Love you forever (Part 20 and Part 21)


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Part 20
Today was the most benevolent day of ARjun Mehra’s life…..The desperate journey of finding solace in life had come to end….a smile of satisfaction crept on his face as he glanced through the glass binds to lay his eyes on his precious possession…..his Radhika…only her name was enough to enrich a sensation in all the nerves of his body….his POV,”I will never let you go far from me… are mine… only mine.”
A sudden wise to see her a angelic face closely enough to hear her heartbeats made him grin subsequently….
He dialled her intercom urgently and commanded to come inside him cabin without even one minute delay…
Radhika who was naive to understands his wild desires walked inside his cabin cluelessly…
Today something was different about her body language… His Radhika was first time nervous to look straight in his eyes this made his heart sank with arrogance…. She was moving her gaze all over the room but not meeting his intense one….Radhika was exclusive piece designed only for him….she was so beautiful yet her purity was the rare aspect which differentiated her from the girls he bedded…
ARjun’s heart was sanking with possessiveness and insecurity fter acknowledging that he still couldn’t get commitment from her….Through he knew she loved him truely and solely but he wanted to claim her as his wife to show the world that he owned her for life….
ARjun smiled at his thoughts and got up from his chair to lock her in his arms….As he took fast steps towards her she moved back until her body collided with the hard wall….
ARjun kept his large manly hands on either side of the wall thus caging her in a very strong grip….he moved closer until their lips were just a inch apart….one single movement could land his lips on her….He inhaled her sweet lavender scent and whispered, “Seductively Delicious.”
ARjun buried his head in the crook of her neck and placed feathery kisses on her soft skin…radhika who still couldn’t figure out with whose reference he uttered seductively delicious moaned in a low voice which tingled a sweet pleasure to his ears….
Radhika innocently asked,”What z seductively delicious Sir?”
ARjun chuckled and took a deep breath on her skin sending shiver down her spine,”You.”….he placed a deep wet kiss on her neck thereafter…As his teeth pierced inside her delicate skin to give her a bite she moaned in pain and pleasure… He soothed the painful red mark by his expert hungry tongue….her hands which were till now timidly placed on his broad shoulders found their way into his dark soft locks….as he continued giving her open mouth kisses she twisted her fingers in his hair….he was losing himself with each passing second as he couldn’t fight the urge to pull down the strap of her dress….she could feel his eyes burning into her flesh….ARjun suddenly realized what he was about to do….this could take her away from him….He loved her with his soul but she could missunderstand this as lust if he continued kissing her insanely…it was becoming difficult to control his burning desires but he had to get a grip over his heart….ARjun wanted to take this slow to ensure her about how deep he felt for her….

Radhika was just not a body for him she was his life…..he loved her with each breath he took….she was his delicate rose which couldn’t bloom if the her Sun was harsh on her….he wanted her for life not for his desperate physical need but because of the deep love he had in his dark heart….Yes he assumed this deep feelings as need first but the mere thought of seeing her with someone else woked up the devil inside him….He glanced at her once and left the cabin to calm down his racing heartbeats….
Radhika who still couldn’t make out sense from his strange demeanour was rather confused by his sudden departure…. He was a complicated nutcase and she couldn’t understand what’s going on his twisted brains….her POV, “Why the hell I had to fall for ARjun Mehra?….one moment he made me blush red and next moment left me all puzzled up.”
ARjun walked inside the cafeteria….He glanced at Sam who was working on her laptop and silently sipping her coffee….ARjun walked to her table and took his seat opposite her….
Sam without looking at him spoke,”ARjun you look worried…what’s wrong?.’
ARjun was takenaback after seeing how well she knew him….He still couldn’t make out why Sam had done PhD on him,”Sammy you know me so well…I have many fears in my heart rightnow.”
Sam kept her work aside and gave him all her attention to calm down his hammering heart in his chest…, “ARjun blurt them out.”
ARjun smirked and a pained expression crept on his face…,”Sam I want to marry radhika but first time I am not able to get what I desire.”
Sam blinked her eyes….This was rare the ARjun Mehra had fears and was discussing it so freely without any arrogance to hide them….,”ARjun you need to take this slow….I know you are not used to take a no but this z not a complete no….she confessed her feelings for you. ”
ARjun angrily responded,”It z not a complete yes…..I can’t share her with anyone even if it z a bedridden person… I want her as my wife….only mine.”
This didn’t go well with Sam….he was acting selfish now and it was so inhuman to compete for a girl’s attention that too with a bedridden person….
Sam raised her voice, “ARjun how could you even think this selfishly???….Ranveer saved her life and you should be thankful towards him today only because of him you could meet her….This z not the ARjun I know.This z not some business deal you want to snatch and achieve…it z a relationship…. you can’t be authorative and crush your partner’s feelings here….she z attached to him and you can’t do anything to break their bond….just imagine her guilt for putting ranveer in this pact….everyday she faces the guilt and believe me to live with guilt z worst then death.”
ARjun wasn’t ready to understand what Sam wanted to convey….he understood but couldn’t accept it….he knew that this was wrong but his male ego was hurt badly after seeing his radhika’s undying commitment towards another man….

