love is forever (episode 2)

episode starts with aliya and isha getting of the bus.

isha: i will stop here. you go on. my house is near.
aliya: no i will drop you. you know i hate to go to my house.
isha: come on then.

next scene starts with adi leaving office in a hurry with raman\

adi: papa today pihu’s coming.
raman: yes yes lets go.
they leave in the car

next scene:

aliya: isha i should leave. the tea was nice
isha: ok bye aliya

they hug and aliya leave

isha: come on i will drop you near to the taxi stand.

in the car:

raman: adi i am going to buy something for pihu in that store.
adi: ok papa. come soon. i am also getting out to get some fresh air.

adi sees the taxi stand.

aliya: bye isha see you tommorow.
isha: bye
isha leaves. and aliya walks to a taxi. but she trips on a rock.
isha turns around. but just then someone catches her. isha smiles seeing its adi.

adi: we meet again.
aliya: leave me.

aliya pushes adi away.

adi: how rude! i saved you and now you are pushing me. you are just like your mum shagun.
aliya: I am not her daughter. just beacuse appa married her that does not mean i’m her daughter.
adi: whatever. where are you going anywhere?
aliya: why do you want to know?
adi: you don’t want to tell me? ok perfect bye!

adi leaves. aliya looks on angrily. she remembers how she saved him before

the scene shifts to the bhalla house.

a girl enters the house smiling. it is pihu.

mrs bhalla opens the door and does aarti for pihu.
ruhi,simmi,romi and mihika smiles.

mrs bhalla: come on in princess

pihu gets happy seeing the decorations
ishita looks on from far.

raman and adi comes to the bhalla house and gets happy seeing pihu.

pihu: papa!
pihu hugs raman and adi.

ruhi: no hugs for me?

pihu hugs ruhi and everyone smile

precap: pihu gives gifts to everyone and says this one for ishita. everyone smiles
aliya comes to the bhalla house. ishita smiles. adi gets shocked.


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