love is forever (episode 9)

the episode start with aliya packing her clothes.

aliya: finally pihu got to know shagun’s truth.
she sees adi’s watch at her desk.

aliya: i will give this to adi today.
she packs it in her bag. pihu enters aliya’s house with her bag.

pihu: ready?
aliya: so soon.
pihu: yes. but we should not let mama know.
aliya: yes. where is she now?
pihu: she left.
aliya: it’s the best time.

they leave the house.
they get on a taxi.

scene shifts to the bhalla house.
they all cry
ruhi: how can shagun do this.
adi: yes. she didn’t even ask pihu.
mrs bhalla: but we shouldn’t spoil the party.
mr bhalla: yes yes.

aliya and pihu suddenly enters the house. they all get happy. adi smiles seeing aliya

ruhi: pihu! you got the news.
pihu: what?
adi: the invitation of the party for ananya. i told your mum.
pihu: party? no mama never told me.
aliya: we are here for something else.
ishita: what dear?

pihu steps forward, she cries.

mrs bhalla: whats’s wrong?
pihu: my mama…
raman: what pihu? what did she do to you?
pihu: nothing papa. she is doing it to ishita.

they all get shocked.

pihu: yes. she is going to kill mani uncle and blame ishita for it.

they all get shocked.

aliya: yes, that is the truth. pihu heard her talking. it’s not a surprise.
pihu: i want to stay here for a few days. i don’t want to go back yet.
adi: yes.. yes.. sure pihu.

ishita: but we need to save mani.

everyone nods.

aliya: but how amma. i am scared. appa went for some work. he will be back in 5 more days.
ishita: then we have only 5 more days.
aliya: yes.
ishita: i will call ACP Abishek for help.

everyone nods.

pihu goes near ishita.

pihu: ishita aunty, i’m sorry i didn’t understand you.
pihu cries and hugs ishita. ishita cries. yeh hai mohhabatein plays….

everyone smiles and cries.

mrs bhalla: okay okay. we need to get ready for the party for ananya
everyone : yes yes. ananya will be here soon.
ishita: pihu, aliya go and get changed.

aliya, pihu and ruhi leaves. they enter ruhi’s room.

aliya: where will i sleep?
ruhi: the same place you slept the other day.
aliya: what with adi?
ruhi laughs.
ruhi: yes yes.

aliya smiles thinking.
aliya (thinking): i can give adi his gift privately.
ruhi: is it okay.
aliya: yeah… i guess..

precap: ananya comes with simmi.
everyone celebrates her birthday.
aliya gives adi her gift and adi gives alia her gift.


  1. Ananthi

    Yes.. where is part 8?? Yes, I got a breath of relief when Pihu got to know Shagun’s truth in this ff!! And adi Aliya are going to get together,maybe in tomorrow’s ff! BTW nice fanfiction!!!! Superb

  2. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    Pihu is scared to live with shagun knowing her truth.loved ishu pihu moments with yhm song..gud that pihu aliya informed bhallas everything.hope they will save mani.sad 4 mani.he didnt get ishu’s luv n he got a dangerous wife too.again aliya to stay in adi’s room.ha ha.precap is so interesting.cant wait 4 d next part

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.