Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (INTRO+EPISODE-1)

Hiii everyone,,this is me kanfi here,,,i m not believing that i m going to write an ff,,this is my frst ff,,,

Firstly i m very thankful to shakaib,my TU bro,,neha,,sumitha,they encouraged me a lot,,n all lovely ff writers,,
archisha,ahaana,angela,saasha,jerry,jenny,vincy,astha,archiya,aana,sana,anu,janvi,manya,siddhi_t,anya,,,sorry if forgetting someone,,,ur ffs motivated me sooo much,,,,I know i cant write as you all,bt i’m trying my level best,,

So enough of my bakbak lets begin,,,,

Ignore any grammatical errors…?

All characters r same as in serial….SHIVIKA n GAUKARA r married,,,RUMYA r engaged,,,
I’ll tell about other characters when i’ll introduce them,,,
I’ll mainly focus on SHIVIKA,,,,so sry RUMYA n GAUKARA fans,,,
My ff hasn’t any connection with serial


In OBEROI MANSION,,one of the most famous house in East Mumbai,,,

There is a sunny day…birds r chirping.winds r blowing..its 6:00 am….(i dont know how to describe the background environment,so deal with it??)

Alarm rings,,,listening alarm a man wakes up immediately n watch the clock,,,,”its 6 o’clock,again i’m late”
He goes to the bathroom,had a shower and rushes towards kitchen,,,,
He starts cooking n makes soooo many delicious food items,,,n arranged them on dining table,,,
N looked at the table n sighs n says perfect patted his shoulder,,,,
So guys he is Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…

Now he calls out everyone for breakfast.
Everyone,whole oberoi family, comes down n sit at dining table,,,(except ANIKA)

Pinky–oh my mata!!!!what happened to Shivaay,,he has cooked after 1 year,,,,I m seeing him so much happy after so many days…hope his smile never fades up…

Shivaay comes out of kitchen n wish everyone GOOD MORNING

Everyone is happy seeing happy,,,

Om—Shivaay r u fine??

Shiv—yaa Om,i’m absolutely fine,,don’t worry,,,,please everyone have breakfast,,

Saying this he goes back to kitchen

Rudra–I think shivaay bhai is just showing off happiness,,but at least he’s smiling,,i’m happy for this also,,

Om—u r right rudra,,,now we’ve to make sure he always stays like this n we should stop thinking negative things n have breakfast,,,,

All were really happy for shivaay n just then——
Shivaay entered with a trolley in which Indian breakfast was kept n he was heading towards his room,,,

Pinky–where r u going beta,,,have breakfast with us,,
Shivayy–no mom its not for me,,its for ÀNIKA..

Saying this he headed toward his room,,

Smile on everyone’s face get faded…
Pinky–we were expcting sooo much but nothing has changed n she get sad.
Shakti consoles her..
OmRu followed shivaay to his room..


Anika is sleeping on her bed peacefully n it seems she is in deep slumber,,

Shivaay goes towards her n sit besides her,,

Shiv–gd morning dear,,,,see I’ve brought breakfast for u,,,he caresses her face,,,,

Just then OmRu enters,,

Om–shivaay,,,,r u alright??

Shiv–yaa Om completely,,

Rudra–bhai why r u doing all this,,we cant see u like this,,

Om–yaa shivaay,,,it has been 1 year,,,n you–(cut off by shivaay)

Shiv–Om,,you know n how much i love her,,atleast u both try to understand n??

Rudra—bhai we r understanding,,but u r not,,,why don’t u do the same as doctor had said,,,,,

Shiv—Rudra(shouting),,,don’t u dare to say this,,,[by this time his eye is full of anger]….

Saying this he goes outside,,

Ru–O…i cant see bhai like this….u know n anika bhabhi is in COMA [yes ANIKA IS IN COMA] for last one year…doctor had also gave up n advice bhai to let her he isnt understanding….

Om–rudra,,u know n how much shivaay loved her….it all happened becoz of me…if that day,i didnt force annika then all this not happened…

Ru–O..its not ur mistake…now let us leave.

