love is forever (episode 22)

the episode starts with adi and aliya walking on the streets.

adi: shall we go shopping?
aliya: what?
adi: it’s my last few days here, so i need to gift you…
aliya: hm… okay.

they goes shopping. suno aisha plays….

after shopping….

adi: let me put these into my car…

he puts the shopping bags in his car.

aliya: adi…. shall we go for a walk? please?
adi: now?
aliya: yeah…
adi: okay then.

they walk. adi holds aliya’s hands. aliya looks at him..

adi: oh see there is a photo studio
aliya: shall we take a photo?
adi: let’s go.

they go in. there is a camera man.

man: go in that… and presse the button, and the photo will print out..
adi: okay.

they go in. 3….2… displays on screen
adi kisses her on the cheeks. 1…!
photo prints out.

adi: see.. cute..
aliya: you..
adi: yes…..

they give the photo to the man.

man: would you like a frame?
aliya: yes..
man: how many copies?
adi: 2 please
man: come and pick it in 30 mins
adi: okay. thankyou

they leave
they walk on. there is a park. they go there.

adi: very peaceful here..
aliya: hmm…

adi drags aliya behind a tree.

adi: aliya…

aliya looks at him.

adi: you know what im going to say… and please listen.

he takes a deep breath.

adi: aliya… you are my first and only love. i love you.. from the bottom of my heart… and this trip does not mean that i don’t love you. we are only going to be apart for 4 years aliya and don’t be scared. be strong always.

aliya cries, and look away.

adi: look at my eyes aliya… please.

aliya looks at his eyes and cries.

adi: please trust me.. and promise me that you will be strong and love me…
aliya: i..p-r–omi…se

adi smiles.

aliya: and promise me..
adi: i promise.

aliya hugs him.

adi: aliya..
aliya: i love you adi…

adi breaks the hug and kisses her. sab tera plays….


adi and aliya get their photo and leave in the car.
they get in the bhalla house. as it’s night they sleep.

in the morning…

raman enters the bhalla house happily.

raman: ishita.. adi.

ishita and adi come down.

adi: what happened?
raman: i got the…
ishita: tickets?

raman nods and shows adi the tickets. they smile.

raman: it’s the day after tommorow adi…

ishita and adi get shocked.

ishita: so soon?
raman: i know it is so soon… but that was the only tickets i could find…
raman: you said that you are ready. aren’t you?

adi nods and leave with the tickets.

adi: aliya..
aliya: yes?
adi: i got the tickets.
aliya: oh really?
adi: yes…

aliya looks at his face

aliya: why are you worried?
adi: i have to leave….
aliya: yes when?
adi: day… tommorow….

aliya gets shocked.

aliya: what?
adi: i know…

aliya cries and hugs him.

adi: remember the promise yesterday?
aliya nods.

precap: ishita ask aliya if she wants to come and drop adi. aliya shakes her head

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  1. Kumud

    Awwwww so cute

  2. Jasminerahul

    adya scenes were all emotional.their scenes touched my heart.i hope there will b a twist which unites them

  3. Ankitha

    Excellent episode and heart touching one

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