love forever (episode 1)


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kunj – twinkle husband
twinkle – kunj wife
mahi – yuvraj wife/twinkles’sister
yuvraj- mahi husband , kunj’s brother
leela – mahi and twinkle mother , wife of rt
rt- mahi and twinkle father,husband ofleela
anita – yuvraj mother
ramman- mahi and twinkle mama
pinni-mahi and twinkle mami
usha – mother in law of twinkle,mother of kunj
manohar – father in law of twinkle .kunj father
bebe – aunt of kunj
jerry- cousin of kunj

scene -1 (manohar mansion)
a marriage is going on . it turns out to be of kunj and twinkle . yuvi is seeing all this and is getting angry . his wife mahi comes its so good di is coming to my sasural as bahu (flashbacks) yuvi and mahi get married without anyone knowing . yuvi married mahi just to stress out and make twinkle sad.(flashback ends)marriage is over . everyone is rejoicing yuvi think that he married mahi to make twink sad . but his love is married to his brother . kunj and twinkle think at same time i married you to make my family happy and mahi life better from evil yuvi (flashback) kunj and twinkle meet each other twinkle says i am marring you to make our family happy and make mahi life better from your evil brother yuvi kunj say i am also not dieing to marry you i also want to make my family happy and save your sister from my brother she is used like a toy by yuvi (flashback ends)

scene 2( taneja mansion )
leela thinks finally both of my daughters get married . rt gets worried for mahi as he knew about yuvi nature

scene 3(manohar mansion)
bebe is giving asharwad to kunj and twinkle for there marriage . yuvi sees this and think
twinkle should be mine. he then acts like he is strucken by a heart attack . mahi get worried and cries

scene 4 ( hospital)
he gives money to the doctor and says act like i have a serious heart attack and need care . doctor says ok and leaves .yuvi thinks now twinkle will take care of me and kunj and twinkle will be seperated. he evily laughs.
twinkle says to kunj i think yuvi is acting . kunj says yes . doctor comes out and mahi askhim worridely about yuvi. he says has a serious heart attack . twinkle says to kunj serious heart attack wait she takes doctor to other pace and says how much money does yuvi gave you to say this i will give you double .doctors tell her the truth . twinkle gave him money and says to kunj he is acting . kung says acting bazz . twinkles get angry and says why i am actingbaaz . kunj says i am saying to yuvi . twinkles laughs at herself.

precap-mahi gives medicine to yuvi kunj says see know what happens . twinkle says what have you done . kunj says wait and watch

Credit to: khushi

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  1. Good start khushi…. keep going dear

  2. Beginning in superb…. Waiting for the next….

    1. already mightv be up anytime

  3. THANKYOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey khushi its fab b/w the pics on ur dp is of which episode plsss tell

  5. I think it is going to be gud
    Bst of l7ck

  6. haha kushi nice 1…smething funny gonna happn

  7. awesome start loved it

  8. Osm start do cont soon plzzzzz

  9. Good start yar … Nice episode

    1. Thanks for your honest comment
      I will try to spice it up
      See the next epedode its full of romance and jokes

  10. good start dear

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