Love you forever… Episode 1

Hi friends… This is the first episode of my story.. I hope you will enjoy it…

31-12-2015 at 11.45pm.hearing the alarm..Pari opened her sweet beautiful eyes with much difficulty.but we can see her eyes are filled with full of excitement. Yes…only 15min left for new year…?she have no such friends in her life who is crazy to call her at12:00 and wish her a happy new year. Then also she was so happy in her little world .she went to the balcony, she looked at the stars ..??a smile appeared in her face.. A small breeze touched her long beautiful hairs ..she enjoyed it for a second by closing her beautiful eyes.. Her long curly eyelashes moved little bit… She went to her room and came back again to the balcony with her wish book…(yeah she have a wish book with full of stupid, crazy and beautiful wishes and pics .she is such a good girl with golden heart and wonderful nature). She opened her .book it was decorated with beautiful stones and smilies …?.she took the pen and looked at the sky. suddenly some light flashed at the sky? time is 12:oo…a New year with new hopes ..atmosphere filled with joy ,loud noise and lights.. she just smiled and started to write…

Happy new year honey (honey is her wish book) this new year I hope God will bring happiness in my family.. As usual in this new year also my first wish is for my Papa.. I wish his all wishes come true… and I will try my best for it..
She closed her book and sat in the floor. A breeze blown ..her eyes get closed slowly with a sweet smile. She started to sleep…

Naksh’s home..
Naksh is sleeping in his bed. Suddenly someone opened his room’s door with out making noise. Two people entered into the room and went towards him and hugged tight ..with a loud voice ,happy new year my son…
Naksh- happy new year mom and dad. They shared a hug .
Sanjay malhothra-son…here is your new year gift…
He gave him a small box wrapped by a golden cover.

Naksh-Thanks dad..what is this… Such a small gift… What is in it.. Mom..I think this gift is your selection.. Yeah sure…it will be some old fashion bracelet or other stupid things like last year.. No way mom I won’t wear it this time.. I won’t fall now in your melodrama.
Saritha- what …do you even know its price. And look at your hand it looks fab …anyway this time gift is from your father’s side.
Naksh- means this time I can hope something good na?
(Sanjay and naksh laugh)
Saritha- OK you don’t like my gifts na? Don’t worry today onwards I won’t gift u anything. U dad and son.. Do whatever u want I really don’t care..
Naksh- oh my was a joke u know na I love you so much.
And your gifts are so special to me.. I always love them… Look at my hand look so old model then also I wore it na??
Saritha- naksh..she pulled his ears.
Naksh- sorry u
Saritha- love u too beta
Sanjay-now what are you waiting for.. Open the gift na?
Naksh opened the gift and saw a bike key .he ran towards the window and looked down. He could see a new model bike is waiting for him…he ran to parents and hugged once more.
Naksh-thank u guys

Sanjay-did u like the gift
Naksh- I just loved it
Saritha- OK u got new bike. But be safe.don’t ride fast and keep..
Naksh- please…. Don’t start it mom.I know your rules and regulations.. So plz..don’t spoil my mood..
Sanjay-u r right my son…saritha don’t spoil my son’s mood.
Saritha- what… Iam worried about his safety…
Suddenly naksh’s mob rang .he looked the name..
Naksh- oh no…I am late… I have new year party with my friends… They will be waiting… I want to rush…
Saritha- beta…the party is at 12:00 na…then why didn’t you go on time?
Naksh- how can I mom..I want u people be my first well wisher every new year…
Sanjay-oho…u will make him more late ..son u go for the party… And take the new bike…
Naksh- ya u guys…
He changed his dress and went to the party…..

Friends…I hope u will like my ff..keep reading.
I need your support.. So plz give me ur suggestions… Have a good day..

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  3. It was nice i love nakshs convo wid his parents ♥♥♥♥♥
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  5. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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