His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 5)

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Guys ​actually I wanted to say that I know u guys were angry because i tried to ruin ur SwaSan’s dream track so all I wanted to say is if u guys don’t want I won’t post here tell me ur opinion…

Episode 5
The episode start with Sanskar… He was lying on bed to sleep but sleep was far away from him… He was so happy… His life become colourful… The reality of his life is so beautiful that he doesn’t want to sleep… It’s better than dreams…. He never thought that he’ll ever get Swara but now suddenly his most beautiful dream​ is reality of his life… He keep thinking about Swara and Angel… Sanskar turn and took his phone… He open gallery and stare Swara’s pic lovingly… Suddenly he heard noises​ and came out… Sanskar saw Swara going out and follow her… Swara was about to go out of gate but Sanskar came and stop her… Swara saw Sanskar and get shocked… Sanskar fold his hands around his chest and said
Sanskar: where
Swara look down and said
Swara: Pani Puri

Sanskar smile seeing Swara as she was getting scared that Sanskar would shout on her… Sanskar thought to tease her and said in angry tone
Sanskar: this time​ that too alone
Swara: umm actually i thought u must be tired and would’ve slept so I didn’t disturbed​ u
Sanskar smile and hold Swara’s hand… He said
Sanskar: u didn’t think this before then why now
Swara looked at Sanskar and he said
Sanskar: love when u feel like having something then u should come and order me to get it for u it doesn’t matter what time it is ok u shouldn’t go alone anywhere and that too this time u did this today promise me u won’t do it ever again
Swara: promise
Sanskar hug Swara and kiss her forehead… Swara blush and Sanskar smile… He said
Sanskar: now let’s go we should get Pani Puri for my Angel and wifey
Swara blush even more hearing wifey and said
Swara: stop it Sanskar please
Sanskar laugh and said
Sanskar: ok my love as u say come​ let’s go
Swara nod and both left to get Pani Puri…

In Car
Sanskar was driving while Swara was looking​ out of the window… Sanskar thought for a while and start mp3… Swara looked at Sanskar and smile… Song Start In Background (This Song Is From Movie ” Badrinath Ki Dulhania “)

Sun zaalima mere
Saanu koi dar na
Ki samjhega zamaana
Tu vi si kamli
Main vi sa kamla
Ishqe da rog sayana
Ishqe da rog sayana..

Swara looked at Sanskar smilingly and he smile back…

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Sanskar start singing along with the song… Suddenly rain start and Swara ask Sanskar to stop… He stop the car and both get down…

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar

Swara laugh seeing rain and dance… Sanskar lean on car and stare Swara lovingly… She kept enjoying and Sanskar came to her….

Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hain
Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hain
Baaton mein teri jo kho jaate hain
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye

Swara was about to fall when Sanskar hold her… Both stare each other lovingly… Sanskar make her stand and kiss her forehead…

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Zaalima tere ishq ‘ch main
Ho gayi aa kamli… haaye..

Swara blush and hug Sanskar tightly…

Main toh yun khada
Kis soch mein pada tha
Kaise jee raha tha main deewana

Chhup ke se aake tune
Dil mein samaa ke tune
Chhed diya kaisa ye fasaana

Sanskar smile and both start dancing in the same position…

O… muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye!

Both SwaSan were drenched but still kept dancing…

Hai nahi tha pata
Ke tujhe maan lunga Khuda
Ki teri galiyon mein iss qadar
Aaunga ab har pehar…

Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar: I Love You Shona

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye

Swara looked at Sanskar blushingly and slowly whisper
Swara: I Love You Too

Zaalima tere ishq ‘ch main..

Sanskar’s smile got wide and he lift her in his arms… Sanskar twirl her around and Swara laugh wholeheartedly…

After half hour
SwaSan were sitting on bench eating Pani Puri… Actually Swara ​was eating while Sanskar was staring her lovingly… After sometime Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara: what
Sanskar: nothing
Swara: then why r u staring me
Sanskar: because u r so cute and beautiful
Swara smile and said
Swara: why do u love me so much
Sanskar: because
Swara: because
Sanskar came closer and whisper in her ear
Sanskar: because u r made to be Loved saying this Sanskar kiss Swara’s ear lobe and Swara blush uncontrollably… Soon both SwaSan left from there and reach home… They came in silently and stop near stairs…. Swara look up and sign… She was tired and had no strength to go up… Sanskar looked at Swara and lift her in his arms… Swara said
Swara: Sanskar what r u doing

