love is forever (episode 23)

the episode starts (next morning) with mrs bhalla asking adi…

mrs bhalla: adi.. what do you want to take to america?
adi: your love..

mrs bhalla hugs him

mrs bhalla: my love is always with you puttar…

they smile.

it’s the last night of adi with aliya.

adi: aliya..

he sees aliya sleeping. he goes near her..

adi: i know you are faking….

he tickles her. she giggles and wakes up.

aliya: stop..stop..
adi: so you are not sleeping.

she smiles.

adi sees their picture.

adi: oh before i forget put this into my luggage aliya..

aliya puts it into his bag and cries.

aliya: it’s soo soon adi
adi: aliya…

she hugs him and cries.

adi: aliya….
aliya: i don’t know.. how to live without you..

adi kisses her.

adi: be strong..

next morning adi is ready to leave…

raman: mama… get the puja done quickly… it’s getting late.
mrs bhalla: coming…
ishita: got your tickets? passports?

adi nods.

mrs bhalla comes with the aarti plate. she does aarti.
everyone cries.

simmi: safe journey adi beta..
ruhi: adi brother…

she hugs him and cries. ananya and pihu too hugs and cries. adi cries seeing them.

adi: only for 4 years…
sarika: but that is a long time..

aliya cries. adi sees her and winks.

ishita: okay lets’s leave. aliya you are coming right?

aliya shakes her head. adi gets shocked.

adi: what?
aliya: no.. i don’t want to come.. i don’t want to… see you… leave….

ishita hugs her and cries.

ishita: you don’t have to come aliya… if you don’t want to..

she cries. adi looks at her and cry. tu safar mere plays..

raman: let’s go..
ishita: yes..

everyone cries and waves good bye. adi stares at aliya. they both cry.

precap: ishita and raman cry and hug adi at the airport. adi sees aliya there

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  1. Jasminerahul

    its very sad.adi going.poor adya.duno if there will b a twist in d next part

  2. Inu

    superb cum sad part.

  3. Ankitha

    Plz don’t seperate Adilya plz

  4. superb.

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