His Love Fixed My Shattered Soul (Episode 2)

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Author Note: guys sorry for late but I’m not gonna be much regular actually I’m going Pakistan so had so much things to do… I’ve decided to end my FF’s and if got time will write OS on SwaSan and other couple…


Episode 2
The episode start with Swara.. she open her eyes and look around only to see Sanskar sleeping on sofa in sitting position… she feel thirsty and try to get up… Swara tried to hold the glass but it fall down waking Sanskar…. he get up with jerk and run to Swara… Swara get teary eyes and Sanskar sat beside her… he wipe her tears and said
Sanskar: hey it’s ok don’t worry
Swara: wa….water
Sanskar nod and call nurse… Sanskar ask for a glass and she left to bring it… the nurse came with a maid and give the glass while maid clean the glass pieces…. Sanskar give water to Swara and said
Sanskar: how are you now
Swara: better thank you
Sanskar: Swara I know u don’t know me well but please can u tell me what happened why u were there in road unconscious
Swara’s face become pale and she start shivering… Sanskar get worried and immediately hug her whisper soothing words… Swara calm down and Sanskar said
Sanskar: calm down it’s ok leave that do u want to go home
Swara: I don’t have any home
Sanskar felt bad and said
Sanskar: u have Swara you’ll stay with us
Swara: us

Sanskar: me my sister and her husband u know Arjun only sign on papers as ur brother
Swara: really
Sanskar​: yes so now u r staying with us only
Swara: but how can I
Sanskar: u r important for me Swara
Swara looked at ​Sanskar in shock… she said
Swara: Sanskar u
Sanskar: I Love You Swara More than my life
Swara looked shock as well as surprised… Sanskar said
Sanskar: I know u r shocked but Swara I’ve been in love with u since I saw u but then I lost u and now that I got u again I’m not gonna lose u again i didn’t wanted to say like this I mean like this in hospital but I can’t keep this to myself anymore saying this Sanskar kiss her forehead and said
Sanskar: I know something is troubling u but I won’t force u when u feel like telling me u can OK

Swara: Sanskar I don’t deserve u
Sanskar: u deserve much better than me but still I want u Swara
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: I know u need time and trust me I’ll wait for u Swara all mine life
Swara smile and said
Swara: Sanskar hows baby
Sanskar: baby is safe Swara don’t worry u just have to take care and I’m here na I’ll take care of u and baby
Swara felt relax and smile… soon nurse came with bf and Sanskar feed her… Arya also came and met them… Sanskar talk to Dr and he give permission to take Swara home… Arjun came and sat beside Swara while Haya left to arrange Swara’s room and Sanskar was talking to Dr… Swara saw Arjun​ and smile a lil.. Arjun​ smile and said
Arjun: don’t worry Sanskar is talking to Dr he’ll come in a minute
Swara nod and Arjun said
Arjun: I’m Arjun Haya’s husband and Sanskar best friend u can call me Bhai
Swara get teary eyes and looked at Arjun… Arjun wipe her tears and said
Arjun: don’t cry I don’t like seeing my sister cry
Swara smile whipping her tears… Arjun said

Arjun: stay happy I’m don’t want my niece​/nephew to be a cry baby like u
Swara laugh hearing it and Arjun smile… Sanskar who was standing at door smile seeing Swara bonding with Arjun…. soon Swara was discharged and was taken home… Arjun​ was driving while SwaSan were on backseat as per Arjun instructions… Sanskar was really ​happy seeing Swara happy… most important thing was that Swara wasn’t hesitating with Sanskar… soon Swara slept being tired and they reach home… it was big and beautiful Mansion… Sanskar softly lift her in his arms and they came inside… Swara cuddle to Sanskar in sleep and he smile… Haya smile and Swara​ and said
Haya: bhaiyu take her in her room it is beside yours
Sanskar nod and moved in toward Swara’s room… as it was upstairs Sanskar slowly moved up as he doesn’t want Swara to woke up… soon he reached up and lie down Swara gently… Swara moved more in bed and slept peacefully like a baby… Sanskar smile and left from​ there… he came in his room and get fresh… Haya ask Sanskar to take rest and she’ll wake him up when lunch is ready… Sanskar nod and slept peacefully…

Lunch Time
Sanskar woke up and saw time… he get fresh and came down… Swara also came out of her room and saw Sanskar…. he smile and came to her… Sanskar said
Sanskar: how are you Shona
Swara: Shona
Sanskar: ur nickname from me well leave it gets go down for lunch
Swara: yes please I’m hungry
Sanskar smile and nod… both came down and everyone had lunch… soon the time passes and as night came everyone slept… days passed and SwaSan become more close…. as Sanskar’s love grow for Swara she started to feel for Sanskar…
how’s it frds?


  1. anu

    awesome.. update next part soon ..come with OS on swasan when u get time enjoy ur days take care

  2. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Firstly sorry for not commenting HLOL’s last part. That time my phone is repair so I m not able comment any ffs. The ending is good n beautiful!
    And this part is very nice…..

  3. Scooby


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    Awesome loved this part so much😍😍 okie post this ff whn u gt and os too..
    Tc 😊😊

  4. Kakali


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    Waaa have a safe journey Mavoooo..!! Wish the best for you..!! TC..!!
    Nice episode,it was too fast through loved it..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  5. Romaisa

    How long are yoi goingt to Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°? Have a save journey
    Wow loved it plz don’t end it soon

  6. Raina

    Heyo mavo….. Its awesome that u r writing an ff on swasan.. . But if u could continue ur ragsan ff LOVE then it’ll be really good u know…..

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