ARjun got up and spoke irritatly, “Sam you will never understand what z running inside me rightnow.”
He left leaving Sam behind…
Sam banged her hand on her head,”ARjun I understand you but I am not able to make you understand that whatever you are thinking z so wrong…I wish I could before its too late.”
Relationships are like mirror….once broken they don’t mend again if they do you can still see the cracks in them….Trust z more important than love….you can live with a person whom you don’t love but trust wholeheartedly but you can’t live with a person whom you love but don’t trust….Trust z the most precious and rare gift you could give to anyone…Take care of the person’s trust on you because once it breaks you cannot gain it back without hurdles….
Part 21
ARjun got inside his car and drove off….Neil who was just waiting for this moment gave a triumph of happiness… His POV, “Goodbye ARjun Mehra.”
Radhika who stepped out of BS to take a cab to reach hospital to meet ranveer was dumbstruck after finding Neil smiling evily and watching ARjun’s car moving out of sight….she panicked for ARjun….she was very well aware of Neil’s twisted brains which were posing a big threat to ARjun’s life….he was desperate to wipe ARjun’s existence and he had proved his hatred devilishly everytime….
Luckily that time Neil got a call and this was her only chance to save ARjun….
The person on other side,”Sir ARjun Mehra will meet his death today.”
Neil Impatiency asked, “How much time will it take for the car to explode.”
The person on other side,”Sir the bomb timer z of 30 minutes now only 27 minutes left.”
Neil smirked, “Just 27 minutes and ARjun Mehra will meet his deceased Father.”
Radhika couldn’t react after hearing those hateful and threatening words….No she couldn’t let him die no never…..she loved him and if he goes away what will be she left with….she had lost ranveer but mere thought of losing ARjun suffocated her….
She hurriedly dialled him but arraghhh this nutcase was dismissing her calls…..finally he answered after dismissing three times…..
Radhika spoke hurriedly without any further delay,”ARjun Sir there z a bomb in your car and it will explode in 27 minutes from now….please get out somehow. ”
ARjun was bewildered…. A chill ran down his nerves making them cold with fear,”Radhika I can’t get out….I have been driving too fast so it z impossible to jump out.”
Radhika panicked, “Sir please do something…. I lost my parents…. ranveer but I can’t lose you….I will die if you take your last breath before me.”
Those words were like soothing ointment on his racing insecure heart,”Radhika relax….I promise you nothing bad will happen to me….I want to spend my life with you and I won’t even let death come between us…tell me you love me.”
Radhika spoke with tears in her brown orbs,”Sir I love you the most in this world.”
ARjun smirked, “That’s all I needed to hear….I promise you we will meet today and I will kiss you hard…I won’t let you breath.”
He disconnected….Though ARjun was on the verge of losing his life and surrendering to death but his promise to radhika made him fight for his life…
ARjun had worked as a bombdefuser as a part-time job to earn money and build up Mehra empire again when his father lost everything in gambling….He had faced such situations from the time he was 18 years old… The reason for doing this risky job was to face the scaring nailbiting situation to forget his pain for sometime but now he wanted to live with her….he couldn’t die before marrying her….
There were so many things to tell and to hear….she didn’t even knew a thing about his painful past and he had to tell her everything….
‘Their story wasn’t going to end this way’….he kept repeating this to himself….
Hehehe sorry but I am leaving you hanging…..I have to go back to complete my assignment…

All aham sharma fans this z to inform you that our beloved arjun aka aham z coming back with a new show named ‘brahmarakshash’….it will be aired on Zee TV…I saw the promo and as usual his mere expression swept me off my feet….first episode will be on 6th August…. Do watch and rejoice his return?
I am updating next one on Friday…. Till then love you all sweethearts…. Byeee…tc?

