Love in foreign land! (Abhigya’s destiny) episode 1

It’s 20th Anniversary of mom and dad! they are out to celebrate it guys but today I will tell you their weird live story in foreign land! Seriously papa is best prince charming for mom, and mom is best princess for her prince charming their love story is really weird! So I will tell you how they met? how they got into love and most intresting one How they got Married?. That’s really intresting ! Okay okay without wasting time let’s move on to their love story!

Mama and papa were in London when they met! And you know how they met? It was birthday of Purab chachu so he threw a birthday party papa was his bestfriend so he invited papa and if you ask about mama then purab chachu always respected Mama as elder sister so he also invited Mama! All long at party Mama was just sitting and enjoying the party and as you know Purab chachu is still a kid so what he did, he asked his all friends to make a circle and sit in group so everyone accepted but as usual Mama said that she won’t continue with the game and will help aunty(purab’s mom) so Purab chachu also agreed! Now All of friends including papa started playing Truth or Dare game! So they started this game while passing the parcel! At a point Papa got trapped! and you know what Purab chachu Omitted Truth Like it was now only Dare game! So Everyone gave dare to Papa to go and propose Mama and to be honest before this Mama and papa never met! Papa was seriously nervous but to prove himself he accepted this dare and went to Mama with the Roses! But you would be surprise for what Mama did! As Papa said I like you, Mama raised her hand and everyone thought that Mama would actually slap Papa but No she raised her hand and pulled Papa’s cheeks and said Dare Completed! OMG that was seriously the cutest thing Mama did! okay after that Mama said Sorry to Papa for pulling the cheeks.. she said(Sorry! actually this dare I mean pulling your cheeks was given by Aunty) …. Papa in reply smiled and was about to say something but Purab chachu called him and they continued their game!

So this was very First meeting of Mama and Papa! And inbetween this Mama really didn’t felt anything for Papa but For Papa it was Love at first sight! Well it wasn’t love but infatuation! Infatuation? How? Ahm you guys will come to know how when you will listen to further Story! …
So Second meeting:

Papa was im 4th year like he was student in university so was Mama! before i already told Papa and Mama never met even in same university but they never met as their departments were different! They studied in Imperial college London! Yeah most famous one! Well one day what happend Papa was with Purab chachu they were coming downstairs and Mama and her friend Bulbul, well yes Now she is My Bulbul Chachi! So Mama and bulbul were coming upstairs and they four bumped into eachother ,Mama bumped into Papa and Papa bumped into mama,and purab chachu and bulbul chachi with eachother! Papa was stunned to see Mama again and again because of infatuation i would rather like to say he was all lost into Mama! but Mama didn’t really felt anything !

So we Can conclude that Mama and Papa’s second meeting was Bumped Meeting! but after that they really got closed and then after 5 months Papa confessed his love! It wasn’t the love but infatuation so literally Papa confessed his infatuation! As Mama got really closed to papa so she also thought this Infatuation to be love! They both accepted that they were in love! after this bulbul chachi and purab chachu left for India, they never knew that Papa and Mama were in love well They left for India because they got the vacation for 1 month but Papa and Mama were still in london! I don’t know the reason but one day Papa asked mama if they can do court marrige ,Mama was hell shocked! Mama didn’t knew why? but as she saw Papa much worried and frustrated ,she accepted, they did a biggest mistake of their life and that was that they didn’t informed to their Parents! And in london they did court marrige! But within 1 month they parted ways and that’s why I was again and again saying that it wasn’t love but infatuation! After that Mama went back to India and Papa remained in London! After this they never talked and 1 year passed, they even didn’t felt sad ! 1 year passed that wasn’t hard for mom and dad as they nevrr loved eachother but it was infatuation as i already told! But the story doesn’t finishes here! This was just Interval guys! after 1 year Mama started writing blogs!

Papa also joined the website! Mama always wrote her name as Tanu whenever she used to write blogs! papa started liking all the thoughts written by Mama but was unaware that the girl who writes the blogs is actually Mama! without knowing Papa started commenting on her blogs and the comments really impressed Mama! And from that day they exchanged their Fb id’s and as friends they started talking to eachother but they both were unaware that Mama is actually same person! and papa is actually same person Nevertheless if destiny wants something then it has to happen no matter what! Well after they exchanged the id’s, they started talking with eachother and that’s how 6 months passed, they talked and talked and ended up in falling in love with eachother this time I won’t call it infatuation! this was the love! They loved eachother truly even they didn’t saw eachother but they were in love, they loved it when they talked with eachother and even when they didn’t talked for 1 day it was like a decade passed! they cared for eachother,sometimes when Mama’s network was down and she wasn’t able to talk to papa! Papa used to get concerned, they even used to fight with eachother through chats,they used to taunt eachother! But seriously they fell in love!

