love is forever (episode 18) *shoutout friday*

hello guys! i am writing this and giving a shoutout. anyway it’s been so long! this episode was meant to be on friday so that’s why its ‘shoutout friday’
i am not sure about next week too because my computer is slow and my tests but i will post some, but surely the week after.
a shoutout to jasminerahul for being with me throughtout with this ff.

anyway the episode starts with aliya drinking water. adi enters.

adi: are you okay?
aliya nods.
adi: what would you like to eat?
aliya: nothing.

she gets off from the bed and walks to adi.

aliya: adi, thankyou for all your support.
adi: it’s nothing aliya.
aliya: it means so much to me… anyway i have got into a desicion.
adi: what?
aliya: i am going to leave appa and live somewhere else.

adi get shocked.

aliya: yes, if he does not want me i will leave him too.
adi: aliya…
aliya: please help me adi, always support me. think about it, will i be happy living with him?
adi: no…
aliya: so will you?

adi nods. aliya hugs him happily.

aliya: thank you…

adi kisses aliya. aliya gets shocked and brakes the hug.

aliya: a…d…i..
adi: what?

she kisses adi and leaves. adi smiles.

the scene shift to romi’s room.

sarika: romi..
romi: what happened?
sarika: you won’t believe it…

romi gets close to her.

romi: what happened?
sarika: they are coming.
romi: who?
sarika: pallavi and rohit!
romi: what?!
sarika: yes romi yes.

romi gets glad.they hug.

romi: i’m happy sarika…very happy….
sarika: me too.

the scene shifts to the living room.

neelu: mr. adi…

adi comes down.

adi: what?
neelu: there is a letter.

adi gets the letter and open it. he gets shocked.

adi: what? this can’t happen.

he shouts.

adi: ishi maa…

everyone comes down.

ishita: what happened?
adi: tell me maa who is our enemy this time?
simmi: enemy?
adi: yes. if not who can do this?

adi cries. ishita holds adi.

ishita: what happened beta?

adi gives the letter to ishita. ishita reads it and get shocked.

mrs bhalla: tell me ishita.
ishita cries.

ishita: mami ji… adi has done.. a crimanal .

everyone get shocked.

mr bhalla: kya?
ishita: yes a criminal… he has stole 5 lax..

everyone get shocked.

raman: no adi can’t do this.

he looks at adi.

raman: did you adi?

adi gets shocked.
adi: papa, don’t you trust me? i did not do such thing. he cries

mrs bhalla: who wrote it?
ishita: there is no name.

aliya leaves to her room. she cries.

aliya: oh god! i know adi can’t do this. please save my adi…please..
she cries. she hugs adi’s picture.

aliya: i love you adi… and i will love you forever… my love for you is forever…

precap: raman says that adi will have to leave abroad.
pallavi comes to the bhalla house.


i know there is high drama in this serial… but it will all get sorted with a huge twist.

comment down below with suggestion. if you want me to tell you about your ff too comment down below..
and thx for understanding and ur support


  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    thx 4 mentioning my name.these days u r not updating daily.thats dad.i luv ur ishveer ff too.I am waiting 4 ur Ishveer version of YHM too.
    loved adya scene a was emotional.hope mani aliya doesnt get separated n they wud b nice if adi unites mani aliya.loved their sweet kiss.last scene where aliya said she trusts adi was nice.but who stole money?precap is shocking.hop adi wont have 2 go abroad.

    i’m writing lots of ffs.but guess if u can,plz try reading my ss laal ishq which has ishra,romi sarika,manoj shagun,ishveer

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