love is forever (episode 11)

the episode starts with everyone having breakfats.

aliya: amma, about appa?
ishita:oh yes! let me call Acp Abishek.

ishita calls abishek.

abishek: yes ishita ji?
ishita: abishek, how are you?
abishek : very well..
ishita: i hope my mihiku is doing fine.
abishek: yes yes she is fine. she is a great wife.

ishita laugh.

ishita: but that’s not why i called you.
abishek: what’s the problem?
ishita: abishek… shagun is up to her tricks again.
abishek: what this time ishita ji?
ishita: she is going to kill mani and blame me!
abishek: what? kill?
ishita: yes kill! i know.
abishek: ok ishita ji i will be on the look out!

ishita smiles and ends the call.

aliya: what did he say?
ishita: he said he will find out soon.

aliya smiles.

suddenly the door opens.
a man and a woman is shown . it is romi and sarika.

mrs bhalla: oh my! romi beta!
mr bhalla: come on in beta.
raman: how are you brother?
ishita: sarika… its been so long!

they smile and sit down.

romi: i know you all are surprised.
ishita: ha ha! why won’t we be?

they smile.

raman and adi leaves for work. aliya smiles seeing adi wearing the watch.

aliya and pihu goes into their rooms.

ishita: sarika? why did you come in a hurry.

romi and sarika look at each other.

romi: well… to give you some exciting news…

mrs bhalla and ishita gets shocked!

ishita: what sort of news…
sarika: well… we …are going to move in to india.
mrs bhalla ishita gets relived. they smile

ishita (thinks): i thought something else….

mrs bhalla: that’s great romi!

they smile.

romi and sarika goes to their rooms.

romi: they thought it was something else.
sarika acts as she doesn’t know.

sarika: what sort?
romi: about you know…
sarika: what?
romi: they thought that you are.. pregnant

they laugh.

in the kitchen…..

mrs bhalla: ishita, i am very happy today.
ishita: yes mami ji. sarika finally understood what she did was wrong.

mrs bhalla nods.

the scene shifts to the office.

adi looks at the watch.
he recalls aliya hugging him. he smiles.

adi: when can i say that i love you aliya? when?

he picks up his phone. he sees aliya’s picture and smiles.

precap: abishek follows shagun.
isha calls aliya and says about her plan on going to america.
vandu and bala plans a surprise for their children.

okay guys this is it for this week. please comment your suggestions for the next parts of this story.
and i will try to use them. bye see you next week.

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    Ur welcome and a lovely episode once again . Keep it up . Update the next part soon

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    gud tht ishita informed abhishek.hope he will do something.surprised 2 know that here mihika is abhi’s wife,not romi’s.waiting 4 mihika’s entry.sarika is still with romi in this ff.its written that sarika realized her is it sarika who took romi outside India?r u going 2 introduce sarika’s pregnancy track?If u can plz show what happened 2 pallavi n her son Rohit who was Romi Sarika’s adopted son

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