As i already told that Mama was in India and Papa was in london so Papa decided to continue his job in India so he informed this to all his family members ,and through chat he informed this to Mama. once he was back to india, he said to mama over fb that he wants to confess something ,mama got really happy she knew that papa wants to confess his love so they arranged their meeting like at park, they never saw eachother before so papa said to mama that he would be wearing black and will call her once he reaches park, mama said she will be wearing blue! oh but this fate before that surla nani informed pragya that she has already decided the groom for mama! Mama seriously was left heart broken but had to accept as Surla Nani was her mother! Not only Mama but Papa’s Dadi who is no more also said to Papa that she has already decided the bride for him! Papa was also left heartbroken but before he gets married he decided to meet his love! So Mama and Papa came to the park! After so much time, so much confusion Papa found a girl with dark blue dress, he didn’t saw the face so didn’t realised that she actually is mama, he went near her and called out her name, Tanu! Mama turned back and they both were so shocked to see eachother! Papa said You aren’t tanu! Mama said you aren’t Nikhil!

Papa said you used to your fake identity mama said no mister, OMG! you know what I still hate you! Papa said I hate you too! and again they parted ways! but this time both of them were restless! they wanted to hug eachother but don’t know which thing actually bothered them! well after that mama said she is ready to get married to the person that surla nani would choose , papa also agreed to get married to the girl that dadi would choose! and here comes the tradition ,actually i mean that papa’s dadi informed girl’s family that before marrige groom and bride can’t meet and even they couldn’t see eachothers face! girl’s family was ready to accept that! and finally papa’s marriage took place! not only papa’s but mama’s too! okay so you guys would have guessed already that papa actually married mama but didn’t saw her face for once as per traditions and customs! so finally both of them got married without knowledge! Okay you guys would be thinking what happend further? let’s see

Papa entered the room, mama was sitting in that way like her head was over the knees and she actually was crying! she seriously was feeling a loser! the loser who said to her love that she hates her! papa gathered some courage and started saying: Sorry! who so ever you are! i don’t know you, i just married you for dadi’s sake!
Mama realised that it’s papa’s voice and she was like on cloud 9, she married the person whom she loved!

Papa continued: See i already married someone! yeah we parted ways but now i love her! i would try my best for this relationship but i wanted to…..

papa was about to say something ,but mama just went to papa! it was dark so papa wasn’t able to see mama! Mama went to him and whispered in his ear! I Know everything! Papa was shocked to listen the voice! he just without wasting time opend the lights! and to his surprise the bride! her wife was non other than mama! they were laughing so hard, it was like what goes around comes around! they parted ways so many times but at last they again met eachother! this time forever! papa and mama were laughing so hard over fate and destiny they weren’t able to believe that they married eachother! And then they realised that They are made for eachother! You guys be thinking how stupid! how weird! how senseless! right? But this is what destiny wanted! The Love in Foreign Land! Okay guys now i need to go as i think papa and mama are back! wait wait wait! i told whole story but i didn’t gave the introduction!

Well I m Shreya, Abhishek prem mehra and Pragya mehra’s daughter ,if you are still confused for nikhil and tanu name then Nikhil is Papa’s another name and Tanu is Mama’s another name! well i know i wasted your time but i just love this weird Love story! Okay guys Now bye! if mama would come to know na that i told whole story to you all surely i will get broom sticks and everything would start to fly at me at 3900000000km/s speed! so bye guys!


so suga how was it? ???? sorry guys if i really wasted your time! I had no intention to post this lame story but i had to! Hope suga you liked it! well rotten tomatoes and eggs are welcomed! ?


  1. Riyashri

    |Registered Member

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That was a very Cute update!! Somiya Di Rocks ………………………………
    Love u Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………Much Di !!!
    Hope u r fine and hope so far your fast is going well !!
    Take care Di !!!
    And Don’t U DARE tell that U r a Lame Writer !!!U r just Amazing Always !!

