Love you forever… Episode 3

Hi friends…. Here is the next episode..
Pari&her father reached college hostel.
Siddarth-beta..u go and look ur room no. I will come after seeing the authorities.
Pari- but papa luggage..
Siddarth- I will bring it beta..u go
(Pari went to look the list. She saw her name)
Pari- no 7
She went to her room and opened it.. She was shocked…(wt u expected is right… Her room mates…)
One girl wearing a mini skirt and a blue top is standing on the top of the bed&is busy in taking selfy

(Sam ).other girl is also modern. But she is hearing music in her headset (Anni).
Sam notices pari who is standing near the door.
Sam- oh..hello don’t u ever seen anyone taking selfy ha?
Pari- so sorry… I..I..
Sam- whatever.. Just go and close the door
Pari- sorry to disturb.. But room no 7second bed is mine .Hi guys I am pari.
Sam- (in shock) wt u r pari?..oo noo..wt the..I thought I will get some interesting roommates.. But God u gave me so boring person.. No..I can’t adjust here.
Hearing all this sound Anni removed her headset. (Anni and Sam are childhood best friends)
Annie -wt happened guys? Sam wt is the problem?
Sam- she is the problem. U know what.. She is our new roommate.
Just look at her.. She is so boring..I can’t share room with her(pari get sad)
Sam- wt?look at her Anni ..ha..she is pretty. But her dressing scens and overall she is from 17th century.I want some cool person.. Not such a girl.

Anni sees tears in parri’s eyes.
Anni- Sam stop it yaar she is crying.. Ur mission finished na?now its enough.
Sam- omg ..pari..don’t cry plz..I am really was a joke yaar .chill…u r so sweet…
Anni- pari don’t take her serious yaar..she is always like this. She just love giving shock to everyone
(Pari is amazed seeing her roommates…she wiped her tears.)
Sam- OK parri…BTW iam Sam.u can call me sammi. And she is Anni.and plz don’t take my joke so serious. Anni is right… I just love giving shock to everyone.. When I saw u..ur innocent face striked on my mind. So I thought before giving the offer.. I need to give my introduction in my own was it?
Pari- but it was too much.BTW wt offer.. I didn’t get it?
Anni- offer…ya..if u want, u can join us as…
Sam- as..our best friend… So bff?
Pari- thank u(they shared a hug)
Pari’s father and warden came to room.
Warden-all set…pari this is ur room.they r ur room pari’s father can go..pari.. I shall understand u the rules and regulations. First…
Sam interrupted
Sam- mam.I already told her everything.. Right na pari?

Pari- ha?
Anni-ya right…
Warden-ok then.pari say bye to ur father and go to bed. And turn of the light ha?
Anni- yes mam(warden goes)
Siddarth-beta…iam going.
(Pari get imotional and hugged him)
Pari- love u papa.I will miss u
Siddarth- I will also miss you. Don’t worry.. We will come next week to see you. Now enjoy with ur friends. And study well.bacho take care.. Bye
Anni and sam- bye uncle
(Siddarth goes)
Pari- Sam and Anni why did you say lie to warden?
Sam- wt?omg…seriously?? U r asking this to me?u were interested in her lecture? U r impossible..

Anni- pari.. Sam did right. The warden… If she start to speak, she won’t stop her rules and regulations.. And u can’t even say a bye to ur father like us.Sam felt u really need some time with your father. That’s why..
Pari gets so happy and hugs them
Pari- thank you guys. I never expected I will get such a good friends so fast
Sam- oh hallo …I always take everything serious..
Anni lough
Sam- ha..OK..not everything but friendship… I am damn serious about it.
Anni- she is right.
Pari-thank u so much ..I luv u all.
Sam- OK now go to bed.. We have to wake up early 5am.and pari plz call me on time ha?
Pari- night.
Sam and anni- good night.
Everyone goes to their respective bed.pari sat on bed and took her family photo. She kissed it
Pari- love you papa. Momma.. And u all gd n8
(She removed the frame. And took another photo from its back)

it was a family photo. We can see a husband and wife. And our pari)
Pari- dad..and mom…I miss you.. U .tomorrow…I am starting my career.. Bless me. Ha..?.good n8(she lay down in the bed..and fall in to sleep)

Guys..pari is orphan .she lost her parents when she was 5.but siddarth and sumithra ,when they knew they can’t have a child ..they adopted her .but miracle.. They got a son..but they loved her daughter so much.they always considered her as their luck. She too loved them like her own family.she saw her parents in them..siddarth loved to see her as a doctor. She also wanted to fulfill her father’s wish..)

I hope u like the story.. Keep reading… And give me suggestions.. I will try my best to correct it.. Love you all. Have a great day.

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