Sanskar: I know u r tired and logically u shouldn’t do up and down so much that’s why I’m helping u see we reached
Swara look and saw she was in front of her room… She smile and Sanskar came in room… He gently place her on bed and turn on the ac… He was about to remove her shoe when she took her legs and said
Swara: what r u doing
Sanskar​: Shona let me take our ur shoes
Swara: no I’ll do it u don’t need to
Sanskar: Shona please don’t argue saying this he took her legs and took out her shoes… He place them on side and cover her with duvet… Sanskar was about to go when Swara hold his hand and said
Swara: don’t go
Sanskar smile and lie down beside her kissing her forehead​ lovingly… Swara smile and move closer​ to him… Sanskar smile and hug her…. Sanskar pat Swara’s head and she fell in sleep peacefully… Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar: Love You So Much Shona
Sanskar close his eyes pulling Swara more closer carefully and fall asleep…
How’s it?

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  1. nice…but what u want to say by ruining our dream track…?i didnt get u…can u pls explain

    1. Mavo

      Thanks… Actually few days back I was writing a RagSan FF “LOVE” but no one like it Bec i was writing it from where Ragini’s truth was out… So everyone​ had issues that I’m ruining SwaSan dream track… After that now everyone start is saying about I’m pairing others husband with other so I just want to know if no one like it I don’t need to post here then

  2. Soujanya


    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  3. Tamil


    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  4. Kakali

    Awesome.! Loved it..! Hmm Mavo why you said so ? I guess we are reading here then?
    Well Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Mavo

      Thanks… Because​ again and again people r saying that I’m pairing others husband with other so I’m not able to write like this

      1. Kakali

        Mavo, plz not again,not again.! Why are you talking about that LOVE or whatever ff here? I guess we/SwaSan fans have nothing to do with that? Then why? Plz don’t repeat that mistake u already done!
        You are talking about ISHVEER FAN comment na! hmm to be frank even I agree with her/him.!
        Ranveer belongs to ishani! there is a fandom as ISHVEER, of you would ever try to steal their Ranveer from Ishani n pair him with Ragini! They will obviously react na,bcz ev pair has their own beauty n if u try to ruin that, fan will react.
        You should be thankful that only 1 fan reacted.. IF ISHVEER FANS START TO REACT NA! I FEAR, & I DOUBT that will bring a big disaster in SR page. urghh I have seen their aggression as well love for their couple.!
        huh Oki, let it be!
        You continue with SwaSan story, rest nothing matters to me..AT ALL.

      2. Mavo

        Look kakali I just wanted to know and it has nothing to do with ishveer ok… I just wanted to know because of less comments and then what I said to sri was about the dream track because she asked… So please don’t just assume by yourself

      3. Kakali

        Mavo, I don’t have enough time to assume anything Mavo. I said by seeing your comments only.I don’t know what you said to Sri, but I responded on your reply in my comment.
        And You know I said right.Well let it be.

      4. Mavo

        No I don’t think u said right and yeah let it be

      5. Kakali

        Yeah it’s upto you whatever you want to think.! But my point was on ur comment only. “Because​ again and again people r saying thatI’m pairing others husband with other so I’m not able to write like this.”<<—— Where you talked about less comments ?
        Nowhere! You was talking about NOONE and I know it was about Ishveer fan who pointed out at you and ur ff.. That's my point.!

      6. Mavo

        I said that because u said about my love FF to nummu on her ff… She was also Writing about RagSan on that same track of mine that’s why I said like that u mentioned me there

      7. Kakali

        Mavo, your attempt to ruin our drean track was a example to ev1 whoever tries to our SwaSan’s Dream Track..! No only Namuuuu, even if other person will also try to ruin na, I will mention you and about your FF always.! Because they should also know what can be the outcome when they try to ruin SwaSanians DREAM TRACK…!!
        In future also I will say about you if any of writer will ever dare to ruin our track..!!
        That’s all.!
        I have always been saying I don’t have any problem on whoever pair you write except my SwaSan, but not track na. Hope you understand me and my feeling towards my SwaSan..!!

      8. Mavo

        I just don’t get it why u guys don’t understand that it’s just a reel couple and it was a show nothing more than that

      9. Kakali

        I can give 100s of example to cut ur this comment..! But I’m not interested since you are not any particular,(Specially SwaSan fan,as you said once) pair couple.!
        But for me, SwaSan and everything related to them matters me.! I know you aren’t capable enough to understand my emotions even I’m not capable enough to make you enough.! So let it just be.
        It might be a show to u,but some of us ……………..!! Nei Let it be finally.!
        Thnk u.

