love is forever | season 2 | episode 10

the episode starts with adi looking for medicine.

adi: oh god where’s the medicine?

he goes to ishra’s room.

ishita: what happened adi? why you look tensed?
adi: ishi maa, aliya have you have any medicine?
ishita: oh wait..

ishita goes to find the medicine.

ishita: here you go..adi look after her well.

adi nods and leaves. adi enters aliya’s room and wake her up.

aliya: adi, my body is paining!!
adi: it’s okay aliya..calm down!! here have this medicine.

aliya have the medicine and rest on adi’s arms.

The scene shift to mihir’s house. he gets a call from riya.

riya: hello mihir
mihir: yes riya..did you complete the work?
riya: actually yes..but i can’t hand it over to you…my mother is very ill.
mihir: oh..i will come and collect it.
riya: okay, thx.

mihir ends call. riya smiles.

The scene shift to adiya’s room.

Aliya: why was the medicine so..yucky?
Adi: stop acting like a’s not me who made the medicine.

Aliya laughs and coughs.

Adi: careful.

Adi hugs her and kisses her forehead. Aliya smiles.

Aliya: I love you

They smile.

Suddenly adi gets a call from Vinni.

Adi: its Vinni.

He goes to answer it.

Adi: hey vinni
Vinni: Adi can you meet me today..I need help
adi: what is it?
Vinni: come and then I’ll tell you

Adi looks at Aliya about to faint.

Adi: I can’t today maybe tommorow..
Vinni: oh..
Adi: Got to go bye!

he ends the call and goes to hold aliya.

Adi: hey, take rest.
Aliya: It hurts..adi..
Adi: I will call a doctor.

In the living room…

Ishita,vandu, mihika and simmi are chatting while Raman, Romi, Bala are chatting on the other side.

Ishita: Oh gosh yeah..that saree was so beauty..
Vandu: should buy it..just like it was made for you.

All laugh.

In the other side..

Raman: what a match yaar..
Romi: Did you see how he played..

Suddenly Adi enters looking tensed.

Ishita: what happened is aliya?
Adi: she fainted..still has high the doctor..

Ishita goes and hold Adi.

Ishita: calm down..I will call the sit down..breathe and go to aliya.


Doctor: She needs rest and care..maybe she is worrying about something..
Adi: what?
Doctor: stress can cause this issue. Just take care of her.

Adi nods and doctor leaves.

Aliya: adi..

Adi climbs on the bed.

Adi: you sleep..come.

Aliya sleeps and adi kisses her.

IN Vandu’s room.

Krishitija: mama I got the highest mark!!
Vandu: just like me when I was young..

She hugs Vandu.

Then Bala enters.

Bala: what’s this mama..daughter thing?
Vandu: krishi has got the highest marks!!
Bala: just like me when I was young..

Vandu stares at him

Vandu: excuse me..she got my spirit..
Bala: she got my brain..that’s why she got high marks..

Kri: STOP!!!! I got mama’s spirit and papa’s brain..happy??

Vandu and bala stare at her.

Vandu: yeah you are right.

She hugs Vandu and Bala.

precap: Riya and mihir meet. Adi and vinni meets.


How was the episode?
Vinni will be played by nikki sharma


love ya!

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  1. Superb dear

  2. nice nice nice Cary on

    1. Tvfan1

      will do!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    good that you informed me that you updated this.otherwise I would have missed it.adya medicine scene was nice.loved adi caring for the sick aliya.what help does vinni want from adi?waiting for mihir meeting riya directly.bala vandita scene was so cute.plz add shravan too in their scene.missing bala vandita on the show. I am also sad that now roshni adi will be a pair and aliya is turning negative on the show.nikki Sharma is a nice choice for nikki.I like her and varun together very much

    1. Tvfan1

      thx jasmine…
      yeah i love nikki sharma!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    please update your ishveer’s been a long time

    1. Tvfan1

      i will try!!

      1. Jasminerahul

        why r u not updating it?

  5. Hi Tvfan1 I love your ff and I also think the same thing about Roshni,I miss adiya and will you accept me as your buddy?

    1. Tvfan1

      hey dear!!

      i would love to accept you as my buddy.

      P.S- can u register in this site so we can pm each other?

  6. Thanks buddy and sure I will be registering in this site in a couple of days….?

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