

in aliya’s room…

aliya: it’s very late now.. but why can’t i get any sleep? all because of this adi..

the scene shift to america…

adi: i will call aliya, she must be worried..oh maybe not, she might be asleep. i’ll just ring her to lt her know. so maybe she will call me in the morning.

he calls her.

aliya sees the call.

aliya: oh he’s calling again? why would i answer..i’m asleep.

adi: she must be asleep. but when she will call me tommorow i’ll be asleep!

aliya: wait..maybe i should answer him.

adi calls aliya again aliya answers.

aliya (thinks): i must sound sleepy.
adi: hello aliya..were you asleep
aliya: what do you think? you woke me up.
adi: so how are you?
aliya: i’m sleepy..

adi gets sad

adi: oh ok then go to sleep good night.
aliya: if you woke me up it better be worth it..tell me.
adi: i just called to talk with you.
aliya: talk what about me?
adi: aliya what’s wrong with you i call you after my busy are just..
aliya: what do you expect me to do adi..i talk to you and you are too busy.
adi: i have reasons aliya..anyway you go to sleep good night and bye.
aliya: i love you!

they smile. ore piya plays.

adi: i love you too.
aliya: happy?
adi: no..just by saying 3 words can’t make me happy. but it can make me very very happy.

they laugh.

adi: sleep sleep. otherwise you’ll be moody all day. bye.
aliya: bye.

she smiles.

it’s morning. mihir gets ready to go to work romi see him.

romi: mihir wait..
mihir: sorry romi can’t talk much work to do.
romi: chill bro. chill.
mihir: oh romi, how to chill. i’ve got to go.

mihir leaves.

romi: he must relax. i guess his life is so boring.

sarika comes there.

sarika: you have woken up very early Mr. Romi Bhalla.
romi: to go to gym.
sarika: be fit and healthy.

romi smiles. he leaves.

the scene shift to mani’s house.

mani: yes that file, is everything done..good..good..thanks for the help.

he ends call.

mani: i can do anything to get my daughter back.

precap: mihir is going home after work. he goes to a shop. suddenly a girl slips he holds her.

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  1. Superb episode

  2. Ankitha

    Just loved it and now wow Mihir is gonna get a gf . Superb. Plz continue

  3. Kumud


  4. Jasminerahul

    sohail ruhi scene was nice.giid that finally adya r happy n said ILU 2 each other.ore piya on background was good.waiting 4 more adya romance.mani with ashok.mani has’nt changed yet.plz turn him positive again.can’t digest grey mani.romi sarika..short n nice scene.precap is so interesting.cant wait to read mihir’s luv story

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