love is forever (episode 8)


hello everyone. so sorry i couldn’t update yesterday. i will post 2 episodes today.
the episode starts with ruhi giving balloons to adi.

ruhi: brother, hang it up.
adi: here?
ruhi: yeah, perfect.

ruhi and adi hang the decorations.
ishita bakes a cake. raman comes there.

raman: who is baking the cake?
ishita: me!
raman: oh no! we won’t be able to eat it then.
ishita: oh really?

everyone smiles.

scene shifts to aliya’s house.

shagun: i need to be careful aliya. after all she is ishita’s daughter.

shagun gets abhita’s call.

shagun: hello.
abhita: hello madam, i have a plan.

pihu enters the house.

shagun: whats your plan?
abhita: shagun.. are you sure about this.
shagun: what are you talking about abhita?

pihu sees shagun. she listens

shagun: i need to kill MANI!!! and i need to blame ishita for that!

pihu gets shocked.

pihu: mama wants to kill mani uncle?

abhita: okay..

shagun sees pihu

shagun: i will call you later.

she disconnect the call.

shagun wonders: did pihu hear me?

shagun: pihu, how was school. i sent the driver to pick you up as i was busy.
pihu (thinks) : i should not ask mama about this.

pihu: good.
shagun kisses pihu.

pihu smiles falsely. she leaves.

she enters her room.

pihu: mama wants to kill mani uncle? is my mama bad? did ishita tell the truth? is it the truth

she cries.

pihu: no this can’t happen. i need to tell aliya di about this.

pihu enters aliya’s room crying. aliya sees her.

aliya: pihu why are you crying?
pihu: di, shagun mama…
aliya: what? what happened?
pihu: she is….

the scene shifts to the bhalla house.

mrs bhalla: we nearly forgot.
ruhi: what dadi?
mrs bhalla: we have to invite pihu.

everyone nods and smiles.

ruhi calls shagun.

shagun: what?
ruhi: give the phone to pihu.
shagun: why?
ruhi: we need to invite her for ananya’s birthday party.
shagun: no she’s not coming.
ruhi: what are you saying. you didn’t even ask her.
shagun: i am her mum. i take decisions.

she ends the call.

in aliya’s houe…
aliya: what pihu?
pihu: mama is going to kill…. mani uncle.

aliya gets shocked.

aliya: what?
pihu: yes i heard her. and she is going to blame ishita for it.
aliya: what?
pihu: what do we do?
aliya: lets go to the bhalla house. and tell them.
pihu: yes. let me pack.
aliya: what? pack?
pihu: i don’t need a wicked mum.

pihu leaves.
aliya smiles.

precap: aliya pack the watch for adi and smiles.
pihu and aliya enters the bhalla house.
pihu tells everyone shagun’s plan.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    poor pihu got scared seeing shagun’s evil face.gud that she shared it with aliya.shagun did’nt allow bhallas 2 invite pihu 4 ananya’s b’day party.she is so irritating

  2. Jigaysa


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