love is forever (episode 12) *long*

hello everyone how was your weekend? anyway please suggest more ideas for this serial
so i can use your ideas 🙂 this is a long episode because i am not sure if i can post tommorow. but i will try my best.

the episode starts with adi thinking

adi: how can i? how can i say i love you to aliya. she is staying in my house and i need to say it before she leaves..

aliya enters his room.

aliya: where are you lost?
adi: oh.. oh- nothing.
aliya: adi, you heard the news?
adi: kya? what happened?
aliya: raman is planing a party.
adi: for what?
aliya: because everyone is here.
adi: oh!
aliya: and everyone have to dance. they picked me and you!

adi smiles.
adi: okay…
aliya: you need to practise
adi: what do you say? i am a great dancer.
aliya: oh really? we can see tommorow.

aliya sits on her part of the bed and smiles. adi leaves.
aliya gets a call from isha.

aliya: hey isha!
isha: where were you all this time. you didn’t come to meet me.
aliya: i was busy. sorry ish.
isha: no problem. anyway i need to tell you something amazing!!
aliya: what? what?
isha: im going to america with rahul!!

aliya gets shocked.

aliya: what you got married?
isha: aliya?! no no no. we are going there for 2 years.
aliya: ish, you can’t leave me.
isha: oh aliya baby! we can’t stick forever. i have got rahul. you have adi.
aliya: adi? me?
isha: oh aliya, i know you are perfect together. you love him don’t you?
aliya: ish, how can you read my mind?
isha: because i’m your best friend?

they smile.

isha: aliya, i will be leaving in 2 days.
aliya: so soon.
isha: yes. anyway aliya i will call you day after tommorow in the airport.
aliya: yes please.
isha: bye sweet.
aliya: bye!

the scene shifts to a very dark place. only one house can be seen. shagun is there.
abishek looks on from the bushes.

shagun enters the house. it’s abhita.

abhita: welcome!
shagun: yes abhita.

abishek moves near the window. he sees shagun and abhita. he sees a broken window. he listens from there and he records their conversation.

shagun: give me the knife.

abhita gives her a knife.

abhita: here, now you get ishita’s finger prints.
shagun: yes sure.

abishek gets shocked.

abhita: from here you have to do the big part.

shagun nods and leaves. abishek quickly hides.

abishek: oh this it the plan. i will tell ishita ji.

the scenes shifts to the bhalla house.
everyone is excited about the party.

pihu: dadi?
mrs bhalla: yes beta?
pihu: are you going to dance.

everyone laugh.

mrs bhalla: hey you lot! yes pihu beta i am going to dance. but with my partner.

amma (mrs iyer) enters.

everyone laughs.

amma: we’ll show you our talents.
mrs bhalla nods.

later at night…

romi: sarika…. where is my shirt?
sarika: why do you want it? i put it to wash.
romi: what? i need it tommorow. to the party.
sarika: ah ha! i got you a new shirt.

sarika shows a new shirt. it is blue.

romi: wow!
sarika: and i got a dress in blue color too.

she shows her dress.

romi: we’ll be matching tommorow.
sarika: yes yes!

they laugh.

sarika: you know romi, i am glad that you accepted me again.
romi: me too.
sarika: and pallavi too moved on. she got a nice husband, and rohit too must be big now.
romi: yes sarika. i am glad that they moved on.

they smiles. romi kisses her cheek. sarika smiles.

scene shifts to the iyer house..

a beautiful girl is shown. she is Kshitija.

kshitija: mama. where is brother.
vandu: he is in his room.
bala: why are you looking for him?
kshitija: he took my doll.

vandu and bala laugh.

kshitija: anyway amma, appa are you going to dance tommorow.
vandu looks at bala. bala winks.
vandu: no beta, sorry. we are tired.

kshitija looks down.

Kshitija: oh okay.

she leaves.

vandu: bala, we should dance tommorow to surprise the kids.
bala: yes vandu.

scene shifts to adi’s room.

aliya shows adi a dress.

aliya: adi is this good.
aliya: it will match with your necklace.
adi: hmmm
aliya: and i have got new shoes too.
adi: hmmm.

aliya gets irritated.

aliya: adi? you are not even looking at this. all you say is hmmm.
adi: hmmm.
aliya: what?

she hits him with a pillow.

adi: ouch!
aliya laughs.

aliya leaves.

adi: yes i’m going to say it tommorow.

he smiles.

the scene shifts to abishek’s house.

abhishek calls ishita.

ishita: yes?
abishek: i have found shagun’s plan.
ishita: what is it?
abishek: she is going to kill mani with a knife. she will bring the knife to you to get the fingerprints.
ishita: i need to be careful then.
abishek: yes ishita ji. i have recorded their conversation
ishita: perfect.
abishek: call me when shagun comes to you.
ishita: yes sure!

abhishek disconnet the call.

mihika comes.

mihika: this shagun is up to her tricks again.
abishek: yes, she is never going to change.
mihika: abiskek shall we go to the party tommorow?
abishek: what? party? i have work mihika.
mihika: all you have is work work work. everyone is going there but us!
abishek: it doesn’t matter.
mihika: abishek, please why are you like this?
abishek: mihika, please im busy. i will take you there on another day.
mihika: just stop abishek. you didn’t take me on honeymoon. why? because you are busy. you always say the samething abishek.

she leaves. she enters her room and cries. abishek sees this.
he enters and sit down next to her.

abishek: fine… let’s go.
mihika: no i don’t want to.
abishek: see… what you do.
mihika: do your work and i will do my work.
abishek: mihika… let’s go.
mihika: why couldn’ t you say this before? where did your work go? when i cry, your work disappear.
abishek:’s not like that..
mihika: no abishek. please, don’t trouble me.

mihika leaves. abishek looks on.

precap: adi and aliya dance on soch na sake..
adi and aliya argues. adi drags aliya in to a park. it starts raining


so yes guys hope you liked this. sorry if i couldn’t post tomorrow but as always i will
try. comment down your suggestion too…

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  1. Tvfan1

    Now that I read it it’s not that long. Sorry but it took a long time to write too… And my hand.ached

  2. Nice but there is no ishra scenes

    1. Tvfan1

      Sorry, But this is about adi and aliya. But I will try to put ishra scenes 😉

      1. Thank tvfan1

  3. Jasminerahul

    good that abhishek traced shagun n found out her plan n informed ishita.waiting 2 c shagun’s plan backfiring her.romi sarika scene was very sweet.adi aliya scene was cute.but aliya choosing dress 2 match adi’s necklace?i’m confused.precap is so interesting.cant wait 4 adilya dance n rain romance.Abhika scene was emotional.plz make abhika attend the party.I am dying 2 c their romantic dance.thx a lot 4 writing abt Pallavi n rohit as per my request.She got a nice husband.ok…but u know I feel got angry with pallavi 4 betraying Ishita tho she saved her life.bcz of her Ishita got death sentence.still she did’nt try to save Ishita.So I felt she deserved a punishment.but guess she got only happiness.Plz atleast make pallavi repent n apologize 2 Ishita.It was very nice 2 c Romi n sarika remembering abt Rohit who was their son too.Can u plz make Romi Sarika meet Rohit in this ff?On d show though they said that Aliya has a brother named Vivaan they never introduced him.can u plz introduce him too?
    this chapter was quite long.thx 4 this

  4. Kumud

    Lovely can’t wait for him to propose to her

    1. Tvfan1

      See today’s episode

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