His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 4)

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Episode 4
The episode start with Swara… she said
Swara: it all started since I was 10

Flashback Start
Swara uses to stay in bar as she was a daughter of pr*stitute… when Swara turn 10 the amma (owner of bar) start to say that Swara should also work like her mother now… Swara was scared and she refused but her mother made her do it and sale her to sahil without her will… sahil torture her emotionally, mentally and physically… he used to get drunk and beat her…. when Sanskar saw Swara she was trying to get his attention so he’ll help her as she knew he’s good… she saw his goodness but unfortunately sahil got to know and sale her to his friend (Amit) saying Sanskar that she run away… Swara was torture there too… before she run away from there Amit and his friends gang raped her and after some days Swara run away from there… as she was pregnant and they wanted to abort her baby for the 5th time now… she was trying to reach station but fall unconscious on road and that’s how Sanskar and Arya helped her…

Flashback End

Sanskar sat there numb as well as shocked… Swara was crying badly and was sad thinking now Sanskar will never accept her as she’s a “pr*stituteโ€‹” even though without her will but she is… Swara smile sadly and said
Swara: Sanskar I know u must be shocked knowing it but believe me I never wanted to do it or be a pr*stitute they forced me and I didn’t had anyone to help me outโ€‹
Sanskar came in sense and realize Swara is getting his silence wrong… Swara get up to go but stop in mid… she turn and saw Sanskar holding her hand… Sanskar came closer and cup her face…. Sanskar lean closer and mumble on her lips
Sanskar: u r mine Swara and I Love You just like I used to do in fact more than before saying this Sanskar capture her lips in his for a passionate kiss… Swara was shocked for a second but then reciprocated with equal passion warpingโ€‹ her hands around his neck… after a while Sanskar broke the kiss and kiss her forehead… Swara relax and hug Sanskar… Sanskar hug her back and said
Sanskar: let’s go home now time for lunch
Swara nod and moved back… Sanskar hold her hand and said
Sanskar: please smile Shona for me and angel
Swara smile seeing Sanskar’s love and care even after knowing about her past… Sanskar make Swara sit in car and then sat on driving seat…. he start the car and they left from there… Sanskarโ€‹ was looking at Swara time to time while she was looking out thinking about everything…

After Half Hour
both reach home and Sanskar came down… he open the door and help Swara getting down… Swara smile and Sanskar kiss her forehead… Sanskar said
Sanskar: keep smiling like this
Swara nod and they came in… Haya saw them and said
Haya: good u guys came we were waiting for u guys
Sanskar: actually we were on beach Shona wanted to go
Swara: yeah the weather was good
Arjun: hey sis how are you and my niece or nephew
Sanskar: everything is fine Dr ask to take care and to take medicine on time
Haya: ok then come Swara have lunch
Sanskar: let us get fresh first
Arjun: ok go fast and take Swara with u she’ll also get fresh
Sanskar nod and SwaSan left from there….

After 15 minutes
SwaSan came down after getting fresh and everyone had lunch… Sanskar give medicines to Swara and she sleep for a while… Sanskar came down and Arya start questioning Sanskar… Sanskar ask them to sit and said
Sanskarโ€‹: give me a minute
Sanskar came in Swara’s room and saw her coming out of washroom… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona come Arya want to know everything
Swara get shocked and said
Swara: no Sanskar please don’t tell anyone please
Sanskar: Shona
Sanskar make her sit and kneel down in front of her…. He hold her hands and said
Sanskar: Shona Arya were the only one who asked me to know about ur past they r scared for u they want to help u please come and tell them they’ll understand u know it na
Swara: but what if they hate me after knowing
Sanskar: u said the same thing to me na did I hate u no right they love u so much Swara Arjun is worried for her sister and Haya is worried for her best friend
Swara nod and said
Swara: they’ll understand na
Sanskar: they already do Love come
SwaSan came down and Arya get shocked โ€‹seeing Swaraโ€‹… Haya said
Haya: Swara u OK
Swara nod and Arjun said
Arjun: Sanskar where were you
Sanskar: I was thinking it’s better of Shona say everything by her self
Arya get shocked and said
Arya: Swara
Swara nod and everyone sat down…. Arya had already asked servants to go… Haya came and sat beside Swara and hug her from side… Haya said
Haya: Swara no matter whatโ€‹ we r with u always remember that OK
Swara nod and start telling about her past…. All the time Swara was looking down…. As she finished and look up Haya hug her tightly while Sanskar and Arjun look sad… Haya looked at Swara and said

Haya: Swara don’t worry u r save here nothing will happened to u and baby I promise we r going to protect u and baby always
Arjun also hug Swara and said
Arjun: I’m here to protect my sister and my niece or nephew
Sanskar: hello I’m to father of my angel I’ll protect my wbw and baby
Arya: wbw
Sanskar: yaar would be wife wbw
Swara widen her mouth hearing Sanskar while Arya chuckle seeing Swara…. Sanskar looked at Swaraโ€‹ and realize what he said
Sanskar: I mean actually Shona
Swara: everyone know and u
Sanskar: actually Arya knew from before but didn’t said because we thought u’ll be uncomfortable but now u r Fina with it na
Swara: who said
Sanskar: what
Swara: i didn’t agree for marriage
Sanskar: what
Swara: I didn’t said yes did I
Sanskar first nod yes then no… Swara smirk and left from there… Arya chuckle โ€‹and left from there too… Sanskar look here and there and left behind Swara… Swara sat on bed and smile remembering Sanskar and her moments… Swara put her hand on her belly and said
Swara: baby did u see how Sanskar accept me and u I’m so happy
Sanskarโ€‹ who came behind Swara get happy hearing her and left thinking something….
How’s it frds


  1. Sumayyah


    |Registered Member

    feeling bad for Swara but here after Sanskar is with her so no tension
    awesome as always
    take care dii
    love you so much

  2. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Unexpected past!! Feeling bad for Swara. Hereafter she don’t take tension bcz Sanskaar is there for her. Waiting for next part. Mavo r u participating OS competition?
    All the best dear…

  3. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Ya i knew it sahil was not her brother…
    Told it in 1chappy only…
    Her past is vry painful… hope she gets justice bt showing hell to her culprits…

  4. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    I cried reading Swara’s past..!! I can’t even imagine how much she had gone through..!!
    Urghh God will show thoose morons hell..!!
    Awesome Mavo..!! Loved it..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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