love is forever | season 2 | episode 1


HELLO EVERYONE!! I’m back!! (you might not be happy)
guys many of you were dissapointed on my ending of season 1. sorry!
and i told you guys i’ll start december 1st, but i didn’t because i thought no one will like it..

in season 1: shagun died, aliya moved with the bhallas, and adi left for america..

so let’s start.
~~~4 years later~~~~
a girl is shown heping a dentist. ( yes! the dentist is ishita)

ishita: aliya.. please bring me the file of patient Mrs..Priya

the girs is shown. she is aliya.

aliya: coming amma.

she hand the file over to ishita.

aliya: here amma..
ishita: hmm, aliya sit down.

aliya sits down.

aliya: why amma? anything wrong with the patient? i mean.. i did try my best.
ishita: no no patient is fine.. it’s about you, me.. i mean about us both.
aliya: what is it mama?
ishita: aliya, i am getting old now, and i need someone to carry this job on. you are my only trust and hope aliya. please can you carry on this ..
aliya: mama what are you saying? i don’t have any am i supposed to.. handle this big job?
ishita: aliya, you can do it! i will train you. but will you take over..?
aliya: i don’t know mama, but if you are going to train me then..i can think about it..

ishita smiles.

the scene shift to america (woah long way no?)

a boy, i mean a man, is working on the computer. some one enters.

rahul: adi sir… the reports have been checked.
adi: oh thanks rahul. come and sit down.

rahul sits down.

adi: you’ve been a great help rahul. you are the only indian here too.
rahul: it’s part of my job sir.
adi: and you also know, my working tim here has ended too. that means soon i will be leaving america.
rahul: i know sir. it’s very sad..
adi: Mr. James will take over the company, so support him always.
rahul: okay sir.

rahul leaves.

the scene shift back to india.

aliya and ishita are back home.

ishita: neelu please make some green tea for us.
neelu: okay madam.

ishita sits down. aliya goes to her room.
she checks her messages.

aliya: this adi! he hasn’t talked to me since yesterday.

she checks the calender.

aliya: well only 10 more days you can hide from me. let me message him

“hi! where are you?”

aliya: a reply. finally.

“busy call back later”

aliya: how rude! always busy seriously?

“no..why are you so busy? well don’t forgt to come back in 10 days”

adi calls her.

adi: aliya please stop. i’m busy believe me. and no i won’t forget to come back. i have booked the tickets already.
aliya: well hello Mr. Busy, good that you haven’t forgotten. when will you be free?
adi: excuse me..? i’ll call back later.
aliya: call back later? it’s already getting dark. i will be asleep when you talk.
adi: well then good night.

he ends the call.

aliya: how rude!

she goes for dinner.

everyone is having dinner.

ruhi: come on aliya.. grab a plate.

she sits down and eats.

ishita: did adi call aliya? he didn’t call me since yesterday.

aliya nods.

mrs bhalla: what did he say beta?
aliya: no use. he is too busy to remember us.
ruhi: it’s okay only 10 days left.

everyone smiles.

ishita: are things going on with sohail?
ruhi: well..nothing much..
mr bhalla: its because of him raman left.
ishita: that papa. my ruhi is happy..and that’s it.
ruhi: i hope papa come and visit us when brother comes.

everyone nods.

after dinner ishita is in her room.

ishita: raman, why did you leave? now ruhi is with him..but don’t think she’s happy.


raman: what’s wrong with you ruhi? sohail, sohail sohail..all the time..sohail..
ruhi: but i love him papa! I LOVE SOHAIL!!

everyone get shocked.

raman: did you think that i didn’t know? well be happy with him ruhi. you don’t need your parents now.

raman gets his bag and leaves.
everyone cries. yeh hai mohhabatein plays..


ishita cries seeing raman’s picture.

pihu and ananya comes running.

pihu: ishi maa..
ananya: aunt..
ishita: what happened.

pihu and ananya see ishita’s tears.

pihu: are you crying mama?

ishita quickly wipes her tears.

ishita: no beta.. anyway why did you come to me?
pihu: ishi maa.. where is my drawing book?
ananya: yes aunt..we need to draw something.
ishita: it’s on your bed pihu.
pihu: okay.

precap: adi calls aliya but aliya doesn’t answer.

guys i am out of ideas too.. so please comment any suggestions if you want me to continue…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanku so much 4 starting season2.i was waiting 4 it eagerly.ishita wants aliya 2 continue her work.but is aliya a dentist?y adi is so rude 2 aliya?hope its only bcz of his work pressure n his luv 4 her hasnt decreased.shocking that ruhi luvs sohail n so raman left d house.poor ishita.hope ishita’s luv will bring raman sohail positive here?in yhm sohail is negative as per the reports.if sohal is positive plz show sohail ruhi romance too n how raman accepts season1 mani was angry with bhallas at d end.what is his attitude now?plz show shagun really dead?Do romi sarika have kids tho Romi can’t produce kids according to medical reports.Do abhika have a baby now?r u going to introduce anyone 4 Simi?Where is mihir?plz introduce a girl 4 mihir or bring rinky back

    1. Tvfan1

      your welcome..yeah aliya is a training dentist. sohail is positive for now. and i’ll show ruhail scenes more too. shagun is dead and i will show mani soon. no.. romi and sarika cannot have kids, i will have to think of something. i am actually not sure for simmi should i? i am sorry but rinky is dead..maybe mihir will find someone just wait and see 🙂 anyway thanks soo much for the suggestions. i’ll try to complete all of these soon. keep reading

      1. Jasminerahul

        i think on yhm they have introduced gaurav 4 simi.i duno if he is negative or positive.i wud luv 2 c mihir with someone.he is single like simi.

  2. Ankitha

    Thank u tvfan 1 for continuing this ff . I just love ur ff . You’ll surely get many ideas soon and continue ur amazingly written ff

  3. Thank you fr coming back with season 2 I love ur ff plz continue

  4. Kumud

    Nice and continue pls

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