love is forever (episode 13) *shocking*

hello everyone . finally i got to post 🙂 today is a shocking episode. it’s something that you all were waiting for……

the episode starts with ishita choosing clothes. raman enters. (it’s night time)

raman: what are you doing?
ishita: choosing clothes.
raman: for tommorow’s dance?
ishita: dance? no raman.
raman: kya? no dance of ishra?
ishita: yes, this time we need to give other’s a chance. always we win right?

raman wraps his arm around her.

raman: yes, but….
ishita: we will host the party.
raman: okay.

it’s morning. everyone is having breakfast. adi comes.

adi: good morning.
mrs bhalla: good morning beta.

adi has his breakfast.

ishita: everyone ready to dance this evening.
mrs bhalla: yes yes why not.

everyone laughs.

pihu: ishi maa are you dancing?
ishita: nahi beta.
ruhi: why ishi maa?
raman: we are going to host the show.

everyone smiles.

it’s evening. everyone is dressed and is ready to go.

romi: everyone ready?
ishita: yes yes.
adi: where is aliya and pihu?
sarika: here they come.

aliya and pihu comes. adi is amazed by aliya’s outfit. he smiles.

ishita: wow! aliya your dress is amazing!
aliya: thank you.
simmi: where did you get the necklace?

aliya looks at adi.

aliya: um…. a friend…gave it.
sarika: that friend has a great taste.

adi smiles.

adi: stop with the necklace let’s go.
everyone leaves.

they enter the hall. they see the iyer’s there. aliya and adi’s friends are also here.

ananya: kshitija!
ananya and pihu hugs kshitija.

adi: shravan!
sharavan: hey bro!

they smile.

vandu: ishu.
ishita: sister!
vandu: where is mihika?
ishita: i thought she is with you.
vandu: no no.
ishita: let me call her.

ishita rings mihika. mihika is crying. she sees the call and wipes her tears.

ishita: mihiku?
mihika: yes ishu akka?
ishita: where are you? are you not coming?
mihika: um.. akka. sorry we can’t.
ishita: why?
mihika: well… i have some important work.
ishita: oh mihiku!
mihika: it’s okay akka.
ishita: really are you sure?
mihika: yes akka.
ishita: okay then bye.

mihika ends the call and cries.

the party starts.

raman: welcome welcome!
ishita: today we have a special party.
raman: because everyone is here.
ishita: yes. and we will be dancing.
raman: and the best dancers will get a prize.

everyone smiles.

ishita: okay! first it’s….. mrs bhalla and mrs iyer.

everyone claps. mrs bhalla and amma comes wearing hip-hop outfits. they dance.
everyone laughs.

mrs bhalla; you thought that we couldn’t dance.
amma: but you are wrong.

everyone nods and claps.

ishita: that was an amazing performance.
raman: next its…. adi and aliya.

adi and aliya enters the stage. they dance romantically on soch na sake.

everyone claps. adi and aliya smiles.

ishita: awww mere beta’s dance was amazing no?

everyone nods. adi smiles.

raman: next we have a couple.
ishita: yes. its my akka and bala.

kshitija gets shocked.

kshitija: amma and appa! yay!

bala and vandu dance.

everyone dance and everyone is happy.

adi talks to his friend. he calls aliya. aliya comes.

adi: this is my great friend aliya.
aliya: nice to meet you.

she shakes hand with adi’s friends.

aliya leaves and talks to her friends. she calls adi. adi doesn’t come. she goes to him.

aliya: come adi, meet my friends.
adi: no aliya i need to be with my friends.
aliya: very bad adi! i talked to your friends. you don’t come to my matter.
adi: it’s different.
aliya: what’s the difference? you never cares about me.

adi gets shocked. he grabs aliya’s hand and leaves. ruhi looks on

adi and aliya enters a beautiful park.

adi: i never cares about you, what is this aliya?
aliya: i’m telling the truth.
adi: no you are not. you might have not realize this aliya but I LOVE YOU!

aliya gets shocked.

aliya: w-wh-what?
adi: yes aliya… i love you. (he shouts) I LOVE YOU ALIYA!!!

aliya cries and hugs him. ae dil hai mushkil plays…

aliya: adi.. i love you too!

adi smiles. everyone claps. they realize and brake the hug. everyone is here. they gets shy.

ishita: adi… you….

she hugs adi.

adi smiles.

precap: aliya takes the pillows off her bed as adi says so…
shagun enters the bhalla house. ishita get shocked.

i know right. it’s shocking and it was a bit soon? anyway keep reading……

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  1. Tvfan1

    i was sooo excited about this i forgot about the rain. when the express their love it’s raining

  2. Jasminerahul

    dance scenes were so nice.Mrs Balla n Mrs Iyer’s was d coolest.mihika simply avoided d party bcz of her stubbornness n anger 2wards missed abhika will abhi calm her now?Aliya adi fought.but it lead to a nice confession with ae dil hai mushkil as BGM.loved it a lot.but in d precap u had written abt rain.but no rain in d episode 13 plz add adilya rain scene as d continuation of this part.plz plz.

    1. Tvfan1

      I was soo excited I forgot about the rain

      1. Jasminerahul

        plz add rain scene in d next episode

  3. Kumud

    Wow love the way he proposed to her

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