love is forever | season 2 | episode 14

The episode starts with Ruhi and Aliya looking for the gifts.

Ruhi: But Bhabi..I swear I kept it here.

Suddenly the light starts flickering.

Aliya:Oh great!! Now a power cut..
Ruhi: Let’s find it quick before it happens.

Suddenly the light goes off


Adi: why is it taking so long for ruhi and aliya to come? And now the power oh god!!

Aliya and ruhi try to get out.

Aliya: Where is the door.
Ruhi: Oh..! my phone’s battery is dead as well!!

They cry.

Suddenly Aliya sees the door handle shining.

Aliya: see ruhi let’s go.

They both try to get out and smile.

Ruhi: finally..we can get out.

But suddenly something falls on aliya and aliya screams.

Ruhi: Bhabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lights come back on.

Adi: what was that noice?

Adi runs to Ruhi and Aliya.

Aliya lies on the floor, unconsious.

Adi(screams): Aliya!!!!!!!!

Ruhi cries. Adi lifts her and takes her to the room. Everyone gathers around her.

Adi sprinkles some water on her.

Adi: come on wake up!!
Ishita: let’s take her to the hospital.

The scene shift to Mihir’s office. Suddenly Riya comes.

Mihir smiles seeing her.

Mihir: hey riya.
Riya: Hello..Mihir..can I leave now?
Mihir: yeah sure..

He gets a call.

Mihir: Oh hello Raman bhai…what?? Okay I’m coming now.
Riya: Is everything okay?
Mihir: No..riya..I have to go the hospital.
Riya: Oh..can I come as well?
Mihir: yes sure.

They smile.

The scene shift to the hospital.

Adi cries.

Ishita: beta..calm comes the doctor.
Doctor: Who is Aditya Bhalla?
Adi: It’s me Doctor.
Doctor: Well..We have to take her into surgery..It will last about 30 minutes..there has been an internal bleeding in her brain.
Adi(shouts): What??
Doctor: So can we..?
Mani: Sure..

Adi falls on to the chair and cries.

Mihir arrives with Riya.

Raman: Thank god Mihir!
Mihir: where is Aliya.
Raman: They are taking her to surgery.
Mihir: Oh my god!

Raman sees Riya.

Raman: Oh..Who is this?
Mihir: She works at my office..Riya..
Riya: Hi.
Raman: Hello.
Ishita: Hello Mihir..and this is..?
Riya: I’m riya..I work at his office.

Ishita nods.

1 hour later.

Doctor: Mr Bhalla?
Adi: yes Doctor.
Doctor: 30 minutes have passed after the surgery..and thank god she has regained her can now see her.

Adi smiles.

Doctor: Only three can enter.
Adi: Mani Uncle..and Ishi maa..please come.

They nod and come.

Aliya lays on the bed. Adi comes and sits beside her and kiss her cheek. Aliya gets shocked

Ishita: How are you Aliya?
Aliya: Amma..who is he?

Adi gets shocked.

Adi: Aliya..??
Aliya: Why did you kiss me?

Adi laughs.

Adi: Stop joking!! Aliya..are you okay.
Aliya: Amma..Who is he..and why are we in India?? When did we come back from Australia?
Mani: Aliya..are you okay love?
Aliya: Please I don’t understand.

They get shocked.

Precap: Adi’s plan

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh danger.good that adi reached on time n took aliya to hospital.thankfully surgery too went well.butshocking that aliya lost her memory.or is she faking it 4 fun?plz update d next part soon n dont take too much of time like last time plz

    1. Tvfan1

      Thanks jaz..i will try my best

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