His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 3)

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guysโ€‹ as I said I’m going Pakistan and I might won’t be able to write so I’m ending my FF’s fast… I’m gonna end this FF on 8 or 10 episode… hope you all will understand…


Episode 3
the episode start with Swara… she woke up and get fresh…. it’s been 2 months and everything is going well… Swara is 3 months pregnant now and Sanskar is very careful in taking care โ€‹of her…. Swara is very close to Sanskar… he fulfill all her wishes and carving…. Arya was really happy for SwaSan but was also worried about Swara’s past as she get nightmares of it but never say…. Haya tried but Swara always change the topic being too scared to share…. finally Arjun ask Sanskar to get to know it fromโ€‹Swara as it can be harmful for Swara and baby… Sanskar also wake up and get fresh…. both SwaSan came out of room and Sanskar help Swara to come down for bf…. they sat down and start having bf… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona

Swara smile and said
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: after bf get ready we have appointment of Dr
Swara: Sanskar what about your office
Haya: Swara leave about office Arjun will see
Arjun: correct wifey
Swara smile and said
Swara: ok then I’ll go get ready
Swara get up and Haya also get up saying she’ll help her….

After 30 Minutes
Swara came down wearing a lose maxi…. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her… she was looking beautiful… Swara blush under Sanskar’s gaze… she came and stand in front of Sanskar… Swara said
Swara: Sanskar let’s go
Sanskarโ€‹ came in sense and said
Sanskar: yeah let’s go
both SwaSan said bye to Arya and left…

In Hospital
SwaSan reach hospital and came inside… Sanskar made Swara sit on bench and came toward receptionist… the girl seeing Sanskar start flirting with him making Swara jealous as hell… Sanskar was trying to talk but the girl was not listening to him at all… Swara had enough and get up… she came toward Sanskar and stand in front of him… before Sanskar could say anything Swara said
Swara: if u r done drooling over MY SANSKAR then will u please tell Dr Laila that we came it’sย  our appointment

Sanskar get shockedโ€‹ as well as happy hearing “MY SANSKAR”
the girl immediately call Dr and ask SwaSan to go… Swara was angry while Sanskar was smiling happily… both came inโ€‹ Doctor’sโ€‹ cabin and she ask them to sit… Sanskar help Swara sitting down and then sat on otherโ€‹ chair…. Dr said
Dr: hello Mr and Mrs Sanskar
SwaSan: hello Dr Laila
Sanskar had introduce Swara as his wife as he didn’t wanted anyone to say anything wrong about Swara… after small talking Dr took Swara in check up room and start checking her… after a while Dr came with Swara and said
Dr: I’m glad to say that everything is fine and u r taking care of her very well
Sanskar: thank you
both SwaSan get up and left from there… Sanskar made Swara sit in car and left to get her medicinesโ€‹… soon Sanskar came and both left… Sanskar wasโ€‹ driving while Swara was looking out being angry… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona

Swara didn’t said anything and keep staring outside… Sanskar thought for a while and took a turn… after a minute Sanskar stop in front of ice cream vendor and get down… Swara look at Sanskar going and saw ice cream vendor… she smile and Sanskar came with ice cream… he sat in and Swara forward โ€‹her hand to take ice cream but Sanskar said
Sanskar: first smile and talk to me
Swara smile and said
Swara: now give
Sanskar: u r crazy Shona

Swara: that I’m saying this Swara start to eat ice cream and Sanskar smile… both had ice cream and then went to beach… Swara said
Swara: wow Sanskar thank you I was just going to say that I want to go beach
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: I knew it
Swara: how
Sanskar: because I Love You and I know about your likes and dislikes
Swara look away blushingly… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona
Swara: hmm

Sanskar: will u tell me something if I asked
Swara: ask na
Sanskar: will u tell me about your nightmaresโ€‹and past please
Swara get shocked and looked at Sanskar being scared… Swara said
Swara: Sanskar i…I mean
Swara look down and Sanskar get closer to Swara… Sanskar said

Sanskar: Shona look at me
When Swara didn’t look up Sanskar held her chin and make her look at him… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Shona u know I Love You and ur past will never make any difference that why u don’t want to share ur pain with me Shona I want to help u I want to help u to get over your past tell me about your fear and things that scare u I’ll help u get over it believe me Love everything will be fine
Swara’sโ€‹ eyes fill with tears and she hug Sanskar tightly crying hard… Sanskar hug her back rubbing her back to calm her while saying words to soothe her pain…. Finally Swara calm down and said
Swara: can we sit somewhere and talk I…I don’t want anyone to listen

Sanskar nod andโ€‹ both sat in car again… Sanskar drive and after 10 minutes they reach near a lake… No one was there… Sanskar get down and help Swara… Sanskar said
Sanskar: we can talk here no one will come u know I love this place it’s so peaceful isn’t
Swara nod and both say on a bench which was there… Swara look around and Sanskar hug her from side to assure her that she can open up to him… Swara get relax and said
Swara: Sanskar will u promise me something

Sanskar nod and Swara said
Swara: please โ€‹don’t hate me after knowing about me
Swara’s tears were about to fall when Sanskar wipe it away and said
Sanskar: I can never even think about it Love u know na u and our angel is my life
Swara: angel
Sanskar: yup our baby saying this Sanskar put his hand on Swara’s belly and said
Sanskar: this baby is our Swara I’m the father of this baby now
Swara smile through tears seeing Sanskar’s love and said
Swara: it all started since I wasโ€‹ 10
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    walaikum asaalam dii nice what will be Swara’s past guessing
    waiting for next
    dii BTW are coming Pakistan for any big reason…
    sorry if you don’t want to share it is okay
    love you dii

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