  2. VarshaVenkat

    |Registered Member

    Diii…it was totally splendid….I mean its really diff n reakky a weird story as u told… was unique too….love u diii

  3. Saranya

    Wowwwwww my somiya diii is back tat too with a bang????????loved it to the core diiii muuuahhh loads of hugs to u????but if u say again u r a lame writer i ll kill u?and diii one doubt is tis a continuation of prev ff or new one?

    • Somiya


      it’s not any continuation, it’s just a One Shot and nothing else! and yeah i won’t call myself a lame writer ??? Thank you so much!

    • Somiya


      haha suha i m always glad! you are seriously sweet and yes You are so awesome too as you always come up with different ideas! Thank you so much! ????

  4. Nivethitha

    Oh my god Chinese..??? how u write like this.. Waah it was amazing yaar.. That was sooo sweet os.. Definitely suga ka it is a great surprise for you.. Because I really really loved ur surprise..?? and Chinese u r saying this is a lame story.. U r always proving that u r a budhu?? for u it can be a lame story but for me it is a wonderful story.. A Love story narrated by a daughter.. Wow it was soooooooooooo sweet..?????? love it love it love it alot..??? love you Chinese??.. Now after reading this OS one question arise in my mind and the question is ” when is ur next os” I am very selfish na.. Wat to do I am loving ur os veryyyy much.. So I asked it and I want the answer for it too??

    • Somiya


      hahaha ?????? okay dumbo if you want next OS soon then surely I will try my best! but your comment ?????? No Thanks!

  5. maahi

    omg omg omg I just loved it really u knw wat to my surprise actually me nd one of my frnd r coping up with a story to build it nd in tht also female lead vil b writing novels of love stories but in tht one is hers which is incomplete by thn nd male lead comes to knw through reading my god I was really surprised to go through same idea nd first meeting was sooooo cute second meeting was funny nd finally the marriage meeting was splendid u just nailed it yaar b back soon with a bang uffff c I am such a flibbertigibbete saying tht b back with a bang ani bcoz u vil always b on flycolours girl u just nailed it keep rocking

  6. durga

    Hey it’s really reallyyyyyyyyyy awesome awesome awesome awesome amazing story yaar really superb I loved it to the core…

  7. Maya

    |Registered Member

    Lame story? That’s a lame joke of the yr And Yippee! I got my surprise and i told u that this is interesting and I no need to tell about it now as the comments here itself tells that!???. Thanks for considering my wish!???. It was so sweet of u ??? and of course I liked it!???? actually no I loved it to the core!!???
    ?…Keep rocking like this!!??

    • Maya

      |Registered Member

      Forgot to give u something…no rotten tomatoes or eggs…only flowers and hearts…❤???????????????⚘???????????⚘?


    |Registered Member

    listen to me today I am speechless u know why because I am not able to express what I am feeling seriously I don’t know what to.comment today as I know and u also know that u are my favourite writer but believe me and forgive me as u made me speechless today I am not able to describe even a single feeling because I just loved the concept yr seriously shreya I am in love with that kid aaah mai Wakai kuchh nahi bol paa rahi aj to seriously yr aj smiley ar songs be relevant nahi is story ke liye mai bas……tu ye le yr standing ovation from my side and ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and a salute to u it doesn’t matter for me whether anyone likes it or not but this os is book mark for me ?

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Thune tho kamaal kardiya hei yaar……….Kya kahoon……Kaise kahoon…….kuch bhi nahi pata Mujhe………Sach mein its Really Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaar……….Loved it soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh……………The Concept is Mind blowing……… Waakein mein thune tho Dil Chuliya Meri………..Mohabbat Hogayi hei Iss Concept se……..Sirf Concepts se nahi………..Thumari Writings se bhi…………..Aise likhthi rahoongi na……..Mein tho Thumare writings se peeche Pagal ho jaungi…………..I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………

  10. anu

    Awesome ff i don’t hav words 2 express it superrrr i was stunned 2 read ur ff so crazy yaar i love it very much yaar i hav read it many times how many times i read it it makes me crazy Have a nice day God bless u with all happiness in ur life.

  11. Vaishali

    |Registered Member

    dii if u ahgain say that it is not good surely i dont know what i will do ok i love u and ur story a lot ok dont ever say like that it was damn cool and lovely episode dii just just loved it to the core dii no words to say just hats offf

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