      10. Mavo

        No I r wrong I’m a SwaSan fan but I’m NOT OBSESSED like u guys… Yeah please u won’t understand my feelings either and I don’t want to make u understand too because u aren’t that important for me to give explanation so just​ let that be

      11. Kakali

        It’s totally upto you Mavo whatever you call it OBSESSION or anything.! As I said I’m not capable enough to Change ur view and thoughts..!!
        You are a SwaSan fan..hmmmm chalo maan liyaa.!!
        Yoo we both are same,can’t understand each other but about giving explanations.urghhh FOR WHAT?
        It’s totally all right if I’m not important for you. My family thinks me important for them amd it’s enough for me.!!
        We should let it be now! 🙂

      12. Mavo

        Correct I don’t want to spoil this further

      13. Mica

        WHAATTTTTT ????? OBSESSION ???? Mavo!!! i thought you understand us.. !

        can i ask you ? if you have boy friend, and someone try to snatch it, when you try to keep your boy friend, do you call it OBSESSION ? and then what about person who try to SNATCH it from you ? you call TRUE LOVE ?..

        you ever got bash from Isveer fans,… WHY DON’T you understand the situation of this kind of FANDOM WORLD ?
        Are you Swasan fans ? and then how can you try to ruin everything belong to Swasan ?

        about comment on that Nammu FF, we mention your FF AS EXAMPLE, ONLY EXAMPLE, because she TRIED TO RUIN OUR DREAM TRACK too, same as you. THERE, WE SHOWED THAT BEING WRITER YOU RESPECT THE READERS, just it.
        SO WHICH ONE it can be hurting you ???

        about pairing thingy, WHY YOU get HURT ? they didn’t accuse you, it’s a TRUTH right ? you are pairing a girl to other’s husband .
        So, nothing wrong with other’s words, it’s you who CAN’T ADMIT that.

        From Swasan fans side, actually we have no hard feeling for you after everything shorted out those time.
        BUT, SEEMED YOU ALWAYS THINKING THAT WE ARE OBSESSED FANS, that why everything we done, you only can get that kind of conclusion and always misunderstand everything.

        Once again, we only try to keep WHAT BELONG TO US, we don’t try to snatch or steal other, what wrong with that ?

        Now, i know that your point of view same as that kind of fans, who love to pairing their favorite to others’s partners, who love to steal other’s partner to be their fav’s BEDMATES except her only husband. We can do nothing with that.

        We NEVER THOUGHT BAD THING about you before, but now, you proved me wrong.

        Last, did we STOP YOU again this time ? which one?
        Coz as far as i know, we only stop your LOVE ff with GRATEFUL AND RESPECT YOU AS UNDERSTANDABLE AUTHOR. but..uuuuugghhhh really you think that we are OBSESSED FANS ? so what you call that Isveer fans ? or let me challenge you to write story, pairing your Rag to Kunj or Abhi or someone other and post it on their page instead only SR page.. let me know their reaction.

      14. Arshaanya

        If u’l spoil our swasanz track we wil stop u.. its as simple as dat..
        N it was u who posted dat note n said somethin to swasan fanz.. hope u rmbr dat…
        Okay go na pair ragini wid any chrctr n post on dere page not on swaragini just do it once dan u wil knw wat fanz wil do to u…???
        U wil not undrstnd as u dun hve any fvrts n u r not sure abt ur thoughts dat wat u wanna say… n nobody is forcing u to write on swasan so u can stop writing on swasan we dun hve any problem…
        So end of discussion…?

      15. Mavo

        It’s my wish to write on whatever and whoever i want

      16. Mavo

        And if u guys don’t like what I’m writing then don’t read as simple as that

      17. Mavo

        I’m not asking u guys to read I write because I love writing not because of u guys I write because it’s my passion

    2. Arshaanya

      Oh god leave her kaku she wil not undrstnd…
      I got shocked seeing d way shez rplyng..??
      Its not obsession mavo its our love for swasan… n let me post ur comments on swasan lovers page dan u wil come to knw wat swasan means to dem…
      We knw u r not crazy swasan fan lyk us so dun write on swasan na.. who told u to write n dun dare to call our love for dem as obsession…
      If swasan fanz came here to rep na dan u wil not b able to rep dem back… i was not goin to read comment bt ur dat comment huh…
      M glad swasan fanz stopped reading ir ffz aftr dat mess… even our group stopped reading bt i told kaku n othrs to sprt u n cmnt bt now ???

      1. Mavo

        Look I don’t have any problem with ur love but the way u guys made me stop was not right for me because it hurt me

  5. awesome mavo dont do that post here please
    update next part soon

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  6. Seebu_s

    nice..u submitted os for competition..?

