love is forever (episode 21)

the episode starts with adi talking to aliya

adi: what do you think?
aliya: i..don’t know
adi: i don’t want to leave… but papa is right aliya

aliya leaves.

adi (thinks) oh aliya! but should i leave?

he thinks

scene shift to the iyer house. krishitija is drawing a picture. vandu enters.

vandu: krishi….
krishitija: mama?
vandu: what are you doing?
krishitija: drawing.

shravan enters.

shravan: mama.. did you see my basketball?
vandu: no
krishitija: care less brother..
shravan: hey!

shravan chases her. krishitija runs. vandu smiles.
bala enters.

bala:why are they running?

vandu smiles.

bala: anyway vandu… i met krishitija’s sir.
vandu: oh.. what did he say?
bala: he says that krishitija is a very good artist.

vandu smiles.

bala: but… she is not good for maths

vandu looks down.

vandu: oh bala! you should teach her…
bala: hmmm… yes.

they smile.

scene shift to ishita and raman’s bedroom.

raman: did you speak to him?

ishita nods.

suddenly adi enters.

adi: mama? papa?

ishita and raman looks up

raman: come on in beta…

adi comes.

adi: ishi maa… i thought about that…
ishita: so…
adi: and you are right.

they smile. aliya looks on.

adi: so.. i decided to leave abroad!

ishita and raman smile. aliya gets shocked. she leaves.

the scene shift to adi’s room. aliya cries.

aliya: oh lord! how can i live without him for 4 years? how?

she suddenly wipes her tears.

aliya: no i can! but if something wrong happens… i will not… spare him.

in ishra’s room.

raman: a..ah… that’s great news adi.
ishita: yes…

adi smiles.

raman: i will call and get your tickets soon. so get ready.

adi nods and leave.

he enters his room. adi sees aliya packing his clothes.

aliya: is it cold now there adi?

adi gets shocked.

adi: so… you … are not sad?
aliya: why should i be? if you are happy i am too..
adi: oh…great?

he helps her.

adi: get those trousers too.
aliya: okay.

adi stares at aliya.

aliya: why are you staring?
adi: aliya… this is my last few days… shall we have some fun?
aliya: fun?
adi: yes… like go out?
aliya: out?

adi nods. she agrees.

the scene shift to the kitchen.

ishita: mami ji…
mrs bhalla: what?
ishita: he agreed.
mrs bhalla: oh great! finally he will have some peace.

they smile.

in adi’s room.

aliya is getting ready in her best dress. it is blue and white.

adi enters and gets shocked.

aliya: is.. this good?
adi: beautiful…
aliya: thank you!
adi: gorgous as always.

aliya blushes. adi kisses her forehead. they smile.

aliya: shall we go?
adi: yes.. my lady.

they laugh.

precap: adi and aliya is having fun and spending their time at night.


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    never thought that adi will agree 2 leave so easily.what will happen 2 aliya?last scene of AdYa was romantic.thx 4 including Bala Vandu family scene with kids

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