Love you forever… Episode 2

Sorry for the late updates…i had exam..really sorry…
frnds.. Here is the 2epi
After few weeks…
Pari’s home.
Pari is packing her luggage… Her mom and dad is helping her.(u r right she is going to college hostel)siddarth went out of the room.
Pari-Mom,tomorrow my college will start. I don’t know how can I adjust there without u people.
Sumithra-don’t worry Pari.. Everything will be fine. You r world’s best daughter. U will get so many good friends there.
(Siddarth came to room after calling the taxi )
Siddarth-dont u guys ready till now?we have to rush soon.

Pari- papa wait a second. Jaan will be coming from school. I want to meet him.
Jaan came from school
Pari- jaan ,iam going to hostel brother.I will miss u.(her eyes get filled with tears. Jaan also started to get imotional .but he wasn’t ready to show it)
Jaan-oh…thank God. Now I can have my room completely.and I will get papa mamma’s love every time…(Pari get sad again… Jaan also felt same pain seeing her)
Jaan-i think u r getting imotional.. If u want I can give you a hug.
(In fact jaan needed that hug so badly than her.he hugged her tightly with out waiting for her reply.)
Siddarth-beta..v have to go..
Pari hugged everyone. Jaan gave her a family photo. She kissed in his forehead.
Jaan-wt r u doing. I am not a small kid.

Pari- but u r always my small brother na?
She took blessing from mom and dad and entered into taxi. Jaan waved his hand with tears.. She also waved her hand by hugging the family photo.
Naksh’s home
Naksh and his frnds r playing video game in room
Rahul-ok guys stop it…we have to plan something for tomorrow.
Rohan-ya guys.. Our college will start tomorrow. We r the seniors.v have to plan something really good for juniors.
Naksh- yaa right yaar.I am also so bored with these stupid video games. This is the time for having real fun…
All put their hands together.
Naksh- OK guys r u ready for
Everyone say yes
Naksh- tomorrow is our rule… Ha ha…
Everyone get laughing.. And started to plan for tomorrow.

Thank u friends.. For the support and love.. Plz continue reading.. And plz give me suggestions..
Have a good day… Love you all…

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  2. So short update yaar

    1. I am sorry hayathi… I will upload next episode soon.. Thank u for reading…

  3. Lovely episode dear, pari n n akshaya both excited for the first day of college, pari little nervous too..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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