They both went from there…


At night,shivaay returned home n directly headed towards his room…

He sees anika n forget his all stress,,,he goes near her, sit beside her….He cupped his face n says

Shiv–ANIKA u dont need to worry ..I wont let anything happen to you…(he has tear in his eyes)

I know i couldnt save you that time..please forgive me..(tears rolled down his cheek n fall on anika’s cheek)

U rest now,i wont disturb you…
Saying this he goes towards pool side….
He sits in corner,there is darkness bt moonlight is enough to lighting that place..
He leaned against wall n stretched his leg on the floor,,his head is against wall n he is facing sky..
He starts sobbing n talking to himself.

Anika i m sorry i couldnt do anything to save you,,(tears start rolling from his eyes)

I knew ur life was in danger bt still i was so careless,,i love you very much i cant let you go,,,,plzz come back to senses..(he is crying badly,,his eyes become red,,still tears r not stopping,,,he is shedding his tears,,his sleeves are wet)

Then suddenly he wiped his tears n faces sky

*ye q kya khuda song from rocky handsome plays in background*


Shiv—why god??why??why u did this to me,,,,,(yelling loudly,,,bt tears r rolling from his eyes)

Listening this OmRu rushes to his room as their rooms r just near shivika’s…so they can hear it…

Rudra was going to console shivaay bt Om stopped him n said let him cry his heart out,,he will be relieved,,,,n they went..

Shivaay is yelling again seeing sky
Shiv–you know I get my ANIKA after so many difficulties and u snatched her from me Why??
(there is a shiver in his voice of loosing his love,,pain is clearly seen on his face as well as in his voice…his tears r just rolling seems he was hiding this emotion for so long)



He continued….

She has so much faith on you,,she didnt anything wrong with anyone…,why did u do this to her….[here there is a movemnt in ANIKA’s body]

[His eyes has turned red as he was continously weeping]

U have done what u wanted…bt I wont let anything happen to her…i’ll get my love,my ANIKA back…


He slept there,,his eyes r num….n soon he went into deep slumber….

Its morning,,Shivaay’s deep slumber is disturbed by sun rays….he wakes up n rub his eyes n had a backache,,he thought….

I slept whole night over here…

He walks towards room,,,n…….he……is…..


Guys this is it for today….hope u all liked it…
I’ll try to post next part soon,,meanwhile u all keep guessing

*What happened to anika?
*How is Om responsible for this?
*N why was shivaay shocked??

Thnx for reading n plzzz do commnt so i get boost up..
Lots of love❤

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    Hey Kanfi !! Thank you for mentioning my name, I am glad you are inspired and coming to the chapter its amazing. Truly fantastic. Good work❤

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u so much dear meant alot….
      N u dont need to say thnx,,,ur piece of work deserves this appreciation

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    Asum part

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      Thnk u dear..

  4. Hey kanfi it was fabulous I loved it waiting for ur next episode

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      Thnk you so much….next part is posted do read it

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    awesome i loved it really feeling sad for anika and this episode makes me emotional

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    Hey kanfi this is the first Ib ff where i am commenting…lol…though u know that there tons of ffs in this forum…so i gets confused…Anywayzz….

    Unique start…❤…Really the first episode was Emotional n too Gooood…Keep continuing…??

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  10. Anyakhan32

    kanfi this was so gud! Just loved this.Seeing shivaay like this is heart wrenching! But what was the cause for all this and why Om was telling that he was responsible for all this? Please do enlighten me with all this soon in the coming updates,Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    Love yaa,
    -Anya : )

    1. Kanfi

      Thnx anya,,,
      U read it’,,it really meant alot,,,,
      Thnk u soo much,,,
      To know all the reasonss,,stay tunedd

  11. just awesome!! loved it!!

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      Thnx dear…
      Next parts r published do read..

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    Wow!! Its Awesome Di!! Amazing part!! I guess Anika became well!!. Did you post the next chapter? If yes, do inform me Di…Love you Di!!

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  13. Great start…

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    AOA Kanfi…its so Awesome.. I loved it dear. I have never read any ff on any other couple other than SwaSan.. This is the first one and its only for u….u wrote it so well..
    May Allah bless you..

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u sioo much ayesha…

      I m ver happy,, u liked it….
      Lovee u….
      May allah bless u too–

      I’ve posted next part too’,hope u’ll like it

  15. Really lovely first time to read another ff but yours really amazing ? keep it up ??

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