love is forever (episode 7)


hello everyone how was your weekend? i will be updating the whole week.

the episode starts with abhita getting shocked.

abhita: kill? who?
shagun: mani… Abhimanyu Raghav.
abhita: i have never killed someone, but i can try.
shagun: i need to kill him and blame ishita for it.
abhita: why?
shagun: then ishita will be in jail, and she will get death sentence, and raman can be mine.
abhita: okay. i will do it. but it will cost.
shagun: don’t worry about money.
abhita: then its a deal

shagun and abhita smiles and shakes hand.

the scene shifts to aliya’s house.ruhi comes there.

ruhi: today i will tell the truth.
ruhi gets a call.

ishita: ruhi! where are you? come here quickly.
ruhi: why?
ishita: it’s ananya’s birthday.
ruhi: what?
ishita: you don’t remember? oh ruhi! we need to plan a surprise.
ruhi: okay. i’m coming.

ruhi looks at the house and sighs. she leaves.

next scene:

adi is in the car on the way to his house.

adi: aliya thanked me! that’s a very big thing. i should get something for her. she even gave me my wallet when i left it.

adi stops the car at a jewellery shop. adi enters. he looks at the necklaceses.

seller: what are you looking for sir?
adi: a necklace.
seller: for someone special

adi smiles thinking of aliya.

adi: no… no.. she’s just a friend
seller: okay.

adi chooses a beautiful necklace. he packs it and get on the car.

in aliya’s room….

aliya: was that thank you enough? no.. no i need to get him something. a watch?

aliya gets her phone and chooses a watch.

shagun enters the house. she enters aliya’s house.

shagun: what do you want for dinner

aliya looks up

aliya: what?
shagun: i’m in a good mood, don’t ruin my mood. please.
aliya: you are in a good mood beacuse of a bad thing. isn’t it.

shagun gets shocked.

shagun: wh..what?
aliya: why else would you be happy?

shagun leaves.

precap: shagun gets abhita’s call. shagun talks about her plan. pihu listens and get shocked.
bhalla’s get ready to celebrate ananya’s birthday.

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  1. Wow coming part shagun gets expose..very nice

  2. Ooh…luv it!

  3. Devika V Rajesh

    Very nice

  4. Jasminerahul

    missed ur ff 4 2 days.shagun is so cruel 2 kill mani n put d blame on sweet of adi 2 buy a necklace 4 aliya.aliya too buying gift 4 adi.cant wait 4 gift exchange.waiting eagerly 4 anaya’s b’ other ff has anaya.what aliya said is rt.shagun can b in a gud mood only 4 a bad thing.pihu knowing shagun’s secret is so exciting.

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you! i don’t know how to thank you. one of my success i you!. you have been following me from the very 1st episode thank you!!!

      1. Jasminerahul

        No need of thanks.Just update regularly without discontinuing it in middle.Thats more than enuf 4 me

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