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  1. Sammy

    Awesome suppu ..I was so waiting for it …and you nailed it ..the update was really amazing ..pls update janeman and devil’s child too ..I have updated desperate silence ..if you have time do check out that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks a ton Sammy darling….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deary…..May you get all the happiness of this world….. Dear will try to update r8 now its very difficult,.. I have become cranky due to fever nd cold…..yuck I hate to be ill?chalo bye Sammy…. Love you loads darling?

  2. Kavina

    I loved it. I am happy that Aham is coming back but need the rest of the crew to join too.

    1. Thanks kavina dear?only aham z coming back even I want whole mmz team back…..I wish they do….loads of love?

  3. S.v

    Hey supriya how is ur preparations going ?? Lovely update dear. Ur hak posted and its in 2nd pagr dear if read then super. Lovely update dear super update love u lods

    1. Thanks swthrt?will check out hak….actually have to catch up with many ffs….I didn’t visited tu for two three days…..I have become cranky by cold nd fever……will read hak……thanks for telling me….love you….tc?

  4. Rg2015

    Hi supriya I was waiting for this. U executed it perfectly. I loved it. When is rads truth going to come out. Wat abt sona? How will rads prove arjun innocent to Neil? And Wat answer is rads going to give arjun when he asks her how she came to know abt d bomb? Pls dear I can’t wait more . Pls update soon. And d devil story, janemaan, and other ardhika ff when will u update all. Am addicted to ur stories.,,,Glad to c it today.

    1. Thanks Ramya di?now your answers….truth in epi 23 or 24….rads will prove after knowing the complete matter…abt her answer to ARjun she will tell him the truth……will try to update soon….health issues suck the life out of me…..thanks for your appreciation…. Loads of love?stay blessed?

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for your other ff. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks brin dear?loads of love?

  6. Awesome dear Supriya…Arjun n his desires…lol…why he’s thinking ranveer as a competitor ?? Waiting for ur next update

    1. Thanks a ton Rosie di?arjun z possesive nd his male ego z hurt that’s y he z behaving like this…. Loads of love?

  7. Jessie

    Aaahhh..cliff hanger..! I know Arjun will survive but tension builds.. I was reading full tensed.hmmm.. part time bomb!!! Tats1 a surprise. And Sam trying to convince Arjun1 is superb..a true frnd.. nw Rads situation is pathetic.. Arjun Will ask how she know abt bomb n Sam won’t leave tat easily.. haaa.. all curious
    .waiting 4 Friday.. Take care dear

    1. Thanks Jessie darling?rads will tell the truth now….loads of love… Stay blessed

  8. But why would u leave it at that point? Amazing update Supriya enjoyed it very much

    1. Sammy

      Gia offcourse ..little one our dear suppu is teasing us we all will be scratching our heads for next . Suppu getting naugty day by day .:-) πŸ™‚

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  11. Dipika

    Supriya darling u made heart pound with maximum race it could be..arjun’s car has live bomb..y neil is doing this yar
    .n u wrote aradhika moment so beautiful i got goose bumps.. Samrj friendship is super.. Excited for nxt..come soon darling… Tc

  12. Shree

    Double dhamaka!! Wow.. Arjun is one nut to crack.. Ranveer competitor? The heck!! Neil is dangerous.. Like real bad… Cruel… Her panicked confession.. Cute.. Bomb diffuser? I’m not surprised.. when it comes to Arjun knowing something extraordinary
    .. I’m so unreactive.. lol I be So stupid

    Please take care… Please please please. Sorry for the late comment.. really sorry..

    Love you ??

  13. Superb Supriya..thnx for posting a double dhamaka…this was fabulous..SaRjun friendship was really adorable as I was wondering if Sam will break their friendship..Neil m loving his this shade too coz this is different..but really scared for Arjun..plz dont harm him…Loved rads concern…Dear hope ur studies are going well..take care dear we will wait for u..

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