love is forever (episode 16)

last episode of the week…..
this week aliya and adi expressed their love and shagun commited suicide!
now today’s episode…

the episode starts with adi watching tv. aliya enters. aliya sleeps as it’s night time.

adi: you are sleeping early?
aliya: yes, i’m tired.
adi: me too.

adi sleeps with her. aliya smiles and sleeps. adi touches her face and kisses her.

in mrs bhalla’s room…

mrs bhalla: that’s the end of the story.
pihu: thankyou dadi.

mrs bhalla hugs pihu. pihu cries.

pihu: mama…
mrs bhalla: sleep beta…

pihu sleeps. raman comes and carrie pihu to her room.ananya looks on.
after raman and pihu leaves ananya enters.

mrs bhalla: beta what’s the problem?
ananya: dadi do you love me or pihu?
mrs bhalla: what?
ananya: do you love me or pihu the best?
mrs bhalla: both beta.
ananya: no. everyone loves pihu most.
mrs bhalla: how?

ananya sits on the bed.

ananya: everyone hugs her kisses her, read stories to her. but me? they don’t even care if i’m here
mrs bhalla: that’s not true.
ananya: no dadi it is the truth. don’t you notice. everyone makes her favorite food.
mrs bhalla: that’s because she stays at a different house ananya.
ananya: i stayed in a different house for 7 years.

FB shows…

everyone is crying as they have lost ishita and ruhi.

simmi: mama papa, i’m leaving.
mrs bhalla: kya? what you are leaving too?

simmi cries.

simmi: this is not my house, raman, ishita, romi all left.
mr bhalla: this is yours.
simmi: no i don’t want to stay here, this is my brother’s. now he has left. society will say that i took his house.
mrs bhalla: what?
mr bhalla: simmi are you okay?
simmi: yes i’m fine.

simmi picks ananya. ananya cries.

mrs bhalla: atleast leave my daughter.
simmi picks ananya and leaves. ananya cries.

FB ends.

mrs bhalla: well…
ananya: i know pihu is younger to me, but does that mean i don’t deserve love?

mrs bhalla hugs ananya. they both cry. ishita and sarika looks on. ishita enters.

ananya: i will leave dadi good night.

ananya leaves. mrs bhalla cries.

it’s morning….

everyone is infornt of shagun’s picture. they do the pooja. pihu cries. pooja finishes.

ishita: let her be born somewhere nice.

suddenly the door opens and mani enters. everyone gets shocked.

ishita: mani?
mani: what? how did shagun die? tell me ishu tell me.
ishita: calm down mani, she commited suicide.
mani: no she is not that stupid, she can’t. you killed her ishita. YOU KILLED HER!

everyone gets shocked.

ishita: you don’t believe me? ask abishek.
mani: hmmm.

he sees aliya.

mani: and what about aliya and adi? they love each other?
ishita: who told you?
mani: it doesn’t matter ishu. is it true or not?

aliya steps forward.

aliya: it is the truth.

mani slaps aliya. everyone gets shocked. aliya cries.

ishita: what did you do mani?
mani: she deserve it.

ishita signs adi to take aliya away.

raman: mani they love each other.
mani: you shut up!

raman gets angry.

raman: just because you didn’t get the love…
mani: shut up. i’m warning you.
raman: that doesn’t mean that your daughter can’t love…

mani hold raman’s collar. raman pushes mani. mani beates raman. they fight.

ishita:raman, mani stop. STOP!!!

she pulls raman away.
mani leaves. he turns back.

mani: raman kumar bhalla…. i will hate you forever!!!

everyone gets shocked.

scene shifts to the abishek’s house.
abishek has the tickets. he goes to mihika’s room.

abishek: mihiku…
mihika turns away…

abishek: look i’ve got 2 tickets… for that movie…

mihika look at abishek and the tickets.

mihika: really?
abishek: really. just you and me.

mihika gets glad and hug abishek.
mihika: thank you…

abishek smiles…

precap: ishita gets a call… it’s pallavi.
adi consoles aliya….

that it is it! remember to comment and suggest your ideas for future!!

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  1. DivzS

    Nice… And so much high drama.. OK, expected…. Loved it

  2. Jasminerahul

    adilya scene was short,but romantic.Mani accused ishita of killing shagun.he slapped alia 4 loving sad.plz show shagun’s true face 2 mani.finally abhi cud calm mihika with movie tickets.cute

  3. Jasminerahul

    read that u r a MATSH fan too.then can u plz try 2 write a MATSH version of YHM?actually somebody had started a ff similar 2 YHM on ishveer.but after 2 parts she i want somebody 2 continue it.this is d link of that ff.pls see it

    1. Tvfan1

      I read the ff. It’s nice but it will be like copying her idea so I will start my own.

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes.pls start on ur own.MATSH version of YHM.not the same FF.

    2. Tvfan1

      Started a new ff call are you my love? See that

  4. Kumud

    Nice but don’t like the upcoming twist taught mani will be reasonable but no he isn’t at all

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