love is forever (episode 5)


the episode starts with aliya getting dressed.

shagun: where are you going
aliya: to a party
shagun: party where?
aliya: at isha’s
shagun: why?

aliya rolls her eyes and leaves.

aliya enters isha’s house. isha welcomes her.
isha: i am so glad you came.
aliya: just for you my friend.

they hug. a handsome man comes wearing a full suit.

isha: this is rahul.
aliya: nice to meet you

they shake hands.

rahul: i have heard a lot about you. isha always talks about you.

aliya smiles.

isha: come on lets take a seat.
they sit down. they have juice.

The next scene shifts to the bhalla house.

pihu: i need to leave. mama asked me not to stay tonight.
mrs bhalla: pihu are you happy to leave us.
pihu: i don’t mind. i am happy in my house, and here too.

everyone cries.
shagun comes to pick ruhi up.

shagun: let’ go pihu.
she grabs pihu’s hand and leave.

bhallas cries.

in isha’s house…

rahul: let’s play a game.
isha: okay but what?
rahul: a quiz isha. let’s see who knows her better?
aliya: okay.

they all play the game happily. they do not realize about the time.

aliya: oh my gosh! its 10.00 pm. i should leave. bye.
isha: bye aliya.
rahul: bye. nice to meet you.

aliya leaves.

she walks to the taxi stand. she gets worries. she switches on her phone
she sees lots of messages from mani.

aliya: silly me. i switched my phone off to avoid shagun’s calls. i forgot to
switch it on.

aliya stares at her phone and continues walking. she feels as someone is following
her. she looks back, she sees nothing. but suddenly goons come and slaps her.

goons: lets go. we need beautiful girs like you.
aliya: n-no please. let me go.

aliya screams. goons hit her hard.
Someone comes and hits the goons. he punches them. they get hurt.
goons leave scared.

aliya: you..?
adi: yes. say thank you.
aliya smiles and faints on adi’s arm.

adi: aliya…aliya…

adi takes aliya to his car. he sprinkles water on her. aliya wakes up.

adi: thank god! are you okay?

aliya nods.

adi: i will drop you home. drink some water.

adi gives aliya a water bottle. she drinks water. adi drives. aliya smiles seeing
adi reachs aliya’s house.

aliya: i will go from here.
adi: no i will drop you.
aliya: no you know about shagun.

adi nods. adi leaves.

aliya slowly opens the door. she peeps inside. she gets happy seeing
there is nobody. she enters the house.
suddenly someone grabs hold of her. its mani.

mani: where were you young lady?
mani lets her go.

aliya: i was at a party.
mani: yes yes. shagun told me. but why are you so late.
aliya: well… we were having fun. anyway i’m tired.
mani: aliya please be more responsible.

mani sees aliya’s wounds.

mani: aliya what’s this? what happened?

aliya recalls about the goons.

aliya: n- nothing. we were playing a game with our
eyes closed. i hit a table.

mani: you are still like a child.

aliya goes in to her room. she recalls adi saving her.

aliya: why is adi helping me so much?

she recalls their times: when he saved aliya, when she fell on aliya.

aliya: what do i feel?
anger. but a very nice anger.

she gets on to her bed. she smiles. she hugs her teddy.

aliya: stupid me. forget that. i need to sleep.

aliya sleeps.

precap: aliya thinks of how to thank adi.
ruhi thinks of saying the truth to pihu.

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  1. Tvfan1

    Sorry recorrection let’s play a quiz about isha

  2. Jasminerahul

    when goons caught aliya adi saved fainted in his arms n he took care of her 4 some moments.loved him being so caring 2wards aliya’s anger is melting.loving it.but why did she hide abt d goons 2 mani?waiting 4 the next adliya meeting.sad that shagun took away pihu.

  3. Nice story.

    Bhalla couldn’t stop Shagun for taking Pihu away. Bhalla know about court order and knew about Shagun tricks. Pihu will realised that Shagun is playing her evil games so Pihu will be hurt very deeply for not believing Bhalla. Pihu will be seen sad by Aylia or Mani. Aylia think about how to cheer Pihu but goes in vain.

    Adi is such well manner man who save women from goons just like Raman save Ishita from goons when they first met and discussed about Mihir and Mihika happiness. Mani did not noticed who drive the car and drop Aylia, thank god! If Mani see Adi there then Mani will make scene at Bhalla house and accused Adi and Ishita.

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