love is forever (episode 25) *last part* *thank you for your help*

oh my gosh guys… i can’t believe that this is my last episode… 🙁
i don’t know whether you are sad or not… but… i am… i will miss your nice comments.
special thank to EVERYONE FOR BEING WITH ME…
i know that you all were against my idea of separating adiya but i wanted a ‘twist’ coming so..

let’s get on with my episode.

the episode starts with ruhi seeing their family pictures hanging on the wall.

ruhi (thinks): these need to change.. we need to add a family picture of all of us… pihu.. ananya.. oh and aliya…

she smiles.

in abisheks house.

mihika: abhi..
abishek: why mihika?
mihika: did you see my phone?
abishek: your phone? no…
mihika: but i kept it here..
abishek: take my phone then..
mihika: o..okay..

he takes abishek’s phone. she sees it locked.

mihika: oh.. what’s the password…. enter it for me..

she hands it to abishek. abishek refuses.

abishek: no.. the password… is … your birthday…
mihika: what?
abishek: yes…

mihika turns away and smiles. she sees her picture in the wallpaper of abishek’s phone. she smiles.

the scene shift to the bhalla house.

mrs bhalla: ishita… did adi call you?
ishita: no.. mami ji.. not yet….

suddenly aliya gets a call. it’s from adi.. she smiles.

aliya: amma…. here see.. adi’s calling me..

everyone smiles.

simmi: quick.. answer…

aliya answers..

adi: hello?
aliya: hello? adi?
adi: yes.. yes… this is me…
aliya: how are you? was the flight delayed? did you get there on time?
adi (laughs) : yes.. yes… i’m fine… and now i am in america…

she smiles. she whispers to th bhallas…

aliya: he is in america now..

everyone smiles..

adi: well.. adi.. i will call you when i go to the hotel… i will call you by a different number…
aliya: okay.. call me at night..
adi: rememeber your night.. my morning..
aliya: yes.. i forgot about the time difference…
adi: bye…
aliya: bye..

she hangs up and smiles.

mrs bhalla: what did he say?
aliya: he’s fine now.. and … he will call me at night…
simmi: there is a time difference no?

aliya nods…

later at night..

aliya is in adi’s room looking out from the window..

aliya: adi.. you are miles away from me… but our love isn’t…

wind blows…

aliya: i will and you will move on in life… but not our love…. because our love is forever….

she smiles…

she sits down on her bed.

aliya: it’s amazing… within a couple of days.. how you moved away… but it will be soon when we meet again..

she hugs adi’s picture and smiles…

precap: end of the show…


guys so that’s it…. i know my endings are not good… but please wait for season 2..

there is another ff by me called are you my love? and it’s about ishveer,vikor and kaira so please follow that too..

probably season 2 will be out on december 1st… but i will try to post before that…

and peope who are reading my other ff… i will now post daily (i think)…

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  1. Ankitha

    Nice ending of season 1 will surely miss ur ff . Plz post season 2soon

  2. stupid ending….. never ever saw such an ugly ending …. u came up nicely but ended it in very stupid way… in vain my time :@

    1. Tvfan1

      Excuse me.. Please I tried my best and was kind to everyone read season 2 and you will understand soon. Please don’t be so rude. I tried my best sorry guys if I did anything wrong 🙁

      1. thats is my whole point u tried ur best but the ending was not nice dint u feel it before saying it was the end… i had so much of imaginations thinking aid might not go if not aliya might have gone to america as an surprise for him when she said she will not come to airport… u spoilt the whole suspense…. i am sorry actually for being rude…. eve half way i thought their will be something special they way u started it but u disappointed ur readers and i was a silent reader and ur this ending made me comment…i have not been so rude to any FF not even hrs i wanted to but I’m sorry again an fall the best….

    2. Tvfan1

      Read the comment below that I wrote

  3. Jasminerahul

    abhika scene was shows how much abhi luvs her.adya conversation was nice.cant believe that u ended this.very sad.but happy that u will start season2 soon.plz start season2 soon n dont wait till dec.
    but y did u end it so soon n starting season2?u cud’ve continued it naa

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