Love you forever…Intro

Hi friends…
Iam joona I am a silent reader of your ff .after reading your ff I couldn’t control my self from writing.. I am not so good in please forgive my mistakes… I am a student and so I can’t upload my ff daily.. But I will try my best to be up to date.
Let’s start the introduction of our characters .

PARI?-(amaya in tsm..but here she have a long hair..she no so modern from a middle class family) a beautiful girl of 18with long black silky hair. Have beautiful eyes with curly long eyelashes.. She just love DANCING… She love her father so much. Her father love to see her as doctor so she is working hard for it..
Siddarth(dad of amaya in tsm)-pari’s father. Love his daughter so much .he is an interior designer.
Sumithra(mother of amaya in tsm)-mother of pari .love her kids but strict
Jaan(chottu in dabh)-younger brother of her so much. Studying in10th .

Naksh?(aryaman in kyy)-handsome, rich,good looking guy. Studying for MBBS. Active in every field. hero of the college.. He is a professional dancer also. Love his parents so much.
Saritha(mom of sid in jamai raja)-naksh’s mother. Housewife
Sanjay malhothra(father of sid in jamai raja)-father of naksh .support his son always. A big business man.
Other characters will introduce soon.

NOTE:I hope you guys support me to continue my story.. I really need your support to improve. This is my first ff.I hope you all will enjoy.?

We all know there are so many ff here…I have no idea.. If any of the character show any similarities with any characters of other ff..if yes …then iam really sorry .these characters are really from my own imagination. Iam so sure that the story lines will be entirely different from other please support me

Hopping for the best (fingers crossed) u all …have a good day….?

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  1. continue joona..which class u r studying?

    1. Thank you Ruby.. keep reading….

    1. Thanks kasam…keep reading..

  2. Continue joona

  3. Awesome intro joona dearrryyy, characters r very good…plzzzz continue…all the best…love you loads

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