love is forever (episode 4)

hello everyone. yesterday’s episode (part 3) was a bit weird. bhallas were so
foward on asking aliya to sleep in adi’s room. but that was because i
wanted more aliya and adis scenes. please comment on my faults.
many people say my episodes are short, but i do as much as possibe. hope you
enjoy! i also changed the cover photo.

The episode starts with adi and aliya getting shocked.

adi: what? ruhi?
aliya: no i will sleep on the floor. i will never go there.
ishita: aliya.. i will give you a special mattress. but please don’t sleep on the floor.

aliya and adi agrees angrily.

later adi and aliya enters adi’s room.
adi: i am going to sleep on the mattress
aliya: no! amma said it was for me
adi: you can sleep on the bed, it is more comfortable. i am helping you
aliya: why don’ t you sleep on the bed. i am used to uncomfortable.

aliya and adi argues a lot. ishita enter the room with aliya’s stuff and gets
shocked seeing adi and aliya arguing.

ishita: stop! stop acting like children.

adi and aliya looks down in shyness.

ishita: aliya you sleep on the mattress. it is a blow up mattress
it feel just like a real bed.
aliya: ok amma.

at night ishita blows up aliyas mattress. everyone gets ready to sleep.
aliya changes her clothes and steps on her pillow. she slips and lands on adi
on the bed.ore piya plays.

adi: you purposefully landed on me
aliya pushes adi and gets up.
aliya: i did not. you put this pillow here, so you can blame me.
adi: stop! i need to sleep. i hate being disturbed when i’m asleep.

aliya frowns and sleep.

It’s morning. adi, aliya, pihu,ruhi gets up and have breakfast.

ishita: how was your night aliya?

aliya looks at adi. adi smiles.

aliya: great!
ishita smiles.

aliya leaves bhalla’s after breakfast. she comes into her house. she sees shagun and mani.
aliya ignores them and enters the house.

aliya: she will act good now because appa is here.

shagun: aliya. you came? how was the night? did you have breafast.
aliya: what do you think? my amma wouldn’t treat me well? they treated me well. raman was like my own father.
mani: don’t you know how to talk to elders? she is asking nice things.

aliya rolls her eyes and goes into her room. mani leaves.
after mani leaves shagun comes into aliya’s room.

shagun: aliya i don’t like this behaviour. i need to ask how is my pihu? i don’t need to care about you. i just love pihu
aliya: she is fine. everyone loves her.
shagun: did she give the gift to ishita?
aliya: so you were behind it?

shagun laughs and leaves.

aliya gets isha’s call.

isha: aliya i’m getting engaged

aliya gets shocked.
aliya: engaged.
isha: yes it was planned earlier. but i didn’t want to tell you. i thought i will surprise you.
aliya: but i was your best friend
isha: yes yes. now you know it anyway. well i am having a party with him tommorow night.
aliya: what is his name? what is he like?
isha: his name is rahul. he is so sweet and romantic.
aliya: okay….
isha: forget that. are you coming tommorow? to the party? rahul will be also there.
aliya: hmmm… okay i will come. but who else is invited?
isha: just you and me and rahul.
aliya: that’s good.

they disconnect the call.

next scene shifts to the bhalla house.

pihu: i love you ruhi didi
ruhi: yes me too. can you stay here tommorrow too?
pihu: i will ask mama.
ruhi: no need. i will ask. would you like to stay?
pihu: yes but just 1 more day.
ruhi: okay

ruhi, ishita, raman adi and mrs bhalla smiles.

precap: aliya attends the party. she meets rahul.
everyone cries when pihu leaves the bhalla house.
aliya leaves the party. goons attacks her.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    adilya fall scene was romantic.they r always fighting like kids.but y r they angry with each other?Shagun is the one who is behind Pihu;s gift 4 cheap she is.plz expose Shagun soon.waiting 4 adilya romance

    1. Tvfan1

      They are like kaira at the beginning.that’s why they fight
      They find each other annoying. I will expose Shagun soon

  2. Kumud

    Good like it

  3. There is nothing unnatural with you making Adi and Aliya in one room!!!? It is a well planned ‘aadilya’ moment! ??

    Update more!!!! ?❤???????????

    1. Tvfan1

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Nice story and Pihu is such naughty and how can Pihu learnt bad thing on Shagun.
    Mani should not take Shagun side and scold Aylia to respect Shagun.

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