His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 7)

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Episode 7
The episode start with Sanskar… he woke up and saw Swara sleeping peacefully… he smile and kiss her forehead… he slowly get up and left to get fresh… after a while he came out ready… Swara was still sleeping with a cute smile attached to her lips… Sanskar smile and sat beside Swara… he softly kiss her hair and woke her up…. Swara smile and hug Sanskar tightly from waist… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona get up​ it’s morning
Swara: no I want to sleep more
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar​: Jaan u have to eat bf then medicine so get up
Swara: umm no
Sanskar help Swara and made her sit… he took her to washroom​ and came out…. soon Swara came out ready and both SwaSan came down for bf.. Arya was sitting already waiting for them… soon everyone had bf and Sanjun left for office…. swaya was sitting talking about baby’s arrival… only 3 month were left and Swara was really happy… swaya decide to go shopping and left to get ready… Swara call Sanskar to tell him… Swara sat on bed and dial Sanskar’s number… after 2 rings Sanskar pick up and said

Sanskar​: hey Shona
Swara: hi
Sanskar: what happened u ok na
Swara: I’m fine actually I’m going with Haya for shopping
Sanskar: shopping
Swara: yeah baby shopping
Sanskar: good
Swara: can u also come
Sanskar think for a while and said
Sanskar: baby I can’t lots of work
Swara get sad and said
Swara: it’s ok
Swara cut the call and get ready… Haya came and they left for mall… swaya Sat in car and soon they reach mall…

In Mall
swaya came inside the mall and came in baby section… they shopped lots of stuff for baby… soon both were tired and came back home… Haya left from there saying she have some work and will see her later…. Haya left from home and Swara came inside… it was dark inside… Swara get scared and walk toward switch… before she could on the switch Sanskar switch it on… Swara saw Sanskar and hug him tightly in fear….
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  1. Nice..but short
    Ur wattpad id plzzzzz?? I thought to shift wattpad for swasan.stories and tata bye bye to tu

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    nice epi but short one

  5. Nice but short part ??

  6. Awesome but shot n somewhere little boring (sry)…. Plz add some family moment funny scens…..u r showing only daily routeeen….sry if i hurt…vaiting fr next tk cre

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    Superb ??

  8. Wow loved it

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    Good. But very short.

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  11. Nice……but itna chotu SA…

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