    1. Mavo

      Thanks… Yeah submitted

  7. Rockleon

    We want it !!!
    And chapter was awesome!

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  8. Rads

    It’s just outstanding and sanskar pov is just superb, I really loved this episode and yeah keep posting. Don’t stop writing yaar. Love you lots?

    1. Rads

      And the pani puri ???? and sanskar care for swara, I just loved this yaar

      1. Mavo

        Thanks ?

    2. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  9. Awesome

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  10. awesom continue dear….update next soon tk cre…. vll read any swasan story…

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  11. Omg..such a wonderfull amazing concept..by readng 1st part i thought god will give him some power like we seen in films..but its an entirely diff..concept..
    story of a star and a human..fantastic story superb combination of fantasy+comedy+romance..
    And d way u write is just superb..
    Scintillate is such a nice name..
    Scintillate to swara..vow nice..loved it alot
    Thank u for writing such a good story on our lovely heavenly couple swasan..

    When sanky said ice cream swaraz reply was superb. Why wld u scream???i m not dng anythg..Ice and cream..hahahahhagah dat was d most unique thng dat i read ever…

    Its soo beautifull to see when swara shine at ni8..its soo beautifull to see right???
    While reading this i reach an entirely diff wrld where only lazy sanky ,shining swara and god present..its sooooooooooooooooooooo beautifully written..d way of ur writng style is superb..
    It is my most loved fantasy story that i ever had read…

    I rarely book mark d stories i read..but surly i m gng to bookmark dis stry..dat much i loved this story..

    Plz write more stories on swasan
    And post swasan mannat plzzz..

    U wrote dis beautifull stry for os competition..if yes all d bst..nd i pray for u..write more dear

    Love u

    1. Mavo

      He ami.. I think u commented for some other story and it posted here

  12. Srry dear for such a blunder..srry many tabs are open so I mistakenly posted here srry..

    And chappy is superb..and post here also..

    And i have reaquest write whatever u want on any cople..but only the real reel.couple..dnt exchange pairs..bcz its not like the true fans of dat lovely couple..if u want den write on raglak..
    Not with any other..bcz the character ragini is only suitable with laksh..but i dnt know why ppl like to join ragini with each and every famous persons they want..i m srry if its hurts you..but u also tried to join tha character of ragini with some one else..its upto you

    I support you and read whatever you write on our lovely couple swasan..only swasan
    Raglak is also okk..but i wll nt support u whn u try to exchange pairs..datz it

    Take care

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  13. Wow loved it

    1. Mavo


    1. Mavo


  14. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Why again u started that topic? Here all are read ur story na. Then why again?

    1. Mavo

      Just wanted to know

    2. Mavo

      Because of less comments

  15. nice..

    1. Mavo


  16. Pramudi

    Awesome. Liked it.
    But why are you dragging that problem here again? As far as i know, we swasan fans never said anything to you after that incident & we still read your swasan stories & appreciate them. Then why again?

    1. Mavo

      Just wanted to know

    2. Mavo

      Because of less comments

  17. Mica

    Mavoooooooooo. huh! naughty you!!!!*pinch your cheek
    you bring this topic to increase comment or because you think that swasan fans still angry to you ? 😛
    well, as long as you didn’t repeat the mistake, we can accept that na….
    Every fandom love their respective Favorite couple, so i wish you (as author) wise enough to notice the situation in this FANDOM WORLD. Most of fandom will angry if only one of their favorite to be pairing to someone else, EXCEPT 1 fandom, they will accept their favorite with EVERY MEN because their favorite so beautiful 😀 😀 .
    btw, when other fans was scolding you, i defense you as i know that you are not member of particular fandom, but please i hope you understand that you hurt them also by pairing their favorite to other girl.
    Sorry if it’s hurting you, but i just want to tell you the fact and situation of FANDOM WORLD

    1. Mica

      btw, nowadays swasan fans seemed so busy with real life as we are growing up na, that’s why almost all swasan ff less comment, not just yours 🙂 , so don’t worry

    2. Kakali

      What’s special in dinner today? Concentrate on your food rather than saying all this.! Food is getting cold and you are going to get nothing except a hard kick from me..!!
      I went mad now :'(

  18. Awesome dear……..

    1. Mavo


  19. Arni

    Its big request that pls start season 5 of arya,i am dieing to read it pls start and btw i am siddho

    1. Mavo

      Yeah after ending all ffs I’m gonna write on my couple only

  20. Arni

    Its big request that pls start season 5 of arya,i am dieing to read it pls start and btw